Our Sins, Our Mistakes and Our Darkness



The Kabbalist goes into the darkness to transform it. That is a fundamental truth of Kabbalah. The Kabbalist will attach himself to the dark side in order to transform the darkness into Light.

Guess what?

So do we.

You and I.

Every one of us.

All human beings are sparks and children of the Divine, and we are all born with negativity and a destiny to enter into negativity so that we may transform it. That’s the whole purpose of this realm called “Malchut.”

The problem happens when we don’t transform it. The problems and pain and sadness occur because we do not know or grasp the purpose of life. We remain the same, so the problems remain the same, and the world remains the same.

Rav Ashlag says we can only correct what we have. Think about that!

We cannot defeat darkness if we do not have darkness.
We cannot preach from the mountaintop.
You cannot win the World Cup of Soccer by sitting in the stands. You have to play an opponent on the playing field.

The Opponent in life is our ego and darkness and our mistakes, and the playing field is our consciousness, our character and our nature.


All my own ugly traits and all your negative traits, all of my negative actions, and all your negative actions, are there for one profound purpose — so that we may search within and uproot the precise flaws in our character that cause the darkness in the first place.

The only difference between a Kabbalist and the rest of the world is that most of us never fix what we break.

And this happens because most of us are unaware of the blessings and powerful rays of Light that shine in the world when we do fix what we break.

Further, and far more profound, is that when we do fix ourselves and transform a particular negative trait, we also diminish its influence in the world, and we weaken the dark side inside all people.

We help each other.

The problem is we dont know the rules of the game of life. We do not truly grasp this truth.

This is why the Center was founded. To enlighten and empower people with the rules to the game of life so that we can end the darkness in the world by ending it inside ourselves.

The opponent, however, keeps us imprisoned in ignorance by awakening guilt, shame, denial, judgement toward others and self judgment in order to keep us blind to that fact that we are here to uproot the negative force that dwells inside every one of us.

This is why the Baal Shem Tov and all Kabbalists tell us that not only do we erase our past negative karma when we transform the negative traits that caused us to “sin” in the first place, but those very negative deeds also transform into assets, into blessings.

Think about that.

Who wouldn’t be delighted with just the ability to erase our debt?
We all would. But Kabbalah goes one better…
Not only do we erase our debt, but our debt is turned into blessings and Light and actual assets in our lives in the moment that we achieve a genuine, authentic transformation.

How stunning and powerful is that?
This is why the Zohar and Kabbalistic writings tell us that only through darkness comes Light.

And this is why they tell us that even the Messiah will descend into the ugly negativity and darkness in order attach himself to it and then kill it.

But remember, you too are part of the Messiah. You are. Make no mistake.

We are all limbs of the Messiah. We are all here to achieve a personal messiah within, which is why we have descended into the darkness of this world.

When a critical mass of people attain their internal Messiah, then the global Messiah will appear.

We are each an unlit candle in a world of darkness. Our change is what lights our wick.

The moment there is more candlelight in our world than darkness, the Messiah appears.

It’s all about you and I transforming darkness into Light for that is how you and I, and all the world, will become the cause and creators of a perfected world instead of paradise being handed to us for free.

This is why Rav Berg says each person on earth is equally important.

We were all given a measure of negativity to transform.

Some of us have bigger jobs. Some of us have lesser jobs.
But the act of turning darkness into Light is the very meaning of our existence.

Which leaves zero room for judgement.
And as Kabbalists teach us, if we do not judge others, the universe cannot judge us.


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