Our Galactic prayer Codex

Dear Lord, I Abide By the Galactic Codex

“God of my Heart and my Comprehension, I lay upon Thy Holy Altar my commitment and vows to, from now on, abide by the Galactic Codex in every decision, will and action I undertake and to be a vessel of Light, Life, Love, Oneness and Harmony among my fellow beings.  I humbly petition to please receive on myself all protection from all Ascended Beings of Light working for the Plan the Masters Know and Serve who are helping us to bring to reality the New Atlantis on this beautiful Planet Terra.  This protection I consider I am entitled to as long as I abide by my vows and keep working, directly or indirectly, to fulfill Thy Divine Plan in myself, others and the planet.  The protection I request is in the form of removal of implants from my four lower bodies, be them physical or etheric, and the complete protection of myself, my family, friends and neighbors in all interactions related to my divine mission from any attempt of intrusion, be it physical or psychic, of the Dark Forces and their Dark Agenda in my personal life, my family, friends and neighbors, my computer systems, Internet, email, work environment and any other unforeseen nefarious and related schemes.  This I pray in the Name of Lord Jesus Sananda.  Amen.”

Love and Light to all

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