CIA, La Cosa Nostra, and False Flags

The United States “legalized” propaganda or “information programs” by renewing the Smith Mundt Act of 1948 through the NDAA of 2011 and fully through the Smith Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. The intention of the Smith Mundt act is for international information programs which specifies that it does not exclude or prohibit national involvement. All of the mainstream media is international. It is not possible to promote propaganda only on an international level without including the national media especially with the internet which connects the whole world. That would be impossible and means that VOA and its new CEO are working in sync with the national media. I interpret this criminal bill as any propaganda that can be used on an international level is authorized even if that propaganda has more influence on a national level. It all comes down to their claim of intent. They could stage a mass shooting and claim the propaganda is used to gain sympathy from foreign nations.
The mainstream media then go along with the story intended for international use and reports it domestically and all that would be legal by their standards through the Smith Mundt Act. It states that they are not restricted in providing their information programs to national media based on a presumption it will be used to influence Americans. The type of wording used in this bill is contradicting and enables and protects them from doing what they claim is not their intention. The CIA outsources their domestic operations to private military companies involved with crisis management. The Central Intelligence Agency has been staging fake mass shootings and fake terrorist attacks inside the United States. They use well-paid crisis actors which sign national security contracts. The CIA uses crisis management companies. If a person broke their contract they would likely be subject to “treason” based on the CIA’s standards although its the CIA, private militaries, and organized crime committing treason and terrorist attacks on the American people.
The CIA operates internationally so they are the ones running these Smith Mundt Act disinformation programs and they also covertly work with criminals that have infiltrated federal agencies like the FBI. Constellis is a private military company that has purchased Blackwater and also Clayton Consultants which is crisis management and training and has been headed up by Armand Gadoury a Jesuit Georgetown educated former military commander. Constellis is owned by Apollo Wealth Management. Jules Kroll and his son Jeremy Kroll are Jesuit Georgetown intelligence agents that run K2 Intelligence which gathers information on people who speak out against corruption and provides security and advisement for high net worth clients and corporations involved in corruption which may be at risk for attack. For instance, I heavily exposed that the Italian Mafia have infiltrated the port authority in New York and New Jersey and days later there was a staged attempted bombing there which gave them an excuse to increase security and its companies like K2 which track this type of information exposing corruption to create a defense for it.
Operation Northwoods was a declassified document about how the CIA and Department of Defense planned to use terrorism, spread propaganda, and stage both real and fake terrorist attacks which they would blame on Cuba. Operation Northwoods was connected with the Bay of Pigs operation. The CIA used their Chicago Outfit assets like Sam Giancana and John Roselli to make an arrangement with the Trafficante crime family of Florida which have close ties with Cuba going back to the Havana Conference and casinos they owned in Cuba. This was revealed in the Memorandum for the Director of Central Intelligence on John Roselli. They planned to infiltrate Cuba to overthrow the government. The CIA works with the mafia and uses them for some criminal operations like assassinations, threats, and intimidation. The Lanza crime family are the San Francisco based Cosa Nostra mafia. Jeff Lanza is also a retired FBI agent from Connecticut. They used their Lanza relatives for the Sandy Hook fake mass shooting. David Hogg’s father is a former FBI agent and he was the primary witness of the Parkland “Shooting.” The fake Parkland shooting was located about 20 minutes away from Boca Raton which is a major headquarters for Cosa Nostra.
Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 – Amends the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 to authorize the Secretary of State and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to provide for the preparation and dissemination of information intended for foreign audiences abroad about the United States, including about its people, its history, and the federal government’s policies, through press, publications, radio, motion pictures, the Internet, and other information media, including social media, and through information centers and instructors. (Under current law such authority is restricted to information disseminated abroad, with a limited domestic exception.)
Authorizes the Secretary and the Board to make available in the United States motion pictures, films, video, audio, and other materials prepared for dissemination abroad or disseminated abroad pursuant to such Act, the United States International Broadcasting Act of 1994, the Radio Broadcasting to Cuba Act, or the Television Broadcasting to Cuba Act.
Amends the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1986 and 1987 to prohibit funds for the Department of State or the Board from being used to influence public opinion or propagandizing in the United States. (Under current law such provision applies to the United States Information Agency [USIA].)
