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99% of Rabbis and religious leaders and regular people around the world have no clue as to the truth and purpose about Rosh Hashanah.

I didn’t say 95%.

I didn’t say 98%.

I said 99%.


I am wrong.

It’s actually 99.999% of people, including Rabbis, observant people and secular people, that have no idea whatsoever about the power and the promise that this funny sounding spiritual connection offers all of humankind.

Today that changes.

Do you want to control your entire year? Do you want to deeply influence the unspeakable chaos relating to ISIS, Iran, the Ukraine, the Middle East,  China, North Korea, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, terrorism, and personal depression, anxiety, worry, doubt, lousy relationships, zero relationships, loneliness and every other ailment that subtracts from human happiness and from YOUR happiness?

That’s what Rosh Hashanah offers us. Make no mistake. But you will have to read on in order to tap into this awesome, outrageous and undeniable power that has been waiting for mankind to finally utilize to its utmost potential for the last twenty centuries.

You can change the next twelve months in your life and this world. And you can even get rid of the snickering and the cynicism and the doubt that you might have over this powerful promise.

All you have to bring to the table is a bit of effort. Like reading onward.


Let’s begin.


The real truth, the secret of all secrets concerning this ancient “holiday”, were concealed, hidden away in the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah for thousands of years.

Throughout history, most rabbis never dreamed of exploring the wisdom of Kabbalah to find out these secrets. Therefore, for thousands of years, Rosh Hashanah has failed to deliver on the promise of spiritual rebirth, a better life, a fulfilling life and world peace for all humankind.

…Until now!

What you are about to read contains the most startling secrets concerning Rosh Hashanah!

Therefore, read slow and read it all twice. There is material here for beginners and there is material here for advanced students if you read to the very end.

Let’s first explore the great and stupid misunderstandings surrounding Rosh Hashanah.


First, Rosh Hashanah is not a holiday for Jews. The word Jew does not even appear in the Torah to describe some religion. There is no religion called Judaism or a religious group called Jews.

The proper term is Children of Israel or Israelite. And the so-called religion is more appropriately called Torah, or  The Way of Torah.

The Torah was given to Moses on Mount Sinai 3400 years ago for the Children of Israel to use to bring about the end of death, pain and suffering for all of humankind by sharing these secrets with all of humankind by eradicating the selfishness and egocentric aspects of the Israelite nation. Period.

I know this ain’t pretty to hear. I know it’s harsh. But do please do not blame me. This is what all Kabbalists teach throughout history.

If you have not freaked out yet, let’s keep going…

Second Point: Rosh Hashanah  is not an exclusive technology and “holiday” given only to the Israelites. Kabbalist Rav Berg has tried to hammer this point home for decades.

It’s a tool and technology that was created to benefit all of humankind, all nations and all religions. It’s universal. I repeat, it’s universal.

The reason all nations and all religions and all peoples suffer is because they have lost control over the events that transpire over the twelve months of the year.

They are helpless victims of circumstance and chaos because they never accessed the technology of Rosh Hashanah to gain total control over the twelve months.

Here’s another big time misconception: Traditionally, Rosh Hashanah is known as the “New Year.” It is also understood as a time of judgement, when the Creator supposedly takes a reckoning of our deeds during the previous year.

According to Kabbalah, both these depictions of Rosh Hashanah are inaccurate.

Kabbalah teaches that the Force we call God does not preside over a heavenly court, deciding who will be forgiven and who will be punished. And are you ready for this — Rosh Hashanah actually occurs in the seventh month of the Hebrew Calendar, so it does not signify a new year.

And Rosh Hashana has nothing to do with being Jewish! Whoah. As I mentioned before (it needs to be hammered into our consciousness over and over because of so man centuries of brainwashing and social conditioning) the word “Jewish” does not exist in the Torah or the Zohar in the context of religion.

The people who received the Torah from Moses on Mount Sinai are the Children of Israel, the Israelites.

(See, you almost forgot).

