Intel- Report: Educational, 01/25/18

god-bless-america-flagA note about our Flag ¬†that represents our National Government. Our National government’s Flag does not have a “gold fringe” on top of our Flag. Thus this means that when we see our national flag without a gold fringe on top, this means it is the American Flag for the people: for our country of: for the United States of America. We now have a national government for the people and by the people… We have taking back our national government from private agencies that were NOT working for our people.


Donald Trump, our elected president for the United States of America is working for the people, NOT corporations as it was before. Donald Trump is an organic president for our Republic of the United States of America, the Continent.

Good bye corporate world that were disguising as our government. For you are buried!

Are you ready to party?

Go, make America great again, = MAGA
Make the existence great again, = MEGA


…And we keep our words: MAGA MEGA

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~ the people


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