Applies such prohibition only to programs carried out pursuant to the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, the United States International Broadcasting Act of 1994, the Radio Broadcasting to Cuba Act, and the Television Broadcasting to Cuba Act.
States that such provision shall: (1) not prohibit the Department or the Board from providing information about its operations, policies, programs, or program material, or making such information available to members of the media, public, or Congress; (2) not be construed to prohibit the Department from engaging in any medium of information on a presumption that a U.S. domestic audience may be exposed to program material; and (3) apply only to the Department and the Board and to no other federal department or agency.
Operation Northwoods is a declassified document where the US military planned false flag attacks both real and staged to be carried out in Cuba and in the United States.
This is the NSA’s website pdf and I am sure they track people who click on the link. I added it because Operation Northwoods is a real declassified document where the government admits to planning out false flag terrorism.
Based in Washington, DC, Armand Gadoury is the America’s regional lead for Control Risks’ Security Incident Response (SIR) program and supports Control Risks’ Response division as a referent, providing expertise about Response within the Americas and available to provide crisis support during kidnap-for-ransom (KFR) and extortion incidents.
Armand has over 11 years of experience with the US military and during that time commanded Special Forces teams and a special mission unit within the Joint Special Operations Command. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy and an MBA from Georgetown University.
Armand Gadoury is a Jesuit educated Knight of Malta and high-level adviser for domestic terror operations and false flags carried out by criminals in the US military and CIA while using his experience with kidnappings as his cover. Armand Gadoury is an architect of false flags.
Control Risks is a global risk and strategic consulting firm specializing in political, security and integrity risk. Operating from 36 offices, the company’s primary services include anti-corruption audits, consultancy and training, eDiscovery, political risk analysis and a broad range of security and crisis management support.[2]
K2 Intelligence, an industry-leading investigative, compliance, and cyber defense services firm founded in 2009, is redefining 21st-century corporate intelligence by combining deep subject-matter expertise with cutting-edge technology in an unprecedented way.
Jeremy M. Kroll
President, CEO, and Co-Founder
Education and Certifications
Georgetown University, B.A.
Jules B. Kroll (born May 18, 1941) is an American businessman whose company, Kroll, Inc., is credited with founding the modern corporate investigations industry in 1972. In 2004, Kroll was sold to Marsh & McLennan Companies for $1.9 billion.
K2 Intelligence, run by Kroll’s son Jeremy, continues the family’s work in asset recovery, due diligence, litigation support, and a range of corporate investigations.
Kroll attended Cornell University, where he was a member of Quill and Dagger, and Georgetown University Law Center.[4]
Jules Kroll with Michael Cherkasky who is Executive Chairman of Exiger a Global Governance and Risk Compliance company involved in business intelligence and investigations. When I started exposing that the Belgian royals and nobles are embezzling wealth from the United States through fraudulent tax contracts with the Bank for International Settlements and then laundering and concealing the wealth in Gutzwiller bank they responded by staging the Belgian Bombings as an excuse to increase security. It is companies like K2 Intelligence, Pinkertons, Duff & Phelps, and Exiger that gather the information for example on like what I share, gather intelligence on those researching it and then calculate the threat. These companies are involved in doing the opposite of what they claim to do. Instead of investigation crimes, they investigate people that expose and combat crimes for the criminals. It was the same thing with the Vegas false flag shooting. I exposed that the mafia is laundering money in casinos and also mentioned that the Gambinos were using the Albanian Mafia to move in on the Chicago Outfit’s territory which apparently caused some problems and then they staged the fake Vegas Shooting soon after that.
CIA and its employment of members of Cosa Nostra.
Crisis cast (Crisis Actor company)
Sandy Hook Hoax – Robbie Parker Laughing; “Summons the Sadness” for TV. Daughter “Shot & Killed”.
Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax – Alleged Witness Caught Rehearsing Lines Live on Tape!
Frank Lanza, LCN Family Founder
Francesco “Frank” Lanza‘s family controlled loansharking, gambling, prostitution, narcotics and bootlegging. The Lanza family was the smallest of all America’s Mafia families, with 20 to 25 members. Lanza operated the San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf with his business partner, Giuseppe Alioto, who also founded the International Fish Company.
