For those that are following Anna von Reitz Trolling:

FOR THOSE THAT ARE following Anna Anna von Reitz Trolls:
Anna von Reitz is NOT well inform of what it is taking place when comes to: for redemption worldwide. In order for you for understanding this worldwide law instituted in 2012 by the former OPPT (that it was a tool for closing down the slavery system worldwide), you will need to do your due diligence, that apparently, and for our own observations on your every week publish trolling, we can discern that you do not know a THING.

We are aware that you are well versed in the old tools of the former slavery system= no doubt, however, do not waste your energy and that of the American people talking about it because is not helping: serving us.

WE passed through that OLD universe long ago, and we are navigating unto the new one. IN this new universe currency: money flow absent limits for everyone.

FURTHER, and to inform you more, all those contracts= laws= CFR are NO MORE. THE old system in total is no more. The stealing of people’s private funds through social security bonds is no more. INfact all banks are foreclosed upon, inclusive of all corporal agencies= corporal private courts since 2012. They know this. What you see out there as bank is: are nothing more than change stations for the people, which eventually will disappear as well, as for all will be digital=unlimited access from the people’s own computer= worldwide.

For we the people are the currency: the money: we are our very own bank: we are the gold. The treasury has nothing, we mean, no gold piled in their vault, etc. All the Treasury has: is a big computer that arrange numbers absent limit: algorithm.


We have more

IF you are not energetically attuning to this concept, you will have issues accessing it: comprehending it…, which comes to mind, we are reading that all these big companies are all of the sudden merging…Whole Food with Amazon, AT&T with Warner Brother, employers putting microchips in their employees, etc, etc, do you know why? because they took the daddy away from them that harvested their fraud, and that was the money: funds: bonds from the private accounts that belongs to the people. These criminals, and this include your beloved Pedophile “Pope Francis” and his team of small minions as the BAR: kings and queens= collapsed. They have nothing…Nothing as they cannot anymore continue their fraud against the people. Which come to think, we just read that Luciferian Germany: Israel, and Saudi Arabia have no choice but to surrender, why? because the minions from the former United States cannot any longer give them the accounts: bonds: funds: money that belong for the American people, and that THEY used to: for creating wars, kill their own people: others…

Hummm, interesting, we guess the party is over…

In 2012 the team from the OPPT= Heather Tucci= love= touched the hearts of many… they felt what took place…, and this changed everything… This the minions did not expect. It took them by surprise! The OPPT used the same tools that they were using for enslaving us to destroy them= finish their fraud committed for all souls in this universe. They closed their very own tool= the UCC= their bible for commerce.

The UCC is foreclosed upon, it serves now as an archive, that’s all.
The OPPT registered all living souls dead, or in physical body: all creatures as the only inherits of the earth wealth= absent limits.
Since 2012 many, but many are the ones that left the earth on some unexpectedly circumstances…= for their crimes committed.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Chancery Bank in the Vatican City has been empty as well since 2012. Be careful writing bonds with that destination because there it is no funds. The OPPT sucked all that they had, inclusive of the gold the British monarch had under their lavish cattle, and others worldwide.

ALL trusts spread out worldwide: gold: minerals: and or any gold piled up in Switzerland= BIS were giving back to the rightful owners= the people of earth.

NOW we get why all corporal courts will be no more… Good bye BAR= corporal judges= fakes= your licenses are suspended indefinitely. Which come to think many have been the attorneys that have died suddenly (not that we wish someone death), and so many call law firms closed their doors, hmmm, strange…

Now you understand why the arrests: jail for profit, and the police mafia in our country. All the suffering the American people have gone through, inclusive of losing their loved ones to these criminals on the street that go on disguising as government when the facts are they are mobs knowingly and intentionally enforcing us to contract with them so they can monetize with our bonds= private accounts, and specially the: our driver license ID Number that it happens being a bond on each one of us worth billions!

