Let the Door Hit Hard them Greedy Ass…

 Updated Dec. 27, 2017

The Dominoes Fall

Why have these 50 Wall Street darlings resigned suddenly?

What do they have in common? Clinton Foundation? John Podesta? Exploitation of personally identifiable data stolen by the rogue C.I.A.? Pedophilia? Money laundering? Drug and child sex trafficking? Murderous satanic rituals? Patent theft?

Body Language: It’s all in the eyes

The Dominoes Fall - Why have all these Wall Street darlines resigned suddenly?

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Lastname Firstname Title Organization Stock Ticker Date Resignation Announced
Bookmark: #patricia-barbizet
Patricia Barbizet, CEO, Artemis (Christie's, Vivendi, NBC Universal), EPA: VIV
1. Barbizet Patricia CEO Artemis (Christie’s, Vivendi, NBC Universal) VIV 11/29/2017
Bookmark: #david-brady
David Brady, CEO, Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region,
2. Brady David CEO Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region 10/28/2017
Bookmark: #john-bryant
John Bryant, CEO, Kellogg's, K
3. Bryant John CEO Kellogg’s K 09/28/2017
Bookmark: #mike-cagney
Mike Cagney, CEO, SoFi, SOFI
4. Cagney Mike CEO SoFi SOFI 09/15/2017
Bookmark: #kenneth-chenault
Kenneth Chenault, CEO, American Express, AMEX
5. Chenault Kenneth CEO American Express AMEX 10/18/2017
Bookmark: #bill-delaney
Bill DeLaney, CEO, Sysco, SYY
6. DeLaney Bill CEO Sysco SYY 01/01/2018
Bookmark: #chad-dickerson
Chad Dickerson, CEO, Etsy, ETSY
7. Dickerson Chad CEO Etsy ETSY 05/03/2017
Bookmark: #mickey-drexler
Mickey Drexler, CEO, J. Crew, JCREW
8. Drexler Mickey CEO J. Crew JCREW 06/05/2017
Bookmark: #wolfgang-duerheimer
Wolfgang Duerheimer, CEO, Bentley, VLKAY
9. Duerheimer Wolfgang CEO Bentley VLKAY 09/22/2017
Bookmark: #steve-ells
Steve Ells, CEO, Chipotle, CMG
10. Ells Steve CEO Chipotle CMG 11/29/2017
Bookmark: #charlie-ergen
Charlie Ergen, CEO, Dish Network, DISH
11. Ergen Charlie CEO Dish Network DISH 12/05/2017
Bookmark: #trevor-fetter
Trevor Fetter, CEO, Tenet Healthcare, THC
12. Fetter Trevor CEO Tenet Healthcare THC 09/01/2017
Bookmark: #christina-galanis
Christina Galanis, CEO, HealthlinkNY, HIE
13. Galanis Christina CEO HealthlinkNY HIE 12/18/2017
Bookmark: #carlos-gomez
Carlos Gomez, CEO, NYPD,
14. Gomez Carlos CEO NYPD 12/21/2017
Bookmark: #sam-haskell
Sam Hasell, CEO, Miss American Organization, MAO
15. Haskell Sam CEO Miss America Organization MAO 12/21/2017
Bookmark: #stephen-hemsley
Stephen Hemsley, CEO, UnitedHealth, UNH
16. Hemsley Stephen CEO UnitedHealth UNH 08/17/2017
Bookmark: #erik-huggers
Erik Huggers, CEO, Vevo (Sony, Google Abu Dhabi Media), VEVO
17. Huggers Erik CEO Vevo (Sony, Google Abu Dhabi Media) VEVO 12/15/2017
Bookmark: #robert-iger
Robert Iger, CEO, Disney (ABC), DIS
18. Iger Robert CEO Disney (ABC) DIS 10/04/2017
Bookmark: #jeff-immelt
Jeff Immelt, CEO, GE, GE
19. Immelt Jeff CEO GE GE 06/12/2017
Bookmark: #joseph-jimenez
Joseph Jimenez, CEO, Novartis, NVS
20. Jimenez Joseph CEO Novartis NVS 09/04/2017
Bookmark: #travis-kalanick
Travis Kalanick, CEO, Uber, UBER
21. Kalanick Travis CEO Uber UBER 06/21/2017
Bookmark: #david-karp
David Karp, CEO, Tumblr (Yahoo), YHOO
22. Karp David CEO Tumblr (Yahoo) YHOO 11/27/2017
Bookmark: #alex-kozinski
Alex Kozinski, Judge, 9th Circuit Court,
23. Kozinski Alex Judge 9th Circuit Court 12/18/2017
