Honoring our Universal Goddess: Our Universal Mother

This humanity is oblivious to the Feminine aspects from the universal Mother, due the fact that much attention has been given to the Male aspects.

During these Nine Days, starting from October 15th to October 24th, we are going to speak about some very important points about the feminine aspects in honor of the mother Goddess, that for this topic we are going to address her as Goddess Parvati. If some of you do not like this name, you can always address her as Mother Mary, which is one of the most known names here on planet earth by the common people. It is inner-stood that just about a different country does have a different name for the divine mother. Like for example, In Mexico she is call, La Virgen De Guadalupe; In Dominican Republic she is call, La Virgen de La Altagracia. In Italy she is call The Madonna. Which comes to think, the singer Madonna, is a representation of a degenerated Divine Mother here on earth. The singer Madonna does have a disgusting portfolio on her back. The dominant male of this generation has tried very hard to destroy the powerful feminine aspects, knowing very well that their lives was giving to them by a woman. They also have tried degenerating the male aspect by all means possible as well.

The facts are that everything that is created, even gods and goddesses, planets, galaxy’s, stars, and humans, etc., are the creation from the Mother Goddess. Even the Sun, or suns, photons, helium, minerals, atoms, cells, and even molecules, to say the least.

It is written that when comes to creation, the male aspects dreams, while the female aspects makes dreams reality. This means, one cannot be without the other. If we were to pay attention to holy scriptures, you would notice that for every powerful god, along him there it is a powerful female.

The female aspects possess all the tools for creation, and some of them tools are, the elements that in fact are her own creation. Without the elements, life cannot exists. The elements are, the, ether, fire, air, water, and earth. Which comes to think, this is why we have five fingers, and five senses. The ether is female, and so is water, and earth. Fire do have a male aspect, and so is air. Fire seems to ignite creation but it cannot do it without ether, water, and earth. And air cannot be air without the latter. Both fire and air are the force that forms them, and that force comes from the feminine aspects.

And YES, even Jesus was born from a womb-man.

And peace would not be achieve here on earth until we do not recognize the male and female unique aspects that are vital for our existence.

More Later.

For now, let us honor our Divine Mother during these Nine Days of observation, and pray that she grants us liberation from slavery. That she honor us with wisdom, knowledge, prosperity, bravery, unity, and protection for ourselves, our family, and our country.

When praying, make sure you are looking towards the East, and do your prayers at night, and always at the same place. You also may offer the Divine Mother red roses/ flowers, and or white or red candles. Or you just pray to the Divine Mother with all your heart no matter the circumstances. The divine Mother knows our needs, and she will responds no matter how we ask her for her assistance.  The Divine Mother delivers.

Bliss be upon all the creation. Heart. Heart. Heart.



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