So what’s the deal about Rosh Hashanah being a “new year” and a time of “judgement” for Jews?

Let’s find out…


Science can offer us some insight into the true significance of Rosh Hashanah. A principle of physics states that for every action there is an equal reaction. For every cause there is an effect.

Rosh Hashanah is built upon this foundation — the universal law of cause and effect. That’s it. Nothing more. But cause and effect is one of the most profound and stunning truths of this world.

Though we may not be aware of it, when we behave in a contemptuous, uncivil, or rude manner, we arouse negative forces. When we cheat, lie, steal, insult, or harm other people, a negative energy force is brought into existence.

Of course, these dark entities and forces are invisible to us and so we remain unaware of their existence. This is for the purpose of free will. And our ego was designed to make us say, “that’s ridiculous.”

Keep listening to your ego if you want to keep wallowing in self pity, chaos, pain and a world on the verge of destruction, viruses that surpass Ebola and more women and children dying in the streets.

You don’t want that right? Good. So shut down the ego, dump the doubt, crush the skepticism and keep reading.

Each time we lose our patience, react with anger, or lose our temper — poof! — we have created an actual force of darkness, a blockage that clings to us.

Take one minute and just think of all those times you were moody over the last year.

These negative forces are the unseen cause behind all the things that just “happen” to go wrong in our lives.

You see, the Light of the Creator always shines. It never leaves. The problem is that our negative, egocentric actions hang up a curtain that block out the Light.

So if God does not exist for you, if you doubt His existence, if you fail to see any Divine energy driving this universe, it’s because the ego has fabricated so many black out curtains, that this Light IS banished from your personal reality.

You are right. There is no divinity, no Creator, no supernal Light in your life because its been cast aside by the blockages that we have created.

I know. Another harsh and humbling truth that tempts us to say, “baloney!”

Rosh Hashanah is our opportunity to confront and combat all the negative energy and blockages aroused through the selfish and reactive acts that we’ve committed during the preceding year. At this special time, the spiritual cycle of the universe is structured so that the consequences of our careless misdeeds, intolerant behavior, and hurtful words return to us full force!

Now here comes a key concept: These repercussions of our own actions stand in judgment before us — NOT THE CREATOR!

The court of “Cause and Effect” stands in session. Think of it like a boomerang effect. Yes,  a boomerang (call it Karma if that makes you feel better).

Every word we speak, each action we perform, every deed we commit is another boomerang that we fling out into the cosmos. Each Rosh Hashanah these gazillion boomerangs return into our lives, all the positive ones and all the negative ones.


This boomerang effect on Rosh Hashanah is not exclusive to the Israelites. According to the wise Kabbalistic sages, the experience of cause and effect is shared by all humankind during this specific time, whether they realize it or not, or whether they believe it or not.

When God told the Israelites to become a Light unto all the Nations, it means we were supposed to share these Kabbalistic secrets with all of the world so that all nations and faiths could avoid pain, judgment and suffering.

Let’s put it all into even simpler terms: Kabbalah teaches that reality is like a mirror. Look into a mirror and smile, and the image smiles back. If we curse into the mirror, the image curses us back. We create our own hell or heaven. Not God.

This is how life works, whether we realize it or not. When we perform a negative act in our world, the “cosmic mirror” reflects that negative energy back at us during Rosh Hashanah.

So as you can now see, the Creator never stands in judgment of us, and we are never required to stand in judgment in front of the Creator.

Oh, you want to understand this concept a bit better? Okay, so read on.


God does not punish.

God does not reward.

This, perhaps, is the biggest misconception people have about the Creator.

There is only one Force, one Divine energy source for the entire cosmos, just as there is but one electrical force flowing through your home at this very moment.

This Force is only good, positive, infinitely compassionate. Most people tend to call this infinite force, “God.”

Now consider this: Electricity enriches your life by providing power for all your home appliances. But this same force can also be used destructively. Stick your finger into a light socket, and you can kill yourself.


