Prayer, Always Prayers


CAD2F35F-4CE4-4617-856A-0C5600DBC432During these passing days and always, let us pray to our God Master Creator’s Power rebuke all dark energies from within us, from within our family, from within our friends, from within our nation, and from all nations of the world.

Let us pray over our children always so they be protected. Little boys and little girls are our Master Creator’s sent. Let us give love, protection, and listen to our children all ways, always. Our children are divine!

To clean dark energies within us and within our homes, offer candles to our Master Creator’s power to cleanse us from invisible intruders. Fire is sacred, and it does chase away evil spirit. When you offer candles, let it burn all complete once you lighted. Rebuke, rebuke, rebuke all dark energies, and let the light shine!

Also, you can burn sage. Sage is a plant that evil spirit run away from as fast as the speed of light. Let the smoke from the burning sage penetrate all the rooms of your home, and even the outside.

Also, watch who you hang around with. Energy is contagious. Further, watch what you ingest. Our spiritual path, and our health depends On. What. We. Eat. On what we bring into our River of Life, that is our Blood. And on how we waste our precious divine energy.

Almighty Master Creator, we thank you. heart. heart. heart. = this posting


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