Prayer of Request for Easter



O Eternal Prime Creator, and ascended Master Jesus (the sun) our savior that gives us our daily Sun light in order for us to thrive a life experience here on earth, and that would lead us to the path of spiritual ascension through our inner work, love, and compassion for all humanity and all living creatures, on this Season of Rebirth (Spring), and love of the Year of 2016 we are requesting for you to cease and desist the child trafficking and or the killing of our children at once, inclusive the closing of all child protect services agencies.

We are requesting for you to cease and desist the invasion by those that by means of presumption seems to have the rights and or authority to usurp and or violates the rights of citizens in their own country, county, and or their own properties;

We are requesting that the sovereignties of all nations of the world are giving back to them and its citizens now and without delay;

We are requesting that Real journalism come to manifestation;

We are requesting the manifestation of NESARA without delay;

We are requesting the manifestation of RV without delay;

We are requesting the release of all those that are in prison and or jai, including those that killed in self defense, (except those that destroyed the lives of others deliberately, and knowingly, and or for political cause);

We are requesting for the protection of us all here on earth with your Sacred Fire Light, and the company of heaven;

We are praying that we all stay on the path of light and growing spiritually no matter what, and with unity, harmony, peace, courage, compassion, abundance of our daily needs, love, fun, and joy for all.

With all due respect, your earthlings.

Happy Easter everyone!

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