First New Moon of 2023: New Path

This New Moon on the 21st of January 2023, the first New Moon of the year, and according to Vedic Astrology, is in the sign of Capricorn. Accordingly, when the moon is in Capricorn, it says she is not in a happy state, and neither does the Sun!

 Here the moon, the sun, and the stars are encouraging us be responsible handling our affairs whether in private life or public life. Our goals should be living a life with balance. We should be strong enough to make decisions that leaves no one behind. In another way, if you are a daughter, be the best daughter to your mother; be the best daughter to your father. Be the best sister, be the best brother; be the best son; be the best wife. Be the best husband. Be the best parents to your children by providing good examples that would make them responsible citizens when they are adults.

The Moon is encouraging us stop wasting our time in minds games. Mind games that can destroys relationships as that of the family unit. As that of destroying our health by not being conscious aware of what we are ingesting. By not being consciously aware that emotions are a state of disarray within our system that harms our well-being for a very long time, or for life if we not handle it responsibly.

The Moon is encouraging us working out our Karmas in ways that would benefits everyone. In fact, our only goal in life is being consciously aware living a life with balance. By consciously being with this awareness, you/we would not do things that would do harm to others and to ourselves. Would not cause emotional distress to our family; to our neighbors, and to our friends that would have long time repercussions. For example, and being honest, would you be the kind of person that would go across the street from your own wife and children, and pump your neighbor’s wife? Would you be the kind of person that would pump your best friend’s wife, and knowingly break up their marriage, and your marriage too? Would you pump your brother’s wife?

Would you be the kind of person that would give your ex-wife a hard time economically, and emotionally because is the only way your new marriage can survive. Putting the children in between to please your new gold digger wife, is survival of the tyrants. Would you navigate your children to belittle their mother; to dishonor her because your new wife deserve all the respect and glory all of the sudden?

You would treat women disrespectfully. You are a buffoon. Would you steal from the needed? You are a coward.

Imagine the moon, and the sun encouraging these kind of people with these kind of behaviors. It would take miracles.

The moon is encouraging us be expressive; be confident, be heart centered, and not waste our time around people that can harm our system with their toxic attitude. With their heartless, cowardly attitudes that would not lead be in harmony within ourselves, and with our family. Anyone that advices you to mistreat your parents, and or family members, does not want the best for you. He or she is your enemy.

We are navigating the times of responsibility; of endurance; of maturity, of truth. We can no longer hide our actions, hide our irresponsibility. It is time to grow up, and leave the drama behind. Plan your future. Plan your duties; plan your daily routine with those around you in mind. Remember that we are here on this physical realm to make a difference to whomever we can, and this start first of all with ourselves, and with our family. Set new goals that would empower yourself, and those around you.

Start restructuring your old plans; your old habits, your old attitude. Start a new personality. Start a new goal. The goal of being the best person anyone ever met. A person of integrity, heart, and devotion. Start this journey now, starting with this first New Moon in Capricorn in January 2023.

Our future, the future of our family, and the future of our planet, is rests within our hands.

“A true and spiritual partner or friend is one who encourages you to look deep inside yourself for the beauty and love you’ve been seeking.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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