Invocation from the I AM Presence within me

I invoke the I AM God presence within me….

May all negative attempts to control me or the world be returned with love magnified a thousand times a thousand fold.

May all who seek to not control others be surrounded in Golden White Light Protection.

May all warring energy be transmuted by the Violet Flame and may the flame grow ever brighter  a thousand times a thousand fold, for every infringement against humanity or mother nature.

May I be surrounded with a bubble of protection against any 3D energy that I’m not resonating with.

May new technologies including free energy, crystal technologies, light-based technologies and solutions for all that ails the planet,

May all radiation be immediately turned into crystal dust… (thank you Angels!).

May the plastics floating in the ocean be turned into pure water.

May humanity peacefully welcome our star family, to assist us with further clean up of our lives.

May we all recognize that we all have enough, as long as we allow each other the freedom to live peacefully and authentic.

May God’s Will be done right now…this I fully and completely support…so be it.

May I be guided to my new role on the new earth and may the signs be so blatant that I can easily recognize them.

May the wonderfilled experiment of life on planet earth continue and may all of humanity fulfill our missions to bring our special brand of light and love to the places where we are called to….

May you hear the call…. and may you have a heart-based response.

I activate all new light codes to fully and completely restore my body.

I reconnect with my divine Higher Self.

I love my ego but I now ask my Higher Self to become the guiding force of my life.



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