Quantum Field


IMG_0623                                                                                                                                                       The invisible quantum field is nothing materially and all things potentially. The entire physical universe and all realities and dimensions are continually being born and supported from it. In the quantum field are the organizing principles that give shape to the formation of the multidimensional universe.

It is the background potential and primary resource that is everywhere and always, and encoded in it are all the possibilities for the existence, structure, movement and lifestyle of everything from a single atom to the largest family of galaxies. Comfortable tucked away in its silent depths are all the memories, dreams, visions, feelings and imaginations of all the beings who’ve ever lived, anywhere, in anytime, in all dimensions in the Grand Universe.

Hence, the quantum field is not only, in a sense, the Mother-Father principle behind the universe, but its also a vast, invisible storage vault for everything that has ever happened, will happen, can happen … and even the encoded potential and dream for those things that will never be.

Time and space come from the quantum field, but they have no influence on it.



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