Everything is Changing and Shifting


Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as the new energies begin to heighten and expand the human life experience upon and within planet earth. ALL is now changing, shifting and moving but in new ways, whereas before energies would be circular now energies are expansive, this is showing up in your waking reality as movement of deeply held patterns of behaviour and thought. For in the construction of the frequencies of the old earth the thoughts were created to be circular. Always playing to the human logical mind and the knots that were tied in the movement of the thoughts around the human logical brain.

The new earth energies now allow for expansion beyond the paradigms that were created FOR the human race and many of you are now beginning to dissolve deeply held structures that you may have believed were the foundation of your human life experience. We guide for clarity that “all that is not TRUTH will dissolve and all that is will remain” and we ask for you to process these words through the heart space. Many of you may be experiencing the pull of the old earth energies through those that share your human life experience.

Those who are termed “asleep” moving to keep tightly hold of the belief structures they were given fully believing that to move out of them would see chaos ensue. This triggering over and over of the 3 lower chakras is what keeps these constructs in their loops of circles. Only by moving into the heart can these circles be broken or expanded. This is why we guide for you to move fully into the heart, the energies of the LOVE that IS pouring through and into the heart space working to dissolve the loops of the old residue of the lower dimensional frequencies in TRUTH.

That which you have been taught as TRUTH on this planet is now fully breaking down, those who are walking the path of SERVICE will now be moved into position in order to SHOW how to LIVE TRUTH and to show that there is no fear in the new earth energetic signature. This is something that must be experienced, a tool of the old earth was the use of human language, many again tying themselves in logical knots trying to explain a vibration that JUST IS. Logic has no place in the new earth frequencies for logic is where the prisons of the old world were birthed, do you understand our guidance dear ones? do you see how the logical human brain is employed keeping you tightly within the paradigms that were created?

As the old earth energies begin to arise within you we guide for you to go within into the heart space and begin to dissolve the energetic loops that will try to keep you closely anchored into these frequencies, ALL IS NOW and ALL JUST IS and as linear time begins to dissolve for you then you will be able to clearly see that ALL IS NOW, that the frequency loops are interacting with ALL at ALL times. In order to move freely into the new earth the loops must be dissolved to allow for deep healing to take place and the elevation of your energetic signature.

To hold onto the loops believing there is no way to heal them is to move into the lower chakras of the human energy system and this will begin to trigger the logical human mind once more. The logical mind has no role to play in the healing of the old earth frequencies for the LOVE that IS only resides within the heart space. Many of you are allowing the old 3d earth to show you that there is no way to heal any of the hurt and the pain, the logical mind unable to find a solution and again we draw your attention to the loops of energy and the healing that is done within the HEART SPACE.

All that is experienced upon planet earth is a manifestation of an energetic frequency, it is not the other way around and yet the old earth will try to teach you that it is. THIS is what keeps you within the loops that the old earth NEEDS in order to survive. The old earth energies are not TRUTH and are not supported therefore will naturally dissolve as they are blended with the new earth frequencies and this blending beloved ones is ALWAYS done within the heart space in TRUTH.

We reach out to ALL at this time and hold you in the LOVE that IS, ALL hold you in the LOVE that IS as you now take your steps out of the darkness that was created FOR you in order to walk in the LIGHT that IS YOU. We are the Archangeloi of the ELohim and we walk with you always beloved ones.


~ Karen Doonan

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