ET’s Instructions to Win


If you had Mind powers like Superman, would you use them?  If you could use your mind to elevate an object, start a fire, bend a spoon, turn on a light …. would you?

According to our ET mentors, everyone has these‘Superman’ powers of the Mind.  It is the Government – and the Church – that has convinced you you are “only mortal,” capable of only a dense, meaningless existence.  If YOU knew – and BELIEVED– that your personal power is far greater than sticks and stones, guns and knives, bombs and evil – then WE would control the Planet, not the Cabal.

Early this morning, I was transported via a beam of light into a spacecraft.  The ship is a CLASSROOM.  The ET’s are our Mentors, here to EMPOWER us to reclaim our planet.  They are not going to do it FOR us, because what empowerment and evolution is there in that?  It would be like feeding your child – one day the child must learn to feed him/herself.

The ship is interactive and a place where I, and others, are doing mind exercises – that is to say, learning to use the mind to create and to change thereby releasing the limitations of 3D material things.

The channeled message by Fran Zepeda from Archangel Michael and Yeshua (Jesus, Sananda) is to be taken LITERALLY – and more will be forthcoming.  This is the Big Picture – an Overview of the Energetic power of Love and Light.  (And it’s scientific).  My job is to share SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS per the ET’s, of how to apply this.  Keep reading.

The Cabal has been using the power of energy and the mind for eons.  Why do you thinkMind Control is the THE most important endeavor for them right now?  If the populace wakes up, if WE all realize that WE can create change, and talk directly with God – and that a church with a spokesperson is not necessary (it is a means of control by convincing you that you are too lowly to speak to God directly and also keeps you in check by making you confess to a MAN in a booth), then We can fight on the SAME LEVEL AS THE CABAL.

That said, Monsanto is the first “target.”  (The ET’s explained that while many are exuding positive energy for Mother Earth, it is scattered.  We must FOCUS our POSITIVE  energy and INTENT collectively).  We will be given our ‘targets’ to FOCUS on to debilitate their dark power.

If you accept the fact that a single flame can bring Light into the darkness, and that dark cannot overtake Light, then it is also knowledge that DARK CANNOT EXIST IN LIGHT.  Fighting Monsanto with dense means won’t work.  That includes protests, lawsuits, name-calling, etc.  All of that is based on fear and of a low vibration.

Here’s the secret.  If the “Good Witch” so much as touches the “Bad Witch” with her wand of Love, the Bad Witch melts.  The Bad Witch – the evil – Monsanto the dark – will fall apart.


1.  Look at this Photo.  It is the headquarters of Monsanto.

2.  Remove all negative thoughts about Monsanto by viewing this photo as just a building.  Nothing more.

3.  Now – close your eyes and repeat 3 times, “I am God, God is me.”

4.  Look at the photo and “soften” your focus.  Imagine incredible, brilliant White Light surrounding the building.  SEND LOVE IN THE LIGHT – for the electrical energy of YOUR MIND AND LOVE is the greatest power in existence.

Do this as often as possible.  You can also use this image in your mind’s eye.  Please share this with as many people as possible.  The more FOCUSED ENERGY that is directed at this building, the more their Darkness will disappear.  Like Magic.

THIS IS THE POWER OF THE 5th DIMENSION.  This is the way of interaction among the ET’s.  And this is the beginning of their lessons for us.

Do the same with this bowl of Seeds.  Imagine this bowl of seeds surrounded by LOVING LIGHT.  The DNA of the seeds will become immune to the effects of Monsanto’s genetic modification.  These seeds represent ALL SEEDS.  FOCUS your energy here and ALL seeds will receive the benefit.

This is YOUR power.

LET’S SHOW OUR ET MENTORS THAT WE CAN – AND WE WILL!!  Our success is imminent.  

FIRST IS MONSANTO.  Then we will be given instructions for our next target.



~ Fran Zepeda’s Blog and GREAT MESSAGE from Archangel Michael and Yeshua (Jesus):

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