Bookmark: #jack-latvala
Jack Latvala, President, Florida Senate,
24. Latvala Jack President Florida Senate 12/20/2017
Bookmark: #kevin-mansell
Kevin Mansell, CEO, Kohl's, KSS
25. Mansell Kevin CEO Kohl’s KSS 09/26/2017
Bookmark: #bob-maresca
Bob Maresca, CEO, Bose, BOSE
26. Maresca Bob CEO Bose BOSE 09/06/2017
Bookmark: #michael-j-massey
Michael J. Massey, CEO, PetSmart, PETM
27. Massey Michael J. CEO PetSmart PETM 08/10/2017
Bookmark: #dave-mcclure
Dave McClure, CEO, 500 Startups,
28. McClure Dave CEO 500 Startups 07/03/2017
Bookmark: #bill-mcnabb
Bill McNabb, CEO, Vanguard, VGT etc.
29. McNabb Bill CEO Vanguard VGT… 07/13/2017
Bookmark: #robert-mercer
Robert Mercer, CEO, Renaissance Technologies, RENFUND
30. Mercer Robert CEO Renaissance Technologies REN FD 11/02/2017
Bookmark: #wick-moorman
Wick Moorman, CEO, Amtrack, AMTRAK 
31. Moorman Wick CEO Amtrack AMTRAK 06/26/2017
Bookmark: #david-doc-oconnor
David 'Doc' O'Connor, CEO, Madison Square Garden, MSG
32. O’Connor David ‘Doc’ CEO Madison Square Garden MSG 11/13/2017
Bookmark: #dkwon-oh-hyun
Kwon Oh-hyun, CEO, Samsung, KRX
33. Oh-hyun Kwon CEO Samsung KRX 10/13/2017
Bookmark: #tony-podesta
Tony Podesta, CEO, Podesta Group,
34. Podesta Tony CEO Podesta Group 10/30/2017
Bookmark: #xavier-rolet
Xavier Rolet, CEO, London Stock Exchange, LSE
35. Rolet Xavier CEO London Stock Exchange LSE 11/29/2017
Bookmark: #eric-schmidt
Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google/Alphabet, GOOGL
36. Schmidt Eric CEO Google GOOGL 12/21/2017
Bookmark: #john-schnatter
John Schnatter, CEO, Papa John's, PZZA
37. Schnatter John CEO Papa John’s PZZA 12/21/2017
Bookmark: #ron-shaich
Ron Shaich, CEO, Panera, PNRA
38. Shaich Ron CEO Panera PNRA 11/10/2017
Bookmark: #d-shivakumar
D Shivakumar, CEO, Pepsico, PEP
39. Shivakumar D CEO Pepsico PEP 10/09/2017
Bookmark: #russell-simmons
Russell Simmons, CEO, Def Jam Records, UMG
40. Simmons Russell CEO Def Jam UMG 11/30/2017
Bookmark: #john-skipper
John Skippper, CEO, ESPN, DIS
41. Skipper John CEO ESPN DIS 12/18/2017
Bookmark: #richard-smith
John Skippper, CEO, ESPN, DIS
42. Smith Richard CEO Equifax EFX 09/26/2017
Bookmark: #randall-stephenson
Randall Stephenson, CEO, Boeing, BA
43. Stephenson Randall CEO Boeing BA 12/15/2017
Bookmark: #tim-sullivan
Tim Sullivan, CEO, Ancestry.con, ACOM
44. Sullivan Tim CEO Ancestry.con ACOM 09/12/2017
Bookmark: #joseph-swedish
Joseph Swedish, CEO, Anthem, ANTM
45. Swedish Joseph CEO Anthem ANTM 11/03/2017
Bookmark: #peter-terium
Peter Terium, CEO, Innogy, IGY
46. Terium Peter CEO Innogy IGY 12/20/2017
Bookmark: #alexander-wang
Alexander Wang, CEO, Alexander Wang, ADILT-AWBLKWHT
47. Wang Alexander CEO Alexander Wang ADILT 10/02/2017
Bookmark: #john-watson
John Watson, CEO, Chevron, CVX
48. Watson John CEO Chevron CVX 08/22/2017
Bookmark: #tim-westergren
Tim Westergren, CEO, Pandora, P
49. Westergren Tim CEO Pandora P 06/27/2017
Bookmark: #meg-whitman
Meg Whitman, CEO, Hewlett-Packard, HPQ
50. Whitman Meg CEO HP HPQ 11/21/2017

… AND we have more coming…. specially at counties level…, you know who you are…

…AND these does not counts the hundreds and hundreds of bankers: so call businessmen: Clergies  that have been killed: or taking their lives in some mysterious way since 2012…  Treason is a serious crime, is it not?


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