These criminals: the police, were giving the tools for them to straight from our accounts withdraw all our wealth! The banks= the county= and all politicians= DOJ: Insurance commissioner= Port Authority= Postal service, are: were all imbedded with–, AND then making us look like we are the criminals= committed crimes when the facts are our liberty has been violated by these criminals making a living from Us= from our wealth, body, and mind while we are starving= struggling making an meet for a healthy meal a day: Further being thrown on the streets if we do not pay a suppose loan that never was, do the fact the first day we signed that transfer of property for whatever price we paid, by law our treasury direct accounts paid for it to whom ever did the transaction–, AND here we are for all these years paying from our own labor to these criminals a mortgage that never was: being humiliated: siphoning our energy from all directions with a false loan that they= the BAR= Jewish cons created for their own pleasures.

CHECK this link and key in your social security number
with dashes like this: 000-00-00-00 so you can verify
all the entities that have been splurging your: our money, except ourselves:

AND for a fact, there it never have been debts: there is no debt: Or there it will be debts. Sooo Anna, we do not know what you are talking about when you are referring to debts owed to the former United States, etc…

GO and tell the poor of this country, the very family that are struggling with their children to feed them: the youth that cannot find a job: the homeless that are thrown on the streets, the senior citizens that cannot effort air condition because they cannot pay the high cost of their electric bill, and all those adults without a job that are going each day without sleep because of the tension of not having the funds to feed their families next day. Go Anna von Reitz and tell those people that they are not: cannot have the lawful rights for accessing their lawful funds because you with your disinformation machine is spreading separation, slavery, and NOT for one second suggesting the remedy which by all creator-energetic field is not going to happen with: through the tools from the old slavery system.

Go and scare: tell the people from Sweden, Germany, Canada, Australia= the entire planet that their TDA is just for federal employees?

Go and tell those in jail, and those losing their homes this.
WE the people do not see or hear you because we are in 2 different universes: timelines.

The American people are having a hard time understanding you Anna von Reitz, and young people do not see you at all!

The world knows who Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is, – = we love her, and we are more confident that we all have this issue solve as soon as possible, thus everyone can have access to their wealth so we alleviate the tension of: for economical scarcity. For we know that once these are all met, we can start to repair our planet by starting local: people having the funds: currency to: for being creative for a better world.

These are our dreams Anna von Reitz

And This we’ll make it come through without you because it is obvious that you are not speaking for our best interests, and we are most certain you are not that very aware how finances work… AND BY the way, the former OPPT is not: was not: and never was a third party creditor. The plan of the OPPt was: and still is a divine plan.
For your filings are sitting somewhere where no-one can do anything about it, do the fact that you were: are too late trying to challenge what already has been DONE.

THE former OPPT free the people before the planet be destroy.
The OPPT is NOT a trust. The former OPPT was a temporarily trust-tool while it finishes its mission. The OPPT is not any longer. The OPPT was a tool use for them to: for un-slaving the planet.
THERE are no more trusts on planet earth. We repeat, all trusts are dissolved. All wealth of the planet earth was giving back to the rightful owners= the people, and all creatures.

ALL livings from planet earth are the sole registered owners of our planet’s wealth.

After the former OPPT (that was a tool, we repeat), no person on earth can violate what they did, no one.

The former OPPT had nothing to do with the Vatican, we repeat, except that they took all they had. Further, in order for the Pope safe is own ass, he wrote with the speed of light the so call MOTTU PROPRIO.

What a coincidence, isn’t?

AND by the way, ANNA, the word “trust” is referring to something very personal= sovereign= belonging to: for… TRUST is derived from the word “treason” which according to Maxim of law is the highest of crimes. Which it makes sense because treason is what all the “smart asses” have been doing all along with the TRUST that the creator left to: for humanity to share equally.

FOR Heather Tucci, we love you very much… You are a goddess with a mission here on earth…, worldwide the people are with you…, all made visible.

For all is done: for the slavery system is over. For we are all back to ORIGINAL = > > > For we all worldwide are going be able meeting our every day daily needs without struggling very soon! For our wealth is at hand without prejudice.

So be it be it so

Link to Anna von Reitz article here: TDAs — Not for Americans
~ Lucille Mayson>>> the people


For: = Responsibility= we are all custodians for our planet= for all creatures, – = for all living systems that are here to: for us for thriving!


~the people have spoken

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