Message to humanity


Dear ones, we bring stronger messages now as the changes on the Earth and in the cosmos increase to more intense levels! We want to say specifically words that will help you the most in the shortest amount of time! We ask you to take our guidance serious as it is our goal to make the evolution of humanity go as smoothly as possible! The universe is increasing its effort to get everyone’s attention so we hope you are being aware of all that is transpiring around you!

What can you know that will help the most now? Here is what we say:
are you being the angelic being or the human? How are you handling all the affairs of your life? Do you do all things in an impeccable way? Where can you improve? We say bring all of your awareness back into yourself and focus on you! spend the next 30 days just begin with you, doing an analysis of yourself and see what makes you tick! Why does a certain thing make you have a negative reaction? Sit still long enough to become present with this energy and work to transmute it to a higher vibration of love and light!

This is your journey and your path and has nothing at all to do with anyone else! Are you doing your inner work each day? Where are you spending all of your time and energy? What is the most important things to you? If you say your children, your family or your spouse then you are already off track! Does this mean not to love them? By no means but the issue is you forgot to put yourself first and this teaching goes against every bit of poison grain the matrix can program into you over a 30, 40 and 50 year period! If you don’t love you first, you will never find love! If you don’t make yourself happy first, you will never be happy and this applies to all things! You must give to yourself first the thing you are desiring to recieve!

All beings and things vibrate at different frequencies and your goal is to attract beings and things that vibrate high! You can only do this naturally by vibrating high yourself! Love is the highest vibration in the universe and this is what you are working towards! You are already this, but are you fully aware that this is what you are?
The ancient books say, “love God with all your heart mind and soul first, then all others the same”. It literally means do it in this order or you are out of universal order and you have completely reject the God that you are! Yes that’s what we mean!

This God that you are supposed to be so in love with is who? This is not some separate being or man up in the sky, it is speaking of you! You are all Gods, so we say start acting like it! There is only one of us here and you’re it! So am I! If you want to do the greater things you must first know who and what you truly are, then start being this!This is God-being! This is God-being-you! It was said that God is love and it is so! Be who and what you truly are! Until you get this part straight nothing will ever work! In what is called the past you would have been stuck in this karmic, lost, oblivious, unconscious reincarnation cycle! In this now moment there is a way made for this cycle to end! The universe has declared that time is literally up so your time is short meaning you better get busy!

What do we really mean here? We mean you will ascend, this is assured but you can do it the easy or the hard way! The hard way means you will go out of this body soon to a space where u can do all of this this easier if you are now too far behind! Everything in the universe and under the Sun has an assigned time to it and the great time of mankind has reached the end of its journey and its time to make your evolutionary quantum leap!

If all that we have been saying for years goes in one ear and out the other and you continue on the same old path you’ve been on in 3d, you are gonna get a good jolt soon get you moving on up the evolutionary ladder! We can no longer sugar coat things and must speak it as it is! We say take this very serious and get busy working on you!

Driving up and down the highway for years and years back and forth and to and fro and with your visual and vibrational resonance in trance with the 3D holographic matrix has hit the wall now! There is no where to look but inside! There is nothing to do but stop! There is nothing to do but be still with you no matter how uncomfortable it may be to face yourself and to clear out the old energies! We are passed the great event horizon and on borrowed time as it is said!
We say none of this is to bring fear, but hope and to provoke and motivate you to see what is happening all around you!

The old world is passing away so make sure you don’t pass away with it! Again this would only mean you had made a choice either consciously or unconsciously that you could not or would not be able to do this!

There is still time and there is great hope! The great prophet Elijah said, “why sit here until I die?” He was correct! Go forward now and make every now moment like the last day of your life! Live it without fear and live life with every ounce of being that you can muster! Live we say!

Its imperative as we move into summer 2016, a time set forth by the great keepers of time for humanity’s evolution from a primitive, barbaric, unconscious species to a more advanced, intelligent, loving and galactic one!

When you focus on you and make ‘you’ the best you can be vs focusing on everyone and everything else, you fix everything and everyone. To focus primarily on you and to love yourself more than anyone is not ego, or narcissism but divine, healthy self respect and love for yourself! Spend your hours and days being with you only doing the best things for yourself in all areas!

Stop doing what you hate and start doing what you love!

Open up a bit and take some chances!

Heal thyself by facing your inner fears and see that they are Maya!
Stop judging yourself, everyone and everything! Remove all the labels! A thing just is what it is and you are simply the observer of it all! Let it be what it is and do not get your energy tangled up in trauma and drama! Because you give them power to expand!
Stop wasting your time with mindless 3D commercial distractions and the ways of men that amount to no thing!

These things cannot go past this old world and you will not take them with you! The only thing you can take is you but even so, this can only be done when you are able to pass through the energetic protective barriers of the higher and magical realms!
Never expect another being to do anything because this is interfering with their free will and is a form of control and this is when you are stealing their energy.

We advise that you make ‘you’ the best you can be, period! Start doing the inner work and discipline and master yourself in all ways to be still and strong in the middle of increasing storm on the old Earth for this is how you fly above it and transcend it all! The lower things are not where you resonate now even though your feet are still planted on the ground so move a wave from them focus-wise! It is urgent that you remove everything and everyone out of your sacred space now that does not resonate with you and then all things that resonate perfect with you (which you have yet to see) can and will come close!