But the nature of the electricity never changed. It would be senseless to say that the electricity “punished” you.

In the same way, the Creator never punishes us. Never! Ever!
We ourselves have chosen to place our finger in the electrical socket through wrongful conduct, knowingly or unknowingly!

We always have the free choice of how we react ( or proact) to life’s challenges.

Did you ever happen to notice that when we know something is wrong, we often choose to do it anyway?

Whether it’s losing our temper, over-eating, over-sleeping, over-working or over-reacting to the obstacles and challenges that life throws our way, we always feel compelled to do what we know we shouldn’t.

Likewise, did you ever notice that when we know something is right, correct, good and beneficial for us, we give it up for the negative option? Or we put it off until we forget about it completely?

Sure you do.

You do it all the time when it concerns eating healthier, exercising, spending more quality time with your family, trying to control your temper, going to the dentist, not yelling at your loved ones as much as you do, etc.

Well guess what? We have the freedom to engage in negative activity or positive actions. The choice is always ours. But what you might not be aware of is the fact that there is a dark and dangerous force that constantly attempts to sway you over to the negative choice and action, 24 /7.

Let’s now define the whole concept of negative activity, and in turn, see how we inadvertently perform misdeeds each day of our lives.


Negative activity can materialize in ways both large and small.

Consider the “sins” of murder, evil speech and adultery:


We can kill someone physically, or we may also kill someone emotionally and spiritually.

We can assassinate a person’s body, or we may also assassinate a person’s character (who doesn’t enjoy gossiping about other people?)

We can destroy someone’s relationships, or we may also ruin their livelihood when we cheat them in business.

Kabbalah teaches that the sin of “spilling blood” is not limited to physical violence. “Spilling blood” also refers to the shame and embarrassment we cause to others, forcing the blood to rush to their faces out of humiliation when we snap at them or demean them because of our own insecurities and selfishness.

Evil Speech


According to Kabbalah, any form of nasty speech or gossip — even about someone we have never met — is one of the most serious crimes a person can commit. Speech has tremendous powers. When we speak badly of others, we not only damage their lives, we also damage ourselves and even the entire world.

At Rosh Hashanah, our damaging words come back to haunt us!

There it is. You can deny it. You can dispute it. You can live in self-denial. But disbelief in the law of gravity will not prevent you from crashing into the pavement if you step off a high-rise.

Evil speech, is a no-win situation. And we pay for it each time we do it. Perhaps Karen Berg puts it best when she states:

“People should be more concerned with what comes out of their mouths than what goes into their mouths.”


The concept of adultery is not limited to extramarital affairs. One can also covet another person’s business, their children, or their material possessions. Envy and adultery occur when we fail fully to appreciate all that we have. And this lack of appreciation occurs when we gain our possessions through egocentric behavior. The moment you cast your eye at another person’s possessions, and fantasize that it is yours, or you experience jealousy in your heart, you’ve committed a form of adultery.

Pretty scary huh? Pretty tough to admit, isn’t it?


Now that we understand that there are real repercussions associated with our negative behavior, large and small, we may be tempted to ask for a pardon, or seek exoneration through ignorance of the law of cause and effect.


Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and natural laws of the universe cannot be violated without consequences. You cannot plead ignorance of the law of electricity while you are touching live high voltage wire.

But don’t despair! It is also a spiritual law of the universe that when a person achieves a basic change in his or her own nature, the universe must respond and reflect that miraculous energy back to us. We can then use that energy to alter our destiny and deflect judgments.

The first thing we must do in order to bring about change is to admit that we’re guilty. You need to accept responsibility.

You have to become accountable for your actions – especially the ones you are not even aware of! (That is, perhaps, the hardest thing to do) But you can do it. Just close your eyes, right now and just let go. Admit it. Own up to it. Search within. Admit what an ego centric maniac you are at various times in your life!

