Our Mighty Military: Surrender to Greatness






~ –  = For our military is the most powerful military in the world. ~ – = For our soldiers are careers soldiers that are paid for their service by the American people for protecting our country: our borders: our waters: our wealth+ our people.

~ – = For our military force does not work for an alleged evil empire [all national+ world wide corporal criminals whores+ CITY+ COUNTY+ STATE+ COURTS+ JAIL FOR PROFIT+ THE BAR JEWISHCONS ENGLAND+ SES= DEEP STATE] for they are dismantled [ing]. ~ – = For our military is not going invading other sovereign nations for them stealing their resources+ killing their people.

~ – = For our military hunts the enemy(s) that aims are violating the national+ international security for our country: our people: the existence.

~ – = For our military is NOT going invading OR violate the sovereignty of: For our American people:+> for the contrary they are protecting it.

~ – = For our military do not: would not take order from A: An: enemy (s) foreign OR domestic that would: Is: Are aiming at violating the sovereignty+ the freedom for the American people.

~ – = For our military work together with us the people that are as well, well armed for defending themselves against foreign and domestic predators: Invasion.

~ – = For our military works for us the American people.

~ – = For many things have transpired: Changed since 2012!

~ – = For traitors will be dishonor: Be taking down.

: Together we stand as ONE for all the existence= make the existence great again= MEGA

: Together we stand as ONE for making America great again= make America great again= MAGA.

MEGA+ MAGA= Honor: Diligence: Courage: Love for all the existence.

~ – = For do not fuck with us: Do not fuck with the American people: With our sovereignty: With our laws: With our land: With our homes: With our children: With our government agencies that are stablished by the people and for the people for serving us all ~ – = For any: All employees for these agencies that claim: violate their duties+ have the notions they are the owners of: for these agencies: whereas they create violence: racketeering= stealing our land+ homes+ jail for profit+ killing for profit.+> even wanting creating new laws!= They are traitors for our people: for our country: violating the supreme standing laws for our country: + And natural laws [for shoot them] without prejudice+ with prejudice+ seize all their assets+ individual liability+ responsibility+ accountability.

: Honor. Respect. Love. For. All. Our. Military. Men. Women.

~ – = And we remember this poem by Kenneth J. Goodrich:

” The Real student of Light faces the Light and sends the Light before him.

America! America! My blissed I AM Country!

The Light of God that never fails.

America! Tis Thee. America! America!

The Cup that holds the Christ-Light that will light the planet wide.

America, my love for thee, let her freedom reign without divide.”

: And for all our soldiers and our people we are posting this empowering reading for us all be enlightening. Enjoy!

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This is the eve of your birth.

No man is born alone. Another man’s birth is also your own.

Jesus Christ is testament to the fact that man is immortal being. You have not really immortalized him; he is immortal. But you have preferred to see yourself as mortal. As a failing flailing one at that.

Let My son Christ be inspiration for you. Do not let the magnificence of his life deter you from your own. Let his bright light shine on you. Let it rejuvenate you. Do not put him so far away from you. Do not idolize him. Love him. He shines for you. He shines on you. He shines within you. Let him bound forth from you in joy.

The same as I do, he wishes to express through you. That is the saving of you. He wishes to escort you to Me. He wants to propel you forward into My arms of love. He wants you to take over loving man on earth on his behalf and Mine.

Christ is a great server of mankind because he served Me. He asked Me what My request for him was, and I said: “Serve Me.”

He asked, just as you might, “How?”

And I said: “Spread My light. Make My light be known on earth.”

And he took up the torch. He took it up in his way. He walked the earth in My name. It was not the miracles he performed that made him holy. It was his beingness, and every atom of his being was conscious of Me and My love for him and My love for you. He never considered himself a performer of miracles. He merely performed My Will and allowed Me to ignite his life.

He gave up his ego so that you might live. He gave up his ego long ago so that he might truly live. Whatever he did, he did for Me. Whatever is done for Me is done for all. It is a simple equation. You equals you equals you.

You are not inadequate. You are not adequate. You are great beyond measure. Only you have been measuring yourself and finding yourself wanting. And that is the crux of your problem.

Why do you look to yourself when you can look to Me? I offer Myself to you, and you desist.

What do you think surrender is? It is surrendering to greatness. It is surrendering to greater than yourself. It is forgetting yourself and your little quandaries. It is remembering Me and stepping up beside Me. It is aiding Me. It is helping Me to revolve the universe.

Surrender is not holding back. It is not giving up. It is gaining that which is already yours. You are the Heir Apparent. You are the Inheritor of the earth. Through your inheritance, you announce Heaven. You reveal it on earth. You pick up dust, and you reveal its light.

What do you think Christ gave up? He gave up poor vision for great light. He gave up pettiness for love. He gave up selfishness for Heaven. He understood the cycle of offering and return. He thought not of return except to Me. He offered Me everything, and so he gave to you, for He followed My Will, My Will of love and intelligence, My Will of peace and joy for you who roam on earth.

Christ did not abandon earth. He abandoned earth ways. He did not abandon thought; he thought with Me.

His individuality became universality.

He lost nothing.

He gained everything.

He is still showing you the way.

Every gene that Jesus possessed, you have.

You are My generation.

I generated you.

I generated you for something, not for nothing.

Pick up your sword. Your sword is your spine. Stand tall and serve My Will. Ennoble yourself. I have chosen you.

~ your Creator: heavenletter


: And for all that concern:

:And we quote: Love without courage is not love.

http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/our-mighty-military-surrender-to-greatness/ = this posting

~ the people

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