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3/5/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Ah, Beloveds! We greet you once more with frequencies of fervent, earnest desire to reach your hearts–


We are most excited to be greeting you through this transmission, as we always, always, are! Many of you have felt our trembling, “fizzy,” excitement before as you allowed our frequencies entry into your hearts. In your language, a description of our great excitement might be that after we join with Judith our earthly aspect for the transmission and translation process, we hold our breath in hopeful anticipation as she presses the “send” button on her computer! Then, we hover and watch for days afterward, pulsing out our love to you, joining you as you allow us to, assisting you in receiving the activating frequencies we offer to each one of you, individually.


Know that every choice you make to allow us to reach you brings us overflowing joy, for in doing so, you create a moment of unfathomable possibilities within yourSelf. To the extent that you are willing to step off of the treadmill of your daily routine and meet us in your heart, you meet yourSelf as the powerful co-creator, the Divine and Sovereign Being that you truly are and always have been. No wonder we tremble!


Then, of course, our part of the cosmic connection is finished, for we must leave it to you to “open” it as you choose.  Know that to us, however, no matter whether you allow our messages to be received, or you skim them hurriedly through your old 3rd dimensional programming, or you don’t even bother to look at them at all, our  process of designing each of them, just for YOU, is quite an elaborate affair.  Every message is created to contain every possible frequency we can discern, from reading your own energy beforehand, that will best serve to raise your own frequencies to whatever extent you will allow.


We tell you this certainly not to “aggrandize” our desires to serve you in your ascension. That is not even possible. For the few of you who still are caught in that particular judgment pattern, please take that in and be done with it. The truth is that we tell you this only so you may know, beyond doubt, that our love, support, and frequency activations continue to be offered in every message in every NOW you receive them.  Much like your breath, they keep coming to you. All you need to do is breathe and receive. YOU, alone, are the one who decides how to breathe, and how much to take in.


We especially want to bring this awareness to the few of you who still read our messages through the brain alone, particularly hurriedly, for you may be finding yourselves avoiding them lately, yet not pausing to process or understand why. We invite you to do this pausing to process, for you will find a goldmine of opportunity if you do! You see, what you are most likely avoiding are the repercussions of attempting to take in frequencies that are much higher than the 3rd dimensional brain was designed to compute. Headaches, anxiety, or even depression can be a transitory result of stressing the brain in this way.

Do not let this stop you! Do not choose to stay in the trenches of duality and enslavement, for these repercussions are but signs that you are being called to freedom! If you simply move into your heart center, thereby relaxing and calming the brain–relieving it of its duties, if you will–your Greater Mind and your High Heart will take over, and a feeling of bliss will replace the denser frequencies as you take in our message. This is an automatic process–we repeat–AUTOMATIC. You do not have to think about it or figure out how to “do it.” You already know. Trust that, Beloveds!  You KNOW far beyond what you think.

This brings us to another important point of our message, and it is not only about how you receive ourtransmissions, but how you receive the high frequency, photonic energies that are pulsing to you and your neighboring planets from your galactic center during this period of your linear time. Your sun, Helios, is the orchestrator of this pulsing light energy–the conductor who orchestrates the perfect timing of these deliveries. Thus, your “solar flares” bring you a synchronzed version of this light information in perfect sacred geometrical timing.  Do not, then, Beloveds, conceptualize these flares of light energy from your Helios as anything but the supportive tools of ascension that they are!


Yes, of course they will tax and confuse the programming of the 3rd dimensional brain, for it cannot compute frequencies that do not match its density. Remember that this is to your advantage! You are on a jouney of expansion, are you not? When the brain becomes “foggy,” it is because you are going beyond it. When the body becomes fatigued, it is because it is re-aligning with higher frequencies at the cellular level. Rejoice, then, and give it rest! Stay connected with Source through you heart center, and you will be replenished far beyond any replenishment you have known thus far in this life!


From Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa. Let your ears open to hear us, Beloved. Let your heart open to feel us. Heed these words that have been given to you. WE bring them to you. We present them, offer them, we lay them with honor and love at your feet. The frequencies that will align you with the truth of them are there, as well.


We offer you the cup. Only YOU can take it into your own hands. Only YOU can receive, and drink from it. Feel the Love of Yeshuwa in your own heart, then, and take this cup. Let it pass from our hands to yours, and feel our touch once more upon you as you do. Then, drink deeply of the Love for you that never ends. Let it flow within you always. We desire you to have it! Soon, we will laugh together as before. Remember the promise. Never forget our Love.

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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