Be the Power that you are: Have courage: Discerning the Enemies is our Responsibility






: The first thing we need realizing: comprehend, is that we have not one but many enemies that aim is destroying us+ our families+ our country.

THUS it is our responsibility [be on guard regarding the enemies]. We as American have a responsibility as a people+ as a nation for leading the way worldwide for peace+ prosperity+ courage. Do not forget these.

The plan is already done. It is a one one gain for everyone, worldwide! This is the desire from the Aquarius Goddess that started governing this planet for the next two thousands years, years back! The Aquarius Goddess have an army working for her here on inner+ surface earth. Think for a moment… This is why the chaos from the former male- demonic dominating world that they do not want let go off! They know their time is up! They know it is time for balance!

The enemies aim is for them stopping us regaining our innate power+ Us being liberated from being their slaves.

Do you understand our task? For we have much challenges ahead of us. Regardless, the more of us that are exposing their crimes committed against us the American people+ all humanity, the more weak they become!

Remember that our aim is peace worldwide+ prosperity+ us all being responsible custodians for our vital resources+ our technologies being use for the betterment for us all, > not for destroying us+ the planet.

Remember that where there are those harming what it is perfectly natural, like for example the notion for anyone changing to be female when he was born a male, is a sin of a highest dishonor for the creation. It is demonic. It is a mocking for all the creators creations. Only SATAN do this. ONLY SATAN worshippers practice this. Same goes for male+ female castrations+ hormonal treatments,+ the violation of a minor[sexual abuse+ killing+ selling a child] any which way by anyone.+ Killing anyone for the grand crime of extracting their organs for selling at the black market! +The destruction of our animals, etc., etc. It is as if we must have ten eyes instead of our two physical eyes. Meaning we must have pride+ courage discerning all entities that all of the sudden seems being our friends+ at the same time ignoring the laws of our country, + natural laws. We must not consent the dishonesty from anyone when right on our faces is showing being a money bag+ harmful to others.

: Discern. discern. discern. Command. Demand > the destruction: elimination of what is endangering the creation any which way within the planet immediately by holding the perpetrators liable+ accountable+ responsible for actions.

It is also our responsibility praying for those that are helping us leading the way for liberating our planet+ our humanity from the slavery we have been for centuries. That time for our liberation is manifesting now. Enjoy the show.

Below are a few videos that we know they would enlighten many:

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~the people

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