Be a Blessing


When you are certain of how things should be and how they should go, perhaps you are putting too much confidence in your personal knowing and not enough in Mine. When you are very sure about how things should be, consider that it may be more fruitful for you to have questions rather than answers. When you are in possession of all the answers, judgment has you by the collar. When you are in judgment, you are very certain. When you are certain, an element of control is at work. And, yes, you like to be in control. You like to be on top of things.

That is an illusion, you know, that you are on top of things, that control is yours, and ought to be.

Being sure has a finality with it. Better to be uncertain and open. Have confidence in Me and not so much in your own appraisal. Ego is very certain. Ego comes off very strong. Ego thinks it knows better than I do.

When you look at other people and what they are doing or not doing and you draw conclusions, perhaps with pursed lips, you are looking at something in yourself. Your conclusiveness is a signal that there is something for you to look at.

When you are disappointed, what was it you appointed to life that was not yours to appoint? What were you expecting? Subservience? Submission to your will? What is your authority? What is your responsibility?

It is your responsibility to see a bigger picture. That is your responsibility. Critics see small. They latch on to details and love picking them apart. It is easy to pick apart. It is better to put together.

It is incumbent upon you to put together. That is what a bigger picture is. It is not for you to see what is wrong. It is for you to see what is right. And that is seeing with love.

And those who criticize you and sit in judgment upon you, they need you to make a bigger picture of them.

It takes no vision at all to see small. It is My vision that makes for greatness, not yours. But you will make Mine yours. With each breath, you are learning My vision. You are learning to accept it. When you accept it, then it is yours.

Do not make life a pitfall, for yourself or for others. Lay down your swords. Swords are for little children to play with.

Lay down your cloak before others so the path of life is softer.
Soften life.

It is not smart to be hard. Hardness is putting up fences and moats where there is no use for them but to keep life away.

Love your ideals and love the people who do not live up to them. Love the people who do not see life as you do. And bless them to their lives. Their lives are theirs, and not yours. You have enough to do with yours.

You are not a good judge in any sense of the word. You don’t have the facts. You select facts. Selecting means you leave out some. Judging is appointing yourself as a watchdog, and you look through slanted eyes ready to pounce.

Be ready to love. Be kind even to those who are not kind. Sometimes you are not kind. And that is because you have denied yourself kindness. Be not a hard taskmaster, least of all with yourself. Be beneficent. I bless My children through you, and so My children bless one another for My sake.


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