Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14, 2022 : Signs in the Heavens


Big Events in the heavens are taking place during the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14, 2022 and beyond. We have the Father and the Mother= Sun and the Moon both at 23 degrees opposites from each other. Twenty three= five= sovereignty.= the Holy Man. On one side we have the Sun in Gemini, whilst the Full Moon is in Ophiuchus/ Sagittarius. Ophiuchus is the Healer! The one that comes to self-realization in his life time by redeeming all his archetypes. Ophiuchus is Asclepius in Greek astrology. And it is written in the ancient Egyptian astrology that Ophiuchus is actually a woman.= Isis, the female that resurrects the dead; the one that cures all illnesses, and handle as well the affairs of life that is to follow the activities of death. This purpose was bestowed upon Isis by the supreme Creator himself.

Ophiuchus is call the Snake bearer, which means she is not afraid of the snake nor is she running away from the snake. She simply carries the snake in her hands. She can take/release the poisonous venom from a snake bite, for example. Translation: she cleanses the human body from destructive emotions, dramas, diseases, suffering, economical debts; and karmic debts. When this is happening, we are feeling some kind of changes taking place within ourselves that is having us throwing up for example- and with some strange pains bombarding us from everywhere; and we also feel exhausted. All these have got to do with the inner transformation that is taking place within us, within our cellular structure that is being cleanse from all negativities, from all our collected demons within, and from our inflated ego as well.

Do you feel some changes are happening to you right now? The answer is Yes. Right now we are all in desperately need for some kind of healing. It’s been long enough, is it not?

Ophiuchus is actually a constellation before Sagittarius, and it is right at the core of the Galactic Center. Ophiuchus is govern by ether, the fifth element. It is written in ancients texts that the sun pass through Ophiuchus from November thirty to December seventeen. Ophiuchus is the thirteen sign of the zodiac. However, Ophiuchus is not an astrological sign per see. Thirteen is a lucky number indeed, and no wonder the so call enlightened ones invented all sorts of dramas about the number thirteen so we could not discovered the secret, and they taking advantages from the vibration of Ophiuchus. Number 13= Christ consciousness; it is a gateway that connect the energies of male and female. The sun must pass that part of the world so he can form a new government= the pillar of life and death. The wave form to the 13th is the beginning of the 14th XX.= resurrection into the 4th and 5th in a single life-death experience.

Ophiuchus becomes the thirteen sign after a level of spiritual ascension is complete. This is something personal; very personal.

Do not worry, we do not think the zodiacs signs would be rearranged any time soon. Be it known also that the vibration from Ophiuchus is incessant in perfect equilibrium within the number ten. Ten as being the perfect number. If you are born between November 30th and December 17th, you can say you are an Ophiuchus child, but still you are a Sagittarius. Sagittarius is govern by Jupiter, the god that brings all good things to mankind. And Sagittarius has to do with laws and religions, and supremacy. It also has to do with the formation of our first blood vessels within our bodies. Sagittarius is a fire sign.

Ophiuchus is very important here during this EVENT. And the sun and the moon are in some kind of agreement that without their approval; without the Heliogalo union and approval of the sun and the moon, no one would benefit; no one would heal; no one can exchange energy; no one can exchange gold. And this is why the saying, “God is in control. Trust the plan?”

Further, we have Neptune in Pisces, that is a water sign, forming a square with the sun and the moon during this event. We are speaking of connection; interconnectivities, flow; exchanges. In alchemy this is call exchanging led into gold. [the pyramids; the star of David]. Water and fire+ the breath.= highest oxygen, by leaving behind the carbon six base structure for the exchange of carbon eight base structure for those that are going through their spiritual ascension; their spiritual expansion. Revelation 13: 18

We are ALL going through a spiritual ascension and expansion. No one will be left behind! This is fantastic for planet earth; for the earth’s kingdom. The kingdom is exchanging gold. The kingdom is leaving behind all scarcities, all dramas, all that no longer serve. We are jumping to fifth dimension where the soul of man= Solomon exchange carbon six for gold.= carbon eight. Where we would be then connecting with spirit; where we would be connecting with the gods of the higher mind. John 14: 20

And have you noticed, the number eight for sure is very popular now days. The seventeen letter of the alphabet= 17= speak your truth; be original; disclosure. Seventeen= eight= on a highest dimension= the crown; the head. The Queen. Queen Isis? And here Neptune in Pisces, connecting through the square to the sun and the moon, is telling us to use our wisdom! Revelation 2:10; Revelation 6: 2

And then we have the sun in Gemini which is govern by Mercury. Mercury is the god of merchants and thieves; the god of communication and oratory. Mercury in essence is MIND. Whilst Gemini has to do with projection; electricity; cables, threads, expansion, starting something new. Gemini is an air sign.

And are you aware that right now as we speak, there it is a Queen that is totally in control of the entire planet+ and the entire economical system. No one is above the Queen, worldwide. The Queen do not do politics! This is something to deep dive, is it not? This is not a coincidence. And it is not a coincidence that much blissing is pouring upon us; upon the entire planet.  The entire planet is going through a cleansing and transformation. Be patient, although all of us had had it! Regardless, it is interesting that Ophiuchus is a woman, as the divine feminine energy is all over us, and it is here to stay indefinitely.

This month of June of 2022 is indeed glorious with all these portals that are opened inclusive of the Summer Solstice that is on the 21st of June. June means something new is on the making; is being born. It is no wonder all the flowing in June! The energies from all these portals and the Solstice would last until October of this year. This is as well a reminder that we are actually completing the work for connecting with God. This is very exciting!

For now, make your intention be heard by praying, and always praying. Ask our divine Father Mother God, pour upon us energies of divine health, prosperity, courage, protection, wisdom, and peace. Further, eat fresh healthy home cooking meals,+ and take at least ten minutes of sunshine every day, and or spend time outdoors as much as possible.

Below is a magic affirmation for practicing with heart and mind during the Full Moon and always, especially before going to bed for the night and before starting your day in the morning. This affirmation bring much health to the ones suffering from any form of disease, addictions of toxic substances as alcohol, drugs; depression, and mental illnesses.


Since Thine indelible image of perfection is in me, teach me to wipe away the superficial stains of ignorance and see That Thou and I are One.

O Spirit, teach me to heal the body by recharging it with Thy cosmic energy, to heal the mind by concentration and cheerfulness, and the soul by meditation-born intuition. Let Thy Kingdom that is within manifest itself without.

Heavenly Father, teach me to remember Thee in poverty or prosperity, in sickness or health, in ignorance or wisdom. May I open my closed eyes of unbelief and behold Thine instantaneously healing light.

Divine Shepherd, rescue the lambkins of my thoughts, lost in the wilderness of restlessness, and lead them into Thy sacred fold of peace.

Beloved God, may I know that Thine unseen, all-protecting mantle is ever around me, in joy and in sorrow, in life and in death.

thank you. thank you. thank you

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