For Lakeshore Mobil Home Park Managers: Public Notice


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To the attention:

FOR known or unknown manager(s)= Ivania Perez+ Faiz  B. Mahmud+ James Bellison+ others for the allege corporal Lakeshore Mobil Homes Park Office at address 2701 S Park Road, Hallandale/ Pembroke Park Florida 33009.

It has come our attention that a certified letter was send for I, Juan Torres+ family, received on date, 07/6/18. Certificate letter Number is: 7014 3490 0000 5279 8438. Note that on the letter sent for us, the last four digits for the certified letter are missing. +>> Compare bottom page letter copy with original receipt from postal office.

WE ARE MORE THAN PERPLEXED for this letter, as it reads that we have 5 days to reply+ send an amount due for $0.16 cents that are short from the original amount that is $623.16 cents. The letter further reads that if we do not reply within the time frame <5> days, an eviction could further be on the way+ court+ attorney fees are on us. All pursuant to unconstitutional Florida Statute 723.061. +>> Read letter page copy.

: We must admit that the -$0.16 cents was NOT an intentional action. It was something inadvertently. We regret that we have caused such inconvenient. We are very sorry.

: For enclosed you will find a check made for Lakeshore MHP for the amount $ 0.16 cents issued on date 07/7/18> the following day after we have received your certified letter on date 07/6/18. Check was send: mailed for you via certified mail.

: FURTHER, we do not take this so lightly. ~ – = For it is clear enough that this action from your part is intentionally+ knowingly far further than $0.16 cent. Is it not?

~ – = For what are human trafficking crimes+ = commercial fraud [land grab+ mortgage fraud by foreign agents against the American people+ their territories] + Malfeasance. Identity theft. Extortion. Subjugation. Subordination. Racketeering. Invasion. Violation. Etc.

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent. Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

: For I Juan Torres+ family do not CONSENT for your harassments against I + my family any ways always without prejudice+ with prejudice.

This document is being publish for the entire world take notice off. = Public Notice. Public Records on website: others+ =

: Without PrejudiceJuan Torres /s/______________________________

/s/ Territory address 125 Lori Lane #027 Hallandale Florida 33009

Date 07/7/18














~the people

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