Meeting Life’s Challenges


To be able to generate and sustain innerpower you need a change of attitude, vision, and perception. This has been my own experience and it has made a huge difference to me. But it is no small matter; you are talking about radically changing your outlook on life. It’s a conceptual shift to understand that there can be space between you, the observer of life, and the part you are playing in it.

When you see yourself as a physical being, then, because the material world is in a state of constant flux, keeping up with change becomes progressively draining. You suffer, because your sense of who you are is defined by those things that can be at risk – like your job, your partner, your health. You lose power in the sense that you lose equanimity, happiness and clarity of judgement. You also lose your compassion, your ability to be sensitive to others, because of being needy yourself.

My understanding now is that we’ve all come from the Seed, a Source of goodness, peace and compassion – which is our original nature too. When we let go of the thinking patterns that create selfishness, we start to experience that original nature and this puts us on the same wavelength as the Source.

Divine protection isn’t about helping us pass our exams or earn more money, let alone win a war; it is at a level where what is protected is the flow of goodness, unselfishness and joy that human beings experience when they feel able to live true to their innermost nature. Right now, the world seems to be re-awakening to the need for this kind of power.

When we learn to align with Divine purpose, it is as though we ride a wave that carries us over what might otherwise have seemed like insuperable obstacles. This is a powerful way of thinking to help us in our everyday efforts to live by our highest values.

~Neville Hodgkinson is a writer and journalist. this posting




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