Neurosis is a serious mental disease among this degenerated humanity, and it is pandemic.

Our mind is super-charged with so much information, so much of useless information that we do not stop to acknowledge the simple things of life, we are an ongoing machine that does not assimilate anything, therefore Neurosis is the result of that. Is like never stopping from eating, or always hungry, never digesting anything. What the body do not digest result pernicious, and what you eat is less important than what you see, or hear; one do not stop perceiving a million things all the time.

We do not take time to assimilate anything. It is like seating in front of a table eating without stopping the twenty-four hour a day. No one is paying attention and no one cares. sadly, no one knows that there it is a limit to all mechanism, and our mind is one of the most delicate and subtle of mechanism.

A person that is aware of not letting this happen take time to assimilate his experience of the moment, the hour, and the day, etc. That person takes time to divide his activities and inactivities, its like dividing fifty/fifty to both activity and inactivity. That way one keeps the balance of both.

Inactivity consists of taking time “out” to be yourself, or with yourself, and this means taking the time to go and take a walk on the beach, the park, do your meditation, prayers, some muscles stretching along with a fifteen minutes walk, sun gazing is great! Or how about cooking a good meal for your spouse and seating peacefully to eat it, looking at each other eyes without the distraction of the television set on, or the loud music that is keeping the next door neighbor on edge. Better yet, how about doing some gardening, or writing a love song or a love letter. Or just simply close your eyes and laying on the floor, the bed or seating down comfortably listening to the music of Beethoven. All the music of Beethoven represent the movement of the universe in motion; expanding, creation in action. Think about this and you’ll find out how this help you clear your mind of all the negative vibrations within. This exercise in particular is of tremendous power.

Working with your own breath is as well powerful, for example seat comfortably, relax all your muscles then imagine that a cloud of golden light is above your head, this is a cloud of light from the central sun of our galaxy, this is a cloud of atomic, intelligent atoms made of light, conscious energy, and love. Imagining and taking a long breath bring through your crown chakra (top of your head) the light within you..directing the light every where within you..bring it even three feet down underneath you, within the earth, connecting to the core crystal of mother earth, then bring the light to your heart.. see the light shinning within your heart, then slowly exhale the breath to your Auric field outside and around you so it can protect you from any negative atoms. Do this as long and often as you wish.

In the old days people took the time to do this, to give time to the beauty around them. Now days with all the gadgets and distractions it is impossible to do this. We forgot that we have a mind! Our technology atrophied our thinking abilities and the mind. How pathetic can that be, how disgraceful can that be to the Divas of  Nature, to the Gods that are living in the mountains, rivers, and caves of our earth watching over us!

Neurosis can kill you, it bring you depression, and excessive emotional issues. Neurosis is like a rat that comes running to a dead-end road, there he can not see or learn anything new; he only knows how to run to the dead-end road.

Not to learn produce neurosis. We have to keep on learning, to assimilate new knowledge that lead us to the wonders of the infinity universe that is so much part of us. We have to make an effort  to navigate the world within us, this is where all the fun begins! Some people think that all we are is just a physical body when in truth the physical body is just ONE of the seven bodies of our soul, and learning all about our seven bodies is one of the reason we are here!

I try to enjoy the experience of the “NOW,” this is very important to me. To make it clear this means that if you are crossing the street then take pride and joy in crossing the street, enjoy the awareness of crossing the street-lets see no cars coming…thank god, I should joyfully cross now!  Anyways I come across many people, and I am not sorry to tell you that what I see is enough to send anyone running, I come across people that watch television 5-8 hours a day, others curse and blah, blah every car that cross or pass by them while driving! Some talk with the mouth full while looking at the ceiling, and ignoring the person that is seating with them on the table! Others take pride in answering a million phone calls at the same time they are having a date!   These are example of neurosis, and I am not judging.

People like this cannot be too long in a relationship because with no warnings they escape like a bird to find happiness some place else. They will break your heart and like tired old dogs they run to hide until happiness find them. This is a neurosis.

Whosoever is not aware of having this disease ends up blaming themselves and others for what is happening to them. The problem, if detective can be cured with no prescribed medication which will be the worse thing to do!

Simply do the above exercises and at the same time surround yourself with people who cares about you, like a good spouse, your significant others. Do not run away from the issue by going to another city or state, or breaking your relationship, if you do you are going to repeat the same thing no matter where you are!

Parents should not allow their children to watch no more than an hour a day of television. Children are the most vulnerable to this disease as their imagination begins to wither at a younger age. Take time to bring your children to get dirty in the playground, the beach, teach them to pray, meditate, read them books, and to develop good eating habits! Remember that education starts at home and that children learns more from example than from precepts.

For all neurotics we have another exercise that it is of tremendous help:

After you have bathe yourself in the shower, alternate hot and cold water in the upper third part of your lungs. Do this for at least 3-5 minutes, then get out of the shower. Do this every day, after a while you are going to feel with a new kind of mental energy, you are going to note that you are feeling less anxious about the things you used to. What is happening here is that you mobilized the hidden working good atoms of your body. These atoms are always there, however, when the “secret enemy” or bad atoms are in control they let the bad guys take over, but if  you move them or put them to work they dump the bad guys out! Do this for now on for the rest of your life. The good guys will love you for ever, as they too feel that they’re doing something good for somebody.

Peace to all humanity.


L Fabre



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