Love Control



The New World Order of the Universal Love that is hitting Planet Earth. The Universal Love order that is ruling the Government movement of our minds in the 3D. The scary tactics that are being held, to control the Awakened Starseeds and the Awakened Ones in the 3D. The Lightworkers who just don’t care anymore about leveling with those that have Awakened to understand there own Path, so that they can move forward with the Ascension process. The false Lightworkers who are using words or phrases like Universal Love to keep all of us inline in the 3D, so that we don’t have the capability to become more aware of what is going on around us in the 3D. They are the ones that are holding the power in there own hands, because the Awakened Ones are living in constant fear, fear for feeling things on there own, because they are scared they will fall far behind in there own Ascension process.


This is how the New World Order, and the Government is trying to control us in the 3D. Throwing things in our faces like the Love, and only love otherwise you won’t go on our Path in the light. Don’t feel the energy of the people that are still breathing in the 3D, or don’t you dare level with anyone that is in your area, because your energy frequency won’t hold the same light energy that it had once held when you had become Awakened. It is wrong to feel things on a level where you become more awakened and intuned to what is happening around you. There is no 3D, there is no Planet Earth, that we are living in, it is all made of lies and illusions, because if you start to believe that when you become Awakened you won’t be aware of what is happening here on Planet

Earth, and won’t be aware of the things that the 3D Government is doing to try and control the minds of those that want to make this Planet Earth a safe place. The more your mind becomes like mush, the more you will not see the things that need to be worked on in the 3D to make our world a better place. You will become just like the ones out there today, that are putting words out there like Universal Love, and live Postivily because that is what they want you to believe in. They want you to think that you are beyond leveling with those are breathing and living in the 3D yet today. The Reptilians of the 3D are the ones that are out there today, trying hard to skip over the Humanity part. They want to go right into live the Love, and Positive energy, because if you believe that, then you won’t understand what it is that is happening around the 3D aka Planet Earth. The Reptilians today, have huge followings in the 3D aka Planet Earth that are brain washing the young generation of the Starseeds that have Awakened in the 3D. 

Bless the Nite




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