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: People, when was the last time we sat under a tree and just look around us…, the green grass…, the small ants doing what ants do…, butterflies passing by…, birds flying…, flowers blooming…, pebbles around us…, the fruity trees… And oh no, the Fall is here…, looking at all those stunning leaves colors…

: When was the last time we visit our neighbors… had a chat…, fed the homeless, even if just buying them a healthy meal? Did we ever think of having a garden: a vegetables garden: flowers garden… Oh! how about walking barefoot on the misty grass early in the morning just before going for work?

: Do we pray?

:Do we meditate?

: Do we have an attitude of gratitude?

: Are we thankful for our friends: our family: our community: our country?

: When was the last time we dance our ass off dancing Merengue: Salsa: Rumba? Are we aware the benefits dancing do for our body?

Dance. Dance. Dance!

: Are we making sure that all that we ingest is straight from the earth= organic?

Are we ingesting what gives our body cells the energy for us thriving this physical realm?

BE courageous. Be discerning. Be the beautiful you!

For we are BE’ing and DO’ing responsibly= creating responsibly with our thoughts!

FOR we all must honor our beautiful planet earth+ her creations = our Creator creations.

For we are all caretakers: Custodians for our inherit planet earth.

Lets all Respect our planet earth. Honoring her. Adoring her. Fighting for defending her and her creations until death.

Together we stand as warriors of light navigating in the frequency of LOVE in perpetuity+ with responsibility.

So be it be it so


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