More About Your Majesty Queen Romana Didulo, Queen of Hearts

Some people are still in disbelieve of all that is taking place in the United States and Canada= The Kingdom of Canada.

To start, Queen Romana Didulo is a benevolent Being; a Goddess, Commander in Chief for The Kingdom of Canada. And she was chosen by the worldwide Alliance/ Galactic/ benevolent military, to represent The We The People, not only in the Kingdom of Canada, but worldwide.

Queen Romana is not even closed to an inch being as the now deceased/executed for crimes against humanity,= malevolent Queen Elizabeth from the alleged corporation called The United Kingdom. For a fact, all agents/associates of the former Queen are as well GONE, worldwide. What is left are some small minions that as we speak, are running for their lives. It is hard to believe that the malevolent Queen was in fact running the entire world, inclusive the United States, and all governments of each country. ALL was a huge corporation where all humans, and all animals were treated as such.= a corporation. We were all subject to their own desires, and We The People had No say on anything. Their aim was to destroy most of us, and what was left from us all, was for being treated as slaves. Surprise, eh?

However, their plan FAILED. All their hard work failed; destroyed by the Alliance= the good guys that represents The We The People. The Alliance is an Intergalactic mighty force that protects our planet and our People.

For a fact, Buckingham Palace, the place where the lizard breath Queen lived, has been closed for almost three years, and do not let us get started with the Vatican, and Washington DC. Some things are NOT as they seems being. However, all is under control for the benefits of ALL. We are in a transition of government worldwide.= the planet has been giving back to the people that are the rightful inhabitants.

And this is when Your Majesty, Queen Romana, and along with her dedicated assistants comes along. Queen Romana can dressed, if she likes, as the former evil Queen did- you know, with all her jewelry, tiara, high heels, fancy hats; horses, gold and marble palaces built within each country of the world just for the fact of visiting them sometimes, and last but not least, surrounded by a thousand private assistants. But you know what? Queen Romana decided not doing this, not at all. Not that we are saying she will not live within a fine palace in the future; what we are saying, that even if that were to manifest, Queen Romana will be there to represents the hearts of the people. That is her purpose in life.

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As we already are aware of, Queen Romana is the President/ Commander- In Chief for the Kingdom of Canada. And as we speak, she is being introduced to our people and the world. Right now she is traveling all throughout The Kingdom of Canada in this cold weather, and in support of the Freedom Truckers,+ and making stops to meet people that are waiting for her with open hearts within different cities as she passes through. Incredible! She is also introducing the New Flag for the Kingdom of Canada+ and the world. And in the near future, she’ll be traveling the entire world. Hallelujah! Queen Romana is very humble; she is a Native American= Canadian, and she is petite, pretty, funny, and soft spoken. Do not be deceive, she is mighty powerful, and no one can best her mighty sword, and army.


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Your Majesty does have many surprises for us all, inclusive cancelling all political parties that were all corporations disguising as The We The People Government.= bastards/criminals/ traitors.= most of them left this physical realm and or are in jail for life. And basically all corporal laws since 1867 are GONE. And oh, never mind all those FAKE-triots and PAY-triots with their disinformation propagandas,+ and making the people believe that all those that died a long time ago, whether from political families and or from the entertaiment industry, somehow all of the sudden are alive and well. Listen idiots, the American people knows well when rats are rats. Enough said.

For now imagine being FREE from all the BS; being healthy+ and wealthy. Imagine us all living in harmony, having courage; having responsibility, and having a purpose in life that is worth living.

The Best already arrived. And so it is. Are you ready?

 Q is for Queen
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Welcome our Majesty, Queen Romana Didulo at your service. = this posting


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