Each one of us needs to be only concerned with ourselves now and how well we are advancing and not be concerned with the other’s path and their trauma and drama for this is a waste of your energy and precious time left to finish this work you are doing! This time you don’t get to come back if you don’t evolve! This is it! This is the last body and you are taking it with you all the way up thought 12 dimensional barriers! There is one consideration here as we said above: everyone makes it, but many unconscious humans have to do this all a bit different! Many have already made the choice (mostly unconsciously) that they are too far behind to integrate the intense energies that are increasing for the grand finale and as the Earth changes gain in intensity with large scale power grid disruptions from Earth’s dissolving magnetic field, many will go out of this body and find themselves on another dimensional level of Earth where their ascension can be achieved in days and hours vs. the months and years it would take in their current state of being! There is much more to speak about the 3rd mass wave of ascension scheduled for summer solstice 2016 and we will bring it all to you before hand!

We say be responsible and manage your own energy properly as to be of assistance and not as hindrance to the divine plan!
When you do not waste energy(chi-prana) you build it up in the body and become super strong in your star core and you gain true divine power that beings vibrating below cannot overtake! With this great power comes great responsibility and it is only given to those who are the highest loves and the brightest lights!

Also saying no un-healed beings (keeping them out of your space and not having a cord connected in any way) they cannot steal your energy(control or manipulate you)! Allowing control or manipulation is what drains all of your personal power (life-force) from the body! start now re-creating your sacred space!
Take inventory of who you are connected to both in the digital world and in the everyday physical realm.

We have noted after working with thousands of students, the main entities who drain the energy of light beings are their immediate family, including spouses and even children, then others that are closely connected such as friends or acquaintances. The reason they do this comes from a 3D matrix program where they are disconnected from their own inner-source (their own personal power of life-force). Since they are disconnected from their God-self, the light, they see your light shinning bright from afar and come like moths to the flame to eat your light! This simply means they desire this God-light so much they will do anything to get it in the form of control and manipulations! We say be aware and learn to say, “no thanks!” These are what we call energy vampires! They are not monsters but simply unhealed humans that wont face themselves or who don’t know how yet! This is why we are here to help them. We best help them by working on ourselves and telling them with tough love to look at their issues and in the mean time they must not be in your space or you cannot ascend with their opposing force pulling you down!

If you place two out-of-sync frequencies in the same time-space (the same room for example) for a period linear time, the auric fields of the two beings intertwine and an interference pattern is created referred to as chaos! In human terms it means arguing, control and manipulation, and sometimes violence often leading to mental, emotional or physical harm of one or both of the beings. The low vibration always trumps in this situation meaning it pulls the lower wave down to match its frequency translated as feeling pain in one of the layered-bodies of the being that started out vibrating high! The low vibe wins out always and the only thing to rectify this is to move out of the space of the low vibration and say no to it! A simple ‘no’ trumps the lower vibration!

This no means no communication, no interaction whatsoever and no focus. Even thinking of the other is saying yes to allow them back into your etheric sacred space and you can be assured they will return 7 times worse! Cast them out, sweep the house clean and keep your energetic force field up in super awareness at all times! In doing all of this, don’t give them what they want in anyway and at any cost! This would be detrimental on your spiritual path!

We close in saying, take some time out, pamper on you, treat yourself with the highest love, start acting like the angelic being that you are and stop acting like a barbaric unconscious human! You are not one of them, you are here to help them and we remind you one last time that you help them only by improving you! The other energy is you but keep the focus on ‘you’, you! Lots of yous to keep track of here but ‘you’ are the only one that you must be concerned with!

God-speed great beings,

~ Archangel Michael

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Editor NOTE:

Loving yourself means to Stop, and eat the right food and or what is healthy for you, like smoothies made of vegetables, and or smoothies made of fresh fruits. And please avoid all kinds of bread! They all are made with GMO, and these includes all sweets; they all have wheat which is causing lots of health issues not to mention the chemical aspartame that is disguised as “natural flavoring!” Also avoid meat as much as possible and or all complete. It also means to take time to be with nature, like going to the beach and or the park to at least take a half hour sun light each day, and please walk bare foot as much as possible, in fact make the entire summer of this year of 2016 a priority to walk bare foot all along, this helps to absorb the energy of the earth through our soles that serve as a portal for our body to absorb energy. It also means to meditate and or pray each day-look at the sky, the stars, the moon, or how about the trees, the flowers, the birds, the animals…Or how about sun gazing, especially in the sunrise hours, this is magic! learn to speak to the sun… receive with love his energy everyday! keep in mind that without the sun we can not live and or survive! The sun is our savior whether you want to accept this or not. Be thankful for each and every day, every hour, minutes… Also watch what you think, say, and do! Hurt no one, in fact love everyone, and be of help to others instead!

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And last but not least, stay away from all electronics gadgets like the cell phone (use only as needed, and keep it off at night), the television, the radio (the radio bring down your energy with all the talking, and the song’s lyrics that are not in harmony, neither are the tunes!) At night turn off the wifi, and stay away from all electrical poles/wireline , and spying cameras, etc., etc.

When we do and or live our lives in tune with nature, then we love all around us, and like Archangel Michael said, how can you give love if you do not love yourself? How? By loving yourself as we explained above, you will then love every thing around you the same way, and then the elements and or spirit and or god(s) make everything easy for us, you bet this is true, very true.

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