In 1937 Lanza died of natural causes at the age of 54. His son, James Lanza, would later take over as boss of the family. During the 1940s and 1950s, Lanza was Michael Abati’s underboss. In 1957, he attended the infamous Apalachin Summit with other West Coast mobsters, including Frank DeSimone, Simone Scozzari, and Joseph Cerrito.
Jimmy “The Hat” Lanza, ran the family from 1961 to 1989, and died in 2006, at the ripe old age of 103.
Jeff Lanza Retired FBI Agent Keynote Speaker
An FBI Special Agent for over 20 years.
Jeff was recruited by the FBI from Xerox Corporation, where he was a Computer Systems Analyst. He has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from the University of New Haven (Connecticut) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas.
The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, United States, when 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members. Before driving to the school, he shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home. As first responders arrived at the school, Lanza committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.
Ryan Lanza helped to create the fake identity of his “brother” Ryan Lanza by residing in Sandy Hook under the alias “Adam Lanza” for a period of time before moving to New Jersey which is infested with Cosa Nostra. Fake mass shootings like Sandy Hook are used to create hysteria over firearms so when police criminally take a person’s firearm away nobody does anything about it even when the police violate the 2nd Amendment. Police in the United States have been entering homes without warrants and confiscating firearms of Americans and do it under the threat of death and imprisonment without any cause. This is already happening. This is also why these criminals are covertly getting killed and assassinated by Americans and why these criminals feel the need to stage false flags as excuses to increase security. Deaths of criminals like human traffickers and corrupt government officials are being covered up because if they weren’t then they would have to reveal what is really going on like mass human trafficking networks like the one in New Haven, Connecticut a few miles south of Sandy Hook which is run by paramilitary soldiers connected with the Skull and Bones council in New Haven, the Knights of Columbus which are headquartered in New Haven and have infiltrated the police department along with the Gambino crime family and New England crime family which operate there.
Private investigator Wolfgang Halbig with an associate mention being threatened by the Italian Mafia after requesting documents on Sandy Hook. The CIA hires the mafia to intimidate people.
This is Adam Lanza’s death certificate release through the Freedom of Information Act and the original death certificate before being amended states that Adam Lanza died on December 13, 2012, the day before the Sandy Hook “shooting” occurred. It also states that his funeral was located in Plaistow, New Hampshire.
(CNN)David Hogg has become a strong voice among survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
“I’m not a crisis actor,” Hogg told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360”
Some are also claiming that Hogg’s father, a former FBI agent, coached his son to speak out against President Donald Trump — an allegation that Donald Trump Jr. appeared to endorse on Twitter.
Parkland is a city in Broward County, Florida, United States. As of the 2010 census, the population of Parkland was 23,962,[6]
Parkland is located at 26°18′55″N 80°14′26″W.[8]………………….West Boca Raton, an unincorporated area of Palm Beach County that extends west of Boca Raton’s city limits, lies to the north.
There are 8.66 miles from Boca Raton to Parkland
Joseph Merlino steps out onto the iron-railed balcony of his $400,000 Boca Raton townhouse.
Mobsters have flocked to Florida since the first trees were planted on Palm Island, where Al Capone moved into a mansion in 1928.
Organized crime experts say that Merlino, one of the many Teflon dons who has beaten multiple murder raps, has a better shot of staying under the radar in Boca.
Pasquale ‘Patsy’ Capolongo, aka ‘Mustache Pat’, 67, of West Palm Beach, an alleged associate of the Lucchese Mafia family, who was arrested in a recent organized crime sweep in South Florida. He faces a lone federal charge of racketeering conspiracy involving extortion and gambling. (Sun Sentinel / Broward Sheriff’s Office Handout)
A judge ordered that he remain on house arrest and wear an electronic monitor at a Boca Raton home in the 600 blocks of Northeast 4th Street that he and his wife, Deborah, are moving into this weekend.
Philadelphia mafia figure George (Georgie Boy) Borgesi attended a meeting in Florida in February with reputed Gambino crime-family representative Joe Bilotti, a New York wiseguy living in Boca Raton, according to sources in Palm Beach County law enforcement
Article on the Italian Mafia’s involvement in 9/11 and their Jesuit associates in the CIA and Department of Defense.
Read more about the mosts evil families across the world. Take your time reading for each link, it will blow your mind. Share: this posting

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