My Dear Gaia


Yesterday was a day of hard work for us, as we are rearranging our home and these include painting, something that I do not like at all!  But like an old friend of mine always said, “You have to do what you have to do.” So here we are painting and moving things around, except that I was with Gaia in my mind all day, one because I haven’t been going to the park for the last few days as I usually do for my morning walks, nor have I been with my mind in order lately. What I mean by these is that I am running low with my energy vibrations and this is very uncomfortable for me.

I love Gaia dearly and my life revolve around him, so dealing with paint is heart breaking, as I think that the paint itself is not good for me to smell it either. Is not good for the environment, nor it is alright for me to throw all the chemical of this paint onto the body of Gaia, so I got all disoriented. I got sick.

My helper could not understand why I did not want to rinse the brush in the sink and just get the thing over with! Then I said to him, “Well, that might get into the water we drink, in the food we eat..?” Then shaking his head he replied,  “Alright, then put the brushes in a bucket with water, leave it until tomorrow, and by then the brushes should be clean, and then you throw the water in the toilet, that is all.” I answered, “Great idea!”

Right after he left I did all the opposite of what he said. I took the bucket, and with paper towels I took off all the paint until it was only specks of paint on it, threw the paper towels in the garbage, then I went on to do the same thing with the brushes! The idea for me was not to put that much chemical in the water, then I went to the tub and rinsed them both. But then it crossed my mind that no matter what, it’s still poison to the body of Gaia. This went right through my heart and I started to get emotional and guilty about it, I was exhaust!

Then suddenly a visualization of the face of Gaia appeared to me! This was not the image of a regular god face per se, this was the Earth itself as a face! It was smiling at me. In fact I could see his teeth. He was happy to see me, and he was happy that I was aware of awareness! I kept his image within my mind for a while, and I wanted to see more. Then the word illusion came to mind, but then I forgot in an instant what the word illusion means..?

Then suddenly I am seeing the vastness of earth with all its kingdoms… a beauty that I could not fathom, but I am also seeing how our physical eyes see things the way they are not! For example, I was seeing my vision as very limited, nonetheless I could see the two ways of limited, and unlimited vision. I am seeing the multitude of human going on doing their daily chores as usual within the body of Gaia, and how in the eyes of Gaia we are dear working cells, cells hundreds of times smallest than the mathematical end point of this sentence.

Then it occurred to me to ask, what will make a human cell different from another? And the answer I received was, “Awareness”. Then I felt sad for the human cells that are not aware of Awareness because a cell is a cell with awareness or without awareness! Then it answered, “Yes, a cell is a cell with awareness or without awareness but each cell has its own time to acquire awareness. Awareness of what it is that IT is, and what IT is, is light having an illusion, thus the human light- cell is blind by its own illusion.”

Then again I see this humanity walking as robotic beings totally unaware of what they are, but deep within their heart I can feel they know they are much more than what they seems knowing they are.

Then within my heart I wished with all might to see all human cells become aware of who they are; of who they Be.

And then as if my wish came through, I see only a few humans cells that are left blinded by the illusion behind the multitude of awaken cells that are moving forward going somewhere. They are walking into a cloud of white light along this long road that is as well cover with light!

Leaving anyone behind is unacceptable, matter not how stubborn they are, and thus in an instant the humans cells that are not awake started walking towards the enlightened road! No one is left behind. All must walk the path of the light!

And then I snapped off from the plain I was navigating.

Starving l got up to get an apple. I was so happy to be eating that apple that immediately forgot about Gaia and the scenario I just experienced, so it seems.

Then suddenly Gaia said,  “Are you happy eating that apple?” I laughed aloud and said, “Of course I am happy eating this apple!” Then he said, “I am happy that you are eating that apple too, as if you are happy, I am happy too. Your happiness is my happiness.”

Then as to a dear friend I answered, “I love you my dear Gaia, I love you!”

Then I went on to write everything down.

NOTE: Many think that the earth is a female, and this is incorrect! The earth is a male gender. What is a female is the sky. It is written in ancient texts that once the earth and sky were ONE, meaning they were attached to each other. However, the time came that they needed be separated, ideally, and when they did, it was when the earth was created. The name Gaia is incorrect too. The actual name is Gaef, but I guess he does not mind. What I think he does mind is that we think he is a female. He is a man, and the sky is his woman! How would you comprehend this? Well, think that the sky is what gives us the waters. In fact, is because of her that the sun= a god that name is AmonRa, is reborn every day way out from the East so we could have life! Only a woman give birth, is it not?  = this posting





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