Expose the Cover Up of Our Pathetic Media

This is for many people out there that are still in dream land thinking that CNN, and any other media is telling them the truth about what they hear, and what are being showing on television. In truth, it is all propaganda so you keep yourself entertained, and stupid of what is really taking place in the world. This propaganda Game has been going on for fifty years now, isn’t it enough of it already? Aren’t you having any reaction to this? Are you going to let this go on any longer? Are you aware that all the bullshit about 9/11, and terrorism everywhere, wars, and diseases are nothing more than scary tactics so you be just that, SCARE!

This video, and many other is showing the pathetic reality

Wake up! Send the television set out the window, and wish for these dishonest media to come to an end. Lets stop these gold diggers corporations from abusing the integrity of humanity any longer. Do not listen to the radio, do not read the newspapers, as there is only One Media, and that Media belong to the same Daddy, don’t you get it? Listening to the radio is insane, as the commercials along are all about the same shit! They just do not know how to tell you how to go and eat at any of the fast food restaurants that indeed are all owned by nothing more than Monsanto, yes, just in case you did not know, Monsanto has its signature everywhere where food is concerned! And do not get me started in the medical field, and the tobacco industry, you name it, they want to send you anywhere where they can make money off of you any which way, just by directing you where the closer clinic is so you can go and take your annual mammogram, vaccination, breast cancer check up, eyes surgery, dental surgery, flu vaccine, and sport galore! Remember that we are the sheep’s that must be kept entertained, and protected from the truth.

Lets unite together, starting in our own home with our family, and with the power of our thoughts and intention, and the love coming from our hearts, send these people to Creator so he can put them in the right deserving place. Meditate, pray, so be it.

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