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We want to bring to your attention that unless we stop consuming dangerous substances that bring nothing more than diseases to our TEMPLE (body) these products and their culprits are going to continue to exist! Wake up. The time to be stupid is over. There is much information out there for you to be informed. Stop filling your grocery cart with Junk food now, these include cereals boxes, and any kind of soft drinks, including flavor water, Red Bull! Do not fool yourself, they all have Aspartame! Think of the damage you are doing to yourself and your family, not only that but the contribution you are doing to these companies that only intention is to KILL YOU SLOWLY.

Read below one example for Coca Cola alone, and what it does to your body. Spread this message to others, be of light, be part of the awakening process for this humanity! Also be forgiving and move forward, do not hold any grudges, as that will keep your energy levels down.

Exercise: say, “I want back all the money these companies took away from me now!” By taking your money back, dollar by dollar you are taking back all your energy as well! Remember that everything is about energy, so we have to outsmart these cabals that think they can get away with anything with us. Take your energy/money back, leave some love and move on. Do this with anything that you think has taking your money, time, and energy, and when you lest expect, you are going to be very rich!


This is the true story of Coca-Cola, true that most of the world knows, the world famous drink that you prefer and which does so much harm to humanity:

The acidity of a Coca-Cola, is 3.2 pH units and their combination with phosphoric acid containing – H2PO4, is sufficient to destroy the teeth, bones soften getting osteoporosis, calcium destruction also causes malnutrition and anemia iron deficiency from lack of red blood cells. If you have any doubt, check it submerged in Coca-Cola a rusty screw and screw a few hours stay clean of rust, another test can be immersed in Coca-Cola a piece of meat and eventually you will see that the meat disappears, use the Coca-Cola for spotting floors or toilets and see the results, can you imagine the effort that subjects his body to consume Coca-Cola and the damage he is causing to your health?

The Coca-Cola contained cocaine that produces hallucinations and becomes addicted to those who consume it, destroys brain cells and affects the  nervous system , causes hair loss, low sexual ability, and becomes impotent men, clinically known as pernicious anemia.

Take a Coca-Cola contains caffeine, is to consume the equivalent of 10 cups of coffee (caffeine stimulates the portions of the cerebral cortex, causing irreparable damage to the spinal center.), Destroys brain cells, or what language we would say popular gross returns or awkward people.
For every drink of Coca-Cola you drink this eating several spoonfuls of sugar, the pancreas needs to send a lot of insulin to try to counter this attack and thus repeat this effort, runs and ends producing diabetes.

The consumption of Coca-Cola body produces vitamin B and B12 forcing him to take the brain to produce the disease known as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
The Coca-Cola removes up to 75% of vitamins A and C (ascorbic acid), thiamin and riboflavin ..

Ascorbic acid deficiency due to consumption of Coca-Cola in the body produces scurvy, whose symptoms are frequent capillary bleeding anemia, by alteration in the metabolism of iron and folic acid, chronic intracranial bleeding, periodontal bacterial infection, rash, altered of healing and coagulation.

Riboflavin deficiency pro-consumption of Coca-Cola produced in the body language despalida, shiny atrophic lessons cornea, greasy scaly skin especially in the skull, accompanied by the fall of hair and bone marrow degeneramiento.

Thiamine deficiency due to consumption of Coca-Cola produces in the body dry beriberi (nerve injury, numbness and tingling in the feet, progressive sensory loss in the affected areas of muscle weakness and flaccidity in the adult penis, erectile dysfunction) . Wet beriberi (damage to the heart, peripheral vasodilation, short circuit arterio venous and if severe beriberi chochin strong and uncontrollable movements throughout the body.)

The Diet Coke is sweetened with aspartarme, which is a carcinogenic artificial sweetener that consumers have harmlessly as NutraSweet, is reducing faster in breast, prostate, ovaries,  diseases  of the skin of the stomach and cirrhosis. The Coca-Cola is the presence of glass and aluminum waste, chlorine known as calcium hypochlorite, determined as silica flour, charcoal residue, safrole, the latter two cause cancer, if you do not believe in a laboratory see for analyzing honest.

Coca-Cola Monsanto and other companies are owned by the Morgan group, genetically manipulated food causing irreparable harm to consumers with artificial food, junk food, and poison the water, wetlands that are destroying the ecosystem balance and life.

If after knowing all this still consuming Coca-Cola, you do not value your health and your life.

Mahatma Magdop

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