Letter to governor Andrews Cuomo of New York state


Letter to Governor Andrews Coamo from the ramirez family in queens county, new york

Dear Governor Andrews

It is our privilege to be writing to you as residents of queen’s county that we are, and that for what we can verified you have been, and are very much familiar on helping our citizens of our community, and of our state?

We the ramirez family are writing you here today because we have a serious issue with one of your employees that his name is David Ira Weprin, a former esquire, and a delegated official, “supposedly” to serve his community here in queens county.

David Weprin, and along with some/an investor(s) from the same community where we live in queens county is/are infringing our lives by committing crimes of usurpation, extortion, Willful identity theft, malfeasance, constructive commercial fraud, foreclosure rescued scam, money laundering, racketeering, barratry, pretentious title of superiority, and in contempt of public law policies of “public law”, pursuant to UCC 1- 308, UCC 1-103, and UCC 3-501 thereof.

David Weprin had the audacity of putting for auction our property by advertisement on the Daily News of NEW YORK CITY, and against our very private, personal, registered, and incorporated TRADE NAMES of FE ESPERANZA RAMIRES, and Fe Esperanza Ramirez, without the delegated authority, and consent of its owners for him to use for commercial gains, and by him claiming against those trade names a loan that does not exist, and if existed it has been paid off through a varieties of ways, inclusive of them (the former trade name of COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS, INC., and its users, Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel of Long Island, New York, being on Commercial And Administrative Default, and OVER the limit of the statue of limitation. Furthermore, our UCC Account of commercial law of UCC # 2013032035 paid for all loans, and or our corporate account is 201410150575757, inclusive of our Treasury paying on Accepted For Value (AFV); this we sent twice, and twice many got paid from the treasury!

FURTHERMORE, and for a fact, trade names of FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, and Fe Esperanza Ramirez do not own the said property of 149-39 83rd street in howard beach new york do to the fact that it was sold to family members under common law, and protected under common law on 12/2/15, and without prejudice. WE diligently sent to David Ira Weprin all due NOTICE way before him having the audacity of using the former private corporate court room system, and under deception, the supposed auction of the property that those trade names do not own!!

MOREOVER, what it is hard to believe is that because we do not trust criminals, former fe esperanza ramires went to the day that he would have the suppose auction of property, and thank god that she went because he was there announcing the selling of our property! In the middle of it, fe esperanza ramirez interrupted him, and loud and clear, and on open courtroom telling him to “stop the commercial activities, as he was warned with emails, and personal documentations, and inclusive an order for his arrest sent to him and all perpetrators involved in the theft of private property.”  Arrogantly, he went on as if no one was speaking to him…! However, ramirez last words were that she is leaving the room, and that she is commanding for him to stop his criminal activities, immediately.

This incident, we put on the records, as well as emailing it to Weprin, and all other actors in Long Island.

Meanwhile, someone named Vinni, that is the “investor” as he said, that it is interested in our property, called us to see what it is the issue! We gave it to him simple and clear, and that was, that the property is not for sale, that he is looking at the wrong information, and that anything that it is not signed with wet-ink pen signature of property owners, it is on the spot, null and void. The hung up on us a couple of times when we quoted him “the law.”  In fact, he told us that he is just an investor, that he does not know law. How about that, an investor that is playing being an innocent victim, and that along with Weprin  in truth they are warmongers, perpetrators, and perjurers that harm other, violate the public peace, and violate the public trust.

WE have tried to register our title in the county but they do not accept anything that it is common law, as it’s obvious they are still operating on the former corporate system, and that they are in violation by not letting their citizens records whatever they wish in the public records without going to the subjugations of ACRIS. According to USC 18 &2076, a clerk can be fined, or be One year in prison or both for refusing to records any documentation of its citizens.

WHAT do we want from you? We want for you to speak to David Ira Weprin and the Boys from Long Island about their criminals’ activities committed to us, and we want it to stop now, and without prejudice. We also want David Weprin to be charged for what he is: a criminal, along with their accomplices that are not in any position of extorting the American people. For a fact we have an international order for their arrests. We have had it with their usurpations for over ten years from them, and so are the American people with similar issues that are struggling to be left alone from these outlaws claiming loans that they never loaned. All loans are a fraud. All debts are prepaid.

David Ira Weprin Contact Information

District Office

185-06 Union Turnpike

Fresh Meadows, NY 11366


Fax: 718-454-3178

District Office Directions

District Office

111-12 Atlantic Avenue, #5

Richmond Hill, NY 11419


Fax: 718-805-2384

District Office Directions

Albany Office

LOB 602

Albany, NY 12248


Albany Office Directions


THE phone number of the estrange Investor that his name is Veni: 917- 642 084,

Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel/Ronald Howard, PC Address: 100 Garden City Plaza, Garden City, NY 11530. Telephone: 516) 222-6200.

BELOW are all the filings against David Ira Weprin that we sent to him way before he had the audacity of supposedly auctioning our property on the 19th of August of 2016. They are all published worldwide on the net with millions of viewers, for the records, and pursuant to public law policies of “public law.” We will like to make clear that the Warranty Deed and all documentation about FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, and Fe Esperanza Ramirez under ACRIS are all null and Void since 2012. We have told this to David Weprin and the estrange investor that think money is more important than the safety of humanity, and of those vulnerable as senior citizens, and minors. That mind set have got to dissolve, as anyone that it would not vibrate in the energy of love, those people will be removed.

LINKS: http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/duly-verified-declaration-of-facts-of-order-of-cease-and-desist-seizure-of-private-property-by-unlawful-auction-sale-and-unlawful-use-of-private-personal-trade-name-to-committ-fraud-to-owner-of-such/ of August 6th of 2016;

http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/letter-to-berkman-henoch-peterson-peddy-fenchel-and-david-ira-weprin/, of August 17th of 2016

http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/letter-to-former-david-ira-weprin-from-the-ramirez-family-in-new-york/, of August 19th of 2016.

This letter that we are sending to you has been published on the net/website of: http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/letter-to-governor-andrews-coamo-of-new-york-state/, on date of August 22 of 2016, and for the records. We will love to hear from you, and we’ll appreciate that you call to the attention of your staff as it is David Ira Weprin, and that his illegal, and unlawful actions be cancelled immediately and without prejudice from all perpetrators. WE want to live our lives in peace without the violation, and invasion of outlaws.

IN CASE you wonder, we are “public servants” that are on a mission here on earth of bringing awareness to the people about law, their rights, and the new changes upon us worldwide. We are not to hurt anyone, as we only work with the energy of love, however, we do not take abuse from anyone do to the fact that we do not allow it. We govern ourselves, and so are the 7 billion humans of this earth.

You can reply to us to the email that sent the letter to you, and or to the physical address of 149-39 83rd street, howard beach new york 11414, attention fe esperanza ramirez.

The website that this was published is a website for the people and for the people, it has nothing to do or relation to the personal issues of our dear people. We are here to help.

Much love and gratitude for all, always…thank you…

~the ramirez family, and owners of property here in queens, new york


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