False Flags and Imperial Mobilization

Every year, people commemorate 9/11 without having a clear understanding of the original event or the elite agenda that made it possible. This lack of comprehension persists, even as the world explodes in series of orchestrated “new 9/11s” on the eleventh anniversary of the original crime.

* * *

What was still is

The attacks of 9/11/01 was a false flag operation of the Bush/Cheney administration and CIA-affiliated military-intelligence assets (Al-Qaeda, etc.). The resulting “war on terrorism” of the Bush/Cheney and Obama administrations is built on false flag terrorism and propaganda. The “terrorists” are military-intelligence assets, acting on behalf of Anglo-American leaders and their allies.

9/11 is not history. It is now.

The overriding elite military and intelligence agenda remains the conquest of oil and gas resources. 9/11/01 was the first act of desperation among elites to control all significant energy-related geography on the planet, while preventing rival powers from doing the same.

Under the “war on terror”, the world has suffered eleven continuous years of false flag terror. Bombings. Destabilizations. Assassinations. Coups and counter-coups. Controlled and co-opted popular revolts and “mob violence”. Regime changes. Criminality beyond redemption.

As of this writing, new false flag terror attacks in various nations have been carried out by “terrorists” directly and indirectly connected to the CIA and Washington.

They have taken place simultaneous with mob action and grass roots street protests, likely stoked and guided by military-intelligence assets of the CIA and its affiliates.

The manner of the Benghazi attack suggests military-style coordination (also see here), and that the attack was allowed to happen.

The timing was politically convenient. The anti-Muslim film (allegedly by an American right-wing Christian zealot) that sparked riots, and its translated broadcast in Egypt, demand further inquiry. Popular unrest also appears to be guided and/or co-opted.

While the situation remains fluid, what is beyond question is that in the wake of this violence, there has been no attempt to negotiate peace. Instead, support is being drummed up for retaliation: new military attacks and aggressive US war policies, for either the “restoration of order” (Libya,), or new and long-planned regime changes (Syria, Iran, Pakistan, etc.) In the famous words of Zbigniew Brzezinski, such attacks would spur the masses to support “imperial mobilization”.

This is not simply sudden chaos or reaction. Ignoring the multiple red herrings, the central war agenda has not changed in eleven years. It is simply being taken to a new level.

Military-intelligence assets behind every act

The Libyan violence, including the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens was carried out by the Al-Qaeda “freedom fighters” that helped the US overthrow the regime of Muammar Qaddafi. These assets are closely linked to American neoconservatives, including a large contingent of figures behind the Bush/Cheney apparatus. At the forefront is the bloodthirsty Senator John McCain, who is all over the American media screaming for vengeance. Other “leading suspects”, such as the Ansar al-Shariah group, are also Al-Qaeda linked.

Libyan president Mohammed el-Megarif has stated clearly that the attack was “planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago”.

Al-Qaeda, a CIA front for decades, plays multiple roles, boogeymen as well as “freedom fighters”, on behalf of US policy.

In Afghanistan, the pattern repeats. The murder of four members of the NATO coalition force by terrorists impersonating Afghan police officers has been blamed on the Taliban. The Taliban is another Islamic front connected to the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI, which is a virtual branch of the CIA that came to power with Washington support. There is no mention of these connections in mainstream reporting.

Syria has been targeted for regime change, and a “humanitarian” war. It is in the process of being destabilized, as are Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. The same forces are involved in each region. The Haqqani network in Pakistan was recently named as a major new threat. Not mentioned is the fact that the ISI, as already noted, is connected to the CIA.

Iran has been the target of CIA covert operations and black ops for years. Like the other nations, it has been infiltrated and is brimming with spies and “terrorists”.

This combination—calculated, criminal military-intelligence programs by world leaders, competing and/or “out of control” intelligence assets, intelligence blowback, parallel with legitimate protests and popular backlash—is a recipe for global catastrophe, threatening the future of humanity.

Following the attack in Benghazi, the next step has already been taken, and it is not towards peace or order. Now that it has the luxury of another pretext, the Obama administration has sent even more CIA and FBI spies to the region (not mentioning the fact that the region is already brimming with intelligence assets working for Anglo-American interests), more drones, and Marines, including forces to the Syrian border.

This is the Obama administration’s “diplomacy”. The administration has plans to attack both Syria and Iran. His political “rivals” embrace the same plans, and more.

Cover-up and spin

As of this writing, US officials and the US State Department are involved in a propaganda dance with competing factions, all playing political football with this “new 9/11”. CIA-connected media outlets are unleashing waves of competing spin.

Speaking on behalf of the Obama administration, UN Ambassador Susan Rice claims that there was no “actionable intelligence” that could have prevented the attacks by Al-Qaeda, blaming the violence on “spontaneous” mob reaction. This, even while strong evidence suggests that Washington had clear warnings. This, directly counter to the claim by Libyan president Mohammed el-Megarif that the attack was “planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago”. Many suspicious aspects abound, as noted by former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

And as it was eleven years ago, hot propaganda debate swirls deceptively around the ability of the supposedly “stretched thin” CIA, its intelligence successes or “failure” to “protect Americans”. We hear the endless assertions that the CIA and its many foreign branches, with their unlimited budgets, resources, technology and global stranglehold “lack the resources”. The criminal agency responsible for the bulk of the world’s terrorism is depicted as the heroic outfit that will “go after” the terrorists on behalf of America.

The parallels with the original 9/11 attack and propaganda cover-up are unmistakable.

Presidential election charade

While the world burns under the fires lit by military-intelligence, yet another sham of a presidential election is underway, with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney (and the poison-spitting vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan)—each of them war mongering corporatist candidates—falling over themselves to proclaim who is the more effective “terrorist killer”, and who will do a better job when it comes time to destroy Iran and Syria.

The outbreak of anti-Americanism abroad conveniently steers election debate away from a US economy that will not be revived, the endless looting of US tax dollars, and the destruction of social programs (and the fact that all of that taxpayer money goes to war and the CIA). It focuses American anger once again on “crazy Arabs”. The US population was false flagged and “dog wagged” on 9/11/01. It is being deceived again.

Towards oblivion

Thanks to successful mass conditioning, the annual 9/11 “remembrance” has become a yearly international holiday for the Big Lie.

Both the Republican neocons and the Democrats and the Obama administration benefit from this propaganda. Obama and Romney know that the US economy will not be repaired, and that there really is nothing to talk about.

But war is forever. Popular hysteria and hatred remain the keys to controlling the “hearts and minds” of the emotional and the uninformed, who do not bother to study history and facts, even though they are widely available.

It will not matter which war mongering US presidential candidate “wins” (granted the next seat by the consensus of elites, and given the fraudulent electronic vote totals).

The inability and refusal by the masses to recognize and resist this horror ensures that the atrocities to continue, towards even greater criminality and destruction.

The pandora’s box opened on 9/11/01 remains wide open, and set ablaze, on 9/11/12.

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