Let us give thanks-giving today and everyday






And we quote:

Today is a good day for reminding those that concerns, One does not “negotiate” humanity, consciousness, existence, love…[and quote]. Those that are doing these within our country, the American people have the right declaring them enemies combatants. Enough! Bullet. Gitmo. Be. it.









Thank you Father Mother God for our amazing country+ our amazing courageous people, and soldiers. Thank you for liberating us from the corporal Zionists Fascists slavery system that took over our country!

Thank you for making America First!

Thank you for Making the Existence Great Again+ MEGA

so be it be it so.














Enjoy your thanks-giving today+ everyday. Much health+ unity+ responsibility+ accountability+ abundance of our daily needs for all all ways always. so be it!









Enjoy the video!

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~ the people

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