Fire- It- Up!

I thought I’d share my daily invocation with you.. please feel free to use it if you haven’t yet begun to help us by focusing your intention on events at our doorstep!


I align with Mother/Father God, my mighty I Am Presence, and all the Beings of Light that I personally acknowledge, as I call upon the Overlighting of Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos, and the Brotherhood of the Light, to take me into the Crystalline City of Light within the etheric of Machu Picchu.

I now travel in an external Merkaba vehicle of Light, into this sacred Crystalline City of Light.

Greeted by three gatekeepers, I am now lead into a beautiful dodecahedronal shaped Temple of Light.

I now merge with my multidimensional Selves, taking on these keycodes of Light of Self Mastery, as this Master Being of Light, as this Keeper of Light, in Service to all Life through joy and Love. I recognize myself as an initiate of Light, holding the encodings of Christ Consciousness. I now experience the merging of parallel realities and timelines of my Highest Potential, from Lemuria, Atlantis and ancient Egypt, through this universal ray of Divine Light, holding the teachings of Light through the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light.

Cloaked in this Platinum Ray of Universal Service, I now experience the axiatonal lines within my body being activated through the acupuncture meridian lines and spin points.

As these sound, color, light and sacred geometries are now downloaded in this beautiful Platinum Flame of Light, I now release old cellular memories, conditionings, false beliefs and judgments to the maximum Cosmic Law will allow. As I step into my invisible garments of Divine Light, I experience a deeper integration of my I Am Presence.

I now link into the Golden Solar Sun Disc helix within this Crystalline Vortex in Machu Picchu.

As I open my heart and mind to Mother/Father God, the emanations of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness through all 12 helices emanating from the Golden Solar Sun Disc discs are now activated within my body and energy field. I now activate my I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light through the understanding of my Self as this first wave Soul holding these original components of One Unity Consciousness.

I now assist in bringing through this Platinum Ray of Light, through this quadrant of the Galaxy, through the sun, now onto earth, into Shamballa, and now through the Unity Grid of Light.

I now assist in “Firing the Grid” and activating the axiatonal lines along Mother Earth’s meridian lines, and now through the leylines and sacred sites, assisting the transmuting of all human mis-creations, bringing Love, healing, stability and balance.

And now, the 12 helices through the Golden Solar Sun Disc discs within the Crystalline 144 Unity Grid of Light are amplified and activated through this beautiful Platinum Flame of Light, lifting all Life into potentially experiencing the Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God.

I AM a Flame of Divine Love,

I AM harmony and insightfulness,

I AM joy and illumination,

I AM Love and wisdom

This Divine embodiment is All That I AM

(I AM Boo Damphir of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of Light. May the light from my flame ignite those searching in the dark

~Boo Walker

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