Healthy Tips for People with Serious Diseases

8D7443AD-891D-4B50-A20C-560698C5BD5BFor people with diseases as cancer; any kind of cancer, tumors, and inflammation. The first thing you need to do is GO Alkaline for as long as you can. Alkaline means changing your diet completely by avoiding eating meat, seafood, eggs, alcohol, smoking, coffee, no sweets of any kind inclusive of sugar and honey; Nothing coming from a can, or bag, Nor using any kind of vegetables oils, and or eating certain food at any kind of restaurant. Avoid commercial bread, as it is full of bad ingredients. Bake your own bread without oil or salt, and with organic non bleached flour.

And now what are going to eat, you might ask. First, and for example, you need to buy hundred percent organic cocoa powder with nothing added. Further, you need learning how to make evaporated milk with hundred percent organic whole milk. Although we do not recommend anything from a can, and in case of you not being able to make the whole evaporated milk at the moment, you need to have in stored, Carnation evaporated milk. Only though that before you use it, you must passed it through a fiber cloth that you have washed very well. You do this so if any particles are in the can, would not go into your body. If you have a better idea of passing the milk through another method, go ahead and do it. The idea is making sure that no invisible particles go into your blood if there are any. The best evaporated milk is the one that you make at home. < Just buy a gallon organic whole milk, and then put to boil at low heat for about an hour and half. Then after, let it cool+ and taking all the fat out that is on top. Put in refrigerator.>

Next, you need to cook fresh lentil. Make sure you put a lot of cilantro, oregano, cumin, onion, garlic, and whatever yours like, but no oil or salt. Also cook black beans until they are soft, then let cool+ drain water, and then portion it, and then you can use for your favorite salads.

You need eating often raw vegetables as broccoli, green, yellow, red peppers; cucumbers, cabbage, watercress, parsley, and greens as spinach, iceberg, and or romaine lettuce, etc. Further, buy the best cheddar cheese there is, and eat some in moderation often. Also you can use shredded cheddar cheese in your salad, combine with organic vinegar for dressing.

Also, make sure you make hot vegetable soup. They are awesome!

 You need eating a lot of fruits. All your favorites.

Instead of any other beverage in the morning, you are going to take a full teaspoon of cocoa power, and prepare as you are making instant coffee. Now add your evaporated milk. Enjoy! Please repeat as often as you like during the day. Cocoa is very rich in certain minerals and it is great for inflammation. Further, you should as well have at least half glass of evaporated milk, if you are a big person. Milk is rich with all vital minerals+ and vital lipids. We warned you that after drinking evaporated milk, you will not feel like eating meat, eggs, or seafood ever again, except for some time a little. Keep in mind that we highly recommend evaporated milk instead of raw milk. Raw milk takes a long time for breaking down in our stomach, and thus the issues with milk causing discomfort. Further, keep in mind that the cause of diseases are the loss of vital minerals. Further, if you want start making your own cheese at home- go ahead, only though do not put any salt! The table salt we are looking to put in our food, is the same we can find within our vegetables+ and Milk! Table salt, as we know it, will never get absorb by the body, which is why we have so much issues with inflammation; salt retain water!

Further, Go online and buy yourself a bottle of hemp seed oil. Make sure you buy the brand Nutiva. A bottle will cost about fifteen dollars. And then right before your hot chocolate in the morning, have a teaspoon of this oil every day until you finish the bottle. This oil will clean out bad radicals in your system, and will give you a lot of energy. Only take this oil temporarily, as it can gain you weight. What the body does, it takes all the good thing in the oil, then after, it will distribute the leftover oil everywhere in the body. Vegetables+ plants oil will never get absorb by the body, due the fact that they do not have lipids. Actually, commercial cooking oils as Corn oil, Sunflower oil, Vegetables oil= soy bean oil; Wesson oil, Safflower oil, and etc., are the silent killer for the American people inclusive of so call vegetarian oils as are Avocado oil, Sesame oil, and Coconut oil, to name a few. All restaurants use these oils. In fact, they combine them, and more so, the fast foods restaurants. And about olive oil, only if it is cold pressed, I would use some. Further, before buying any vegetarian products, please check the label- as they are all loaded with the mentioned above oils inclusive of so call cheeses, cream cheese, and butter. All these oils speed up the aging process deeply. Keep this in mind as well.

Please watch video on YouTube after you done reading:

Further, Go to the closest pharmacy and buy a few bottles of Peroxide. Make sure you buy the one that is in a dark brown bottle, and that it says, “inactive ingredients, purified water.” Make sure it does not have any stabilizer in it. Then, twice a day, and especially before going to bed, rub your entire body with this peroxide; splash it all over your body. This peroxide will be absorb into your blood stream, and then it will cancel, and or destroy any virus; fungus, tumor that is in your body. It seems the extra oxygen+ hydrogen in it do the trick. This is well known by many, and most certainly hidden by the BIG PHARMA+ and doctors. And personally, I have known of people being healed from all kinds of diseases with peroxide. Peroxide do have a million uses inclusive of killing dental bacteria; whitening teeth. (Do not use peroxide every day on your teeth, keep in mind that it is an active substance and it can cause cavities instead, just as does baking soda); cleaning wounds, cleaning stains, cleaning pores on your face, etc., etc. Cleaning your teeth once a month with peroxide, is enough.

It is all up to you giving it a try for what we are suggesting here. Also keep in mind that any treatment by a doctor must stop in order for this do the work.

We also recommend for you walking at least a quarter mile at least five times a week. Find yourself a park nearby that do have walking trail. But most important, have faith in the Almighty Father Mother God, and pray with devotion always.


 Since Thine indelible image of perfection is in me, teach me to wipe away the superficial stains of ignorance and see That Thou and I are One.

O Spirit, teach me to heal the body by recharging it with Thy cosmic energy, to heal the mind by concentration and cheerfulness, and the soul by meditation-born intuition.

Let Thy Kingdom that is within manifest itself without.

Heavenly Father, teach me to remember Thee in poverty or prosperity, in sickness or health, in ignorance or wisdom. May I open my closed eyes of unbelief and behold Thine instantaneously healing light.

Divine Shepherd, rescue the lambkins of my thoughts, lost in the wilderness of restlessness, and lead them into Thy sacred fold of peace.

Beloved God, may I know that Thine unseen, all-protecting mantle is ever around me, in joy and in sorrow, in life and in death.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Heart. Heart. Heart

Best of Luck!

Please watch this entire documentary that explicitly explains more about what we are directing you paying attention too, and especially the issue about Cancer.

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