Don’t worry — we will still love you, unconditionally! In fact, you will be amazed how people truly gravitate towards you when you do admit all of your egocentric and jealous traits. They begin to feel good about you for reasons they don’t even understand. When you act with ego, their so-called friendship is really based on fear, or self-interest, or other illusionary false pretenses. So don’t be afraid to fess up and show your vulnerable side.

Now, with all your heart and soul, you must make every attempt to change our ways during the Rosh Hashanah connection. This internal change begins with a mighty and majestic blast of a horn!

Are you still here reading? You must be if you just read my question. So read on and discover another great secret that will change and transform your existence.


Unfortunately, most people associate the blowing of the Shofar with tradition. It’s viewed as ceremonial activity. A symbolic act of commemoration. Balderdash!

(and I was being polite using that word).

Nothing, but nothing, could be farther from the truth.

Frankly, symbolism and traditional rituals offer no practical benefit to our modern-day existence. Who needs them? Who cares about them?

The ancient Kabbalists couldn’t care less about tradition and symbols and blind rituals.

The Kabbalists were technologists. They make the boys and girls in Silicon Valley look like religious, spiritual zealots by comparison.

Because we have remained ignorant as to the true purpose of the Shofar, its effect in our lives has been negligible. Two thousand years of pain and suffering are evidence to that harsh truth. Instead of it being an awesome instrument of power, the Shofar has remained a fruitless symbol of tradition.

Follow this one very carefully….The Shofar’s power can only be expressed when the knowledge of its true purpose is instilled within our consciousness. In other words, knowing why we sound the Shofar is the electrical current that turns it on.

Knowledge powers the Shofar!

So, what is the Shofar, you ask?

Good question. (And I am glad and quite impressed that you are still reading.)

In essence, it’s a weapon right out of Star Wars — not the movie, but the U.S. military’s SDI program: the Strategic Defense Initiative.

(Now try explaining that concept a few thousand years ago. Any wonder why Kabbalah was dubbed mysticism?!)

Back in the 1980s,during Ronald Reagan’s term as US President, the U.S. military envisioned a defense system that could effectively prevent a nuclear missile from hitting its target. The strategy involved several laser satellites orbiting the planet that could shoot down any missiles launched at the US.

In spiritual terms, the nuclear missiles correspond to the decrees of judgment headed our way. The boomerangs! And we are the targets — or more specifically, the targets are the negative blockages (poof!) that are embedded in our soul as a result of our egocentric behavior throughout the prior year.

To recap, each time we reacted over the past year, we created a blockage, a remote sensor so that the “judgment boomerangs” can find their target during Rosh Hashanah.

The “judgments” are like heat-seeking missiles that detect their target and then strike. Unlike the military laser satellites that shoot down the missiles, the Shofar goes one better and removes the actual targets themselves! In other words, the Shofar banishes all those nasty blockages and targets from our inner being.

Now the missiles have nowhere to go! They cannot detect their targets because the targets have been removed!

Let’s examine this idea further.


The sound emanating from the shofar operates like a spiritual laser beam that dissolves all the blockages of negative energy that we’ve created over the previous 12 months. Just like an ultrasound dissolves those nasty kidney stones that cause a person such excruciating pain.

These blockages that we have inserted into our own selves are what attract the judgment/missiles. The mystical sound of the Shofar acts as a cleansing agent, a mystical ultrasound vibration that permeates every crack and crevice in our being, removing negative residues and purifying our soul. Once these blockages are removed, the judgments have lost their targets.

Whoosh, right over our heads they fly, missing their targets.


Another way to understand the function of the Shofar is by way of the following analogy:

Imagine yourself as a defendant in a court of law. You’re squaring off against a skilled prosecuting attorney. His sole mission is to procure a guilty verdict against you, and he possesses all the evidence necessary to obtain that guilty ruling.

But suppose you could destroy all his evidence. Imagine if you could wipe out all the depositions, trash all the affidavits, and burn all the documentation that support and prove his case.

