Love and Compassion for all the Living and the Dead


D7Xpx2vUwAArgjVDear Mighty Spirit from the universe, have mercy upon the souls of our young people, our young soldiers that deceivingly were trapped fighting needless wars for criminals, believing that they were fighting for our country! They were young and full of life; they did not know the malicious minds of the worldwide corporal zionists mafia as that from allege UN, NATO, Israel, and USA thirst for greed, power, and blood at any cost.

Knowing our young people, we know that if they knew the truth of their mission, they would never have signed joining foreign enemies to destroy the lives of innocents people across the world.

It is because of this that in the near future our military from the United States of America, that duty is protects their own country, and their people, and in honor of those that died needlessly, they would be instead a force of peace!

Love and compassion for all the dead… Peace, harmony, courage, responsibility, liability, accountability, custodianship, and love for all the livings: for all the creation. so be it!

In Memory of. we will never forget. honor. respect. for. all.  ~LFabre

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