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You experience the world. You also give experience to the world. You are the receiver, and you are the giver. It is like you and the world shake hands. The world responds to you, and you respond to the world. Where is the seam between you? There really is no seam, beloveds.

You are dance partners who move across the room. You are in tandem. You are partners who move as one. When you take a step, your partner moves with you. You are partners.

Did you think the world was separate from you, or you separate from the world? Beloveds, you are joined at the hip.

There is no separation.

You are two sides of the same coin. You are not really sides. Unlike a coin, one side cannot come out heads and the other tails, for you move across the dance floor glued to one another. The whole world goes with you, and everyone else in the whole world goes with you.

You set the metronome for the world.

Aloneness does not exist.

You have Me at every moment, and you have everyone else as well, and everyone else has you.

You are all in one pot.

What stirs you, stirs everyone. What blesses you, blesses everyone. When someone else is blessed, you also are blessed. You bless, you are the blessing, and you are blessed. Give a blessing, and you receive it. Curse, and you receive that too.

It is incumbent upon you to perceive the world anew. You have sometimes cast dispersions on it. You have rattled its cage. You have deposited all your objections onto it. All the while, you have to be the heralder and spokesperson for the world. You are the world’s amanuensis, or valet, if you will.

Certainly, you are dependent upon the world, and the world is dependent upon you.

As you and the world partner across the dance floor, others join in. It is one dance danced by many. How integrated are the dancers, one dance and one dancer and no two ways about it.

You are also the musicians who play the music you dance to. You set the tone. You increase the pace, or you slow down the pace. You are the pacesetter. This is what I am saying. As you go, so goes the world.

The world is your drum, and you are the drummer, and you are also the drum you pound.

There is connectedness, all joined to one another. You are incapable of coming apart.

As you go, so goes the world. As the world goes, so go you. You thought you were a separate piece of the world or outside its path when you are the path the world walks on, and the world is your path as well. You and the world follow the same orbit, and the orbit is not outside of you.

There is no outside you.

You are holograms for each other, you and the world. You watch the picture you are making.

There is no ground for your feet to touch. There is a movie reel, and you are cranking it. You act in it too. You are the ballast. You bail out the water, and you bail out yourself with the water.

When there is a flood, the flood is you. When there is a drought, you are the drought.

You are everything you see, and everything you don’t see.

You are It.

You are everything.

You are all that is, and I AM THAT, and YOU ARE THAT, which is to say, that You and I ARE THAT, only, there is no We, for Oneness is, and Oneness alone is.

There are no sides to be on, no sidelines to stand on. There is one dance, and One Dancer.  ~Creator


Enjoy the dance! = this posting

~ the people

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