This is precisely what the sound of the Shofar accomplishes in the Upper Worlds!

If we are sincere about changing our ways, then that true commitment, combined with the Shofar blasts, literally destroys all evidence against us.

The prosecuting attorney from the infamous law firm of Satan & Satan loses his case. He stands before the universal law of cause and effect, without a shred of evidence.

Case dismissed!










There are two prerequisites:

1. A genuine desire to transform and change our ways is one of the forces that activates the power of the Shofar. If we don’t really want to change, the sound is worthless and we will experience nothing.

2. If we don’t have complete certainty and conviction in the knowledge concerning the Shofar’s power, our doubts become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rosh Hashanah remains the same old tradition that it has been for thousands of years — a boring, uninspiring, irrelevant tradition for to 99% of the world. It becomes just another fashion show where the congregants of the synagogue show off their latest outfits in order to one-up their friends.


If you liked what you’ve read so far, you can now go a bit deeper and learn some more.

Remember, each new bit of wisdom that you acquire, is also the very substance of spiritual Light itself. Thus, the more you know, the more you will prosper during the event!

So turn off your cell phone for another 2 more minutes, shut down your email, disregard your text messages and the FedEx man at the door, and come discover a few more awesome secrets about this ancient cosmic happening…


So what’s the rumpus about Rosh Hashanah not being a New Year? This part is a bit more trickier so read carefully.


Rosh Hashanah is not the new year, as commonly believed, but it is the head or the seed of the year.

“Rosh”means “head”indicating this is the head of a year.
Think of it like this: just as an apple seed begets an apple tree, a negative seed begets a negative year.

Likewise, a positive seed generates a positive year. Rosh Hashanah is our opportunity to choose the seed we wish to plant for our coming year. Just as your head and brain controls your entire body, Rosh Hashanah controls the entire year. Rosh Hashanah IS the seed of the year.

The harder we work at changing our ways and removing our negative traits, the more positive energy we inject into the seed. Then the seed sprouts and our year blossoms with fruits of peace and prosperity instead of chaos and strife.

For this reason, Rosh Hashanah occurs on the first day of the Hebrew month known as “Tishrei”.

Though this month is the seventh month of the year in the Hebrew Calendar, it is known as the Head of all months.

The Shofar helps clarify this connection. (I venture to guess that there is not a rabbi on the planet who knows what you are about to learn concerning the shofar and Rosh Hashanah being the Head of the Year, and not the new year).

The Shofar is actually a ram’s horn, taken from the HEAD of a ram.

Why a ram?


The ram is the zodiac sign of Aries, the Hebrew month of Nissan, which represents the true New Year in the Hebrew calendar.

So, in a way, we actually DO connect to the concept of a new year, but we do so, at the Head of the Year, or on a seed level.

Was that a bit tricky? I thought so. Let’s try it again…

• We have the power of the New Year, — signified by the Ram’s horn and the Hebrew month of Aries or Nissan, which is the true new year.

• And we have the head of the year, signified by the Hebrew month of Tishrei and the fact the shofar comes from the HEAD of the Ram.

A few dozen blasts of the Shofar, coupled with our effort of true transformation of our negative traits, gives us the power to take control over all of Creation as it pertains to our lives. We control the seed, the head of the entire year. And we rise ABOVE the influences of the stars and planets.

Interestingly, this specific date of the First of Tishrei is secretly encoded into the Bible in the very first word — “Beresheet” — which means, “In the Beginning.” If you rearrange the Hebrew letters that compose the word “Beresheet” we you will find the phrase, “First of Tishrei.” Pretty darn cool.


In the next article, we will go a bit deeper and discover how Rosh Hashanah can prevent heart attacks, strokes, high levels of the bad cholesterol and, in the process, generate world peace at the same time. We will discover some compelling connections between the ram’s horn and the windpipe (trachea) of the human body. It’s a mind blower. Look, if you’ve read this far, keep on going.  But only if you truly want to change your life and this insane world, for good!


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