Mastering The Art of Forgiveness



Forgive and Forget. An interesting concept, is it not, Beloveds? Forgiveness is, in truth, a key lesson of your ascension process. It is an essential aspect of yourself which you must find again and master, making it a part of who you are in this human role.

It must become an automatic reaction to the behaviors of the as yet unenlightened ones who dwell around you. This is the way of your Divine Parentage and all who dwell within the paradigms unto which you ascend. It is essential that you master the fine and gentle art of wholehearted forgiveness-forgiveness of yourself and of others- in order to leave behind you the trials and tribulations of 3rd density living.

But to forget the wisdom gained by way of the struggle you’ve endured or in the observation of the behaviors of another? No, I do not see anything remotely productive in the casting away of the valuable lessons that you have learned by being here. I speak at this time of the pitfalls of selfishness, greed and war or the thoughtless word or deed that might have caused great pain for another.

The challenges you have endured are chock full of valuable lessons to take away with you, as you exit this paradigm. In so retaining these priceless experiences you are destined to grow wiser, and those memories give you insight and the tools to go forward to help others who are struggling to climb out of their own dark place. I am speaking of converting experience into valuable knowledge which you, as Masters and Wayshowers, are able to put to good use in your teachings.

Do not ever nurse a grudge or speak foully of The Lost Ones. Refrain from approaching them from the lower vibrations of aggression and disdain-these, the very same things that you are working to eradicate from this planet. When you sense that such emotions encroach upon your being, embrace them, examine them and then send them swiftly off to Source.

Do not harbor them and let them grow, and never be the one to cast the first stone. I surely understand that it is difficult not to judge, as much of what you are being faced with is shocking and an affront to your loving natures and gentle sensibilities. Thus, I ask you to never accept or justify the things you see, but only to remain detached from judgement and attack.

These acts are counterproductive and only serve to undo the hard work you have put into your personal ascension, thus far. They significantly drop your vibration. Know this, Beloveds, that you will be asked to put these concepts to the test in the days to come.

~ I encourage you to view every misconception, every altercation and transgression as an opportunity for learning. As Masters and teachers, you are forever learning and growing. With every forward step you take, your Light shines ever brighter. Your ascension is an ongoing thing, and it is the words you speak and the face you present to the world that sleeping ones will see and elect to emulate. You are leading by example. This leadership role is one of the most important aspects of your present contracts, and one of the most important reasons you have chosen to incarnate at this critical time.

This is why as you forgive, you must not forget about the effects of all you’ve seen and experienced; not only within your own personal interactions, but in what is happening globally, also. Discard the emotion and process away the pain, but do not toss away the learning you have gained form these experiences. It is in this very learning that you are destined to help others to never repeat them.

There are various ascension timelines in play right now, and not all are moving along at the same pace. A great many of you have signed on to assist the ones who lag behind. Review the contents of your lesson plan. What will it contain? How will you explain the senselessness of war, killing, theft, dishonesty and the like? What pitiful harvest does mankind reap in the pillaging of Gaia’s precious resources? What are the real effects of such behaviors? What will you draw on as you make them see that the the road they’ve been traveling is but a dead end street?

~ This time marks the halfway point in your linear year of 2012. And while I do not give much credence to the linear counting of days, I do feel the need to make an exception here. July is a milestone and it is most significant. If your eyes are open and you make the effort, you cannot help but see the transformation that is taking place all around you.

It is happening within your banks and your governments, within your educational systems and throughout society as a whole. What has long been buried is right now rising rapidly to the surface. Gaia is entering into her final phase of cleansing and if you look-truly look-around you, it will be in plain sight before your awakened eyes. Be not a naysayer. It has begun and the pace is picking up with every passing day.

The process is much akin to a snowball rolling downhill. Gaining momentum, it will grow larger and larger until it can neither be contained nor ignored. It’s pace and growth are fed by the energies of each newly awakening soul as he or she arises from their slumber. It is glittering white, it is clean and pure.

And it has the power to pick up and absorb everything it encounters in it’s path. Yet what this progress also means is that you, the Masters and the Lightbearers, you are the ones who will be looked to for your guidance and your wisdom. It is you who will be expected to know what is best.

You must radiate calm, and practice unconditional love and forgiveness. You must overcome the temptation to judge and rise to the monumental task at hand. Yes, there will be so very much coming up that will test you beyond all rationale. But you are brilliant and you are strong, and it goes without saying that you all shall rise victoriously to the occasion.
~ No, do not ever forget, Beloveds.

Take the powerful lessons you have learned throughout your times of sorrows, as you will be called to put them to good use in the leadership of the ones who walk behind you. You will be called upon again and again, to be sure, as seasoned teachers and leaders. Your knowledge and expertise may later be needed on other, lesser evolved planetary bodies where the struggles still go on. It will be many of you who assist these evolving races in the improvement of their lot.

So, be forgiving, Dear Ones. Be of the Light. Be kindness personified. Be at peace. Be solid and unconditionally loving. Be without resentment or a thirst for vengeance, and instead be wise. You are the living representation of God The Father and The Mother, and are being called upon to perform as such.

~ I, Haniel, remain by your side as does the entirety of the Angelic and Archangelic Realms. We are a loving force, and know you as our precious families, friends and allies. You are so cherished.

Archangel Haniel

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