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The energy of September has the highest spiritual vibration in 9 years period.

Your spiritual growth has arrived at a serious turning point this year. A long phase of your life filled with important lessons is about to come to an end. Every nine years you blossom and may step onto the next phase of your personal growth.

This period happens this year and, taking the alignment of energies into consideration, the month of September is especially significant. Whatever you may have done or experienced in the past nine years, it’s all peaking now. A part of your personal growth is about to end, making way for a new period in your life.

Stop and take a glance at the past nine years to see the most important events of your life. Don’t browse among good or bad experiences; just seek out the ones that have had a huge impact on how your life has turned out and make a list of them. With the help of this activity you can be sure you’ll make an exciting discovery.

Every single year you’ll find a defining task that’s only characteristic of that year alone. If you put together the most important changes and recognitions of the past nine years, what is the only thing that takes shape? This is the defining, 9-year mission that will enter the next level now.

The 9:9:9 Dimension Gate will open up this month

On 09.09.2016, you’ll be experiencing something that only happens every nine years. 9 : 9 : 9 only happens once. This Dimension Gate represents the highest spiritual energy of your life. The energy of this dimension gate will act like a clean mirror through which you can see the most important experiences of the past nine years.

The energy of the three number 9s connects to the body, the soul and the spirit. The experiences you gain with your body emerge in the shape of feelings, which transform into wisdom, helping you gain spiritual experiences. Now you can relive your most important experiences on three levels and you can lift yourself onto the next level.

Everything you’ve gone through in the past nine years will make sense now and all your experiences will get a new meaning for the long run. As you step though the Dimension Gate, you’ll see everything differently. You’ll see your past experiences in a different light and you’ll start thinking, feeling differently about yourself.

You’ll accept that you couldn’t have done anything better, and you’ll understand that you’ve done everything to the best of your knowledge at the most appropriate time. You haven’t made mistakes; you’ve only gained experiences.

The most important thing is to let go of the past with the help of the 9:9:9 spiritual energy and step into the future

The opening energy of 9:9:9 Dimension Gate gets reaffirmation twice this month and on both occasions it will return on a different level. On 09.18.2016 the Dimension Gate will get reaffirmation for the second time and it will help you leave behind the fears that have been constraining you, preventing you from soaring. The root of your fears is that you have to step on an unknown path.

The question will arise, whether it would be more comfortable to stay here, in the safe little world that you already know so well. You’ll feel the urge to set off on a journey but at the same time, doubt will be holding you back.

The second reaffirmation of the Dimension Gate will help you take control of your doubts so that there’ll be nothing to hold you back anymore.

On 09.27.2016, the energy of the 9:9:9 Dimension Gate will get reaffirmation for the third time. This is also the highest vibration of this energy. Every single time this force returns into your life, it enters at a higher vibration level and if you’re conscious of it, it will raise you onto an even higher vibration, as well.

The third time the 9:9:9 energy returns, it will reassure you that the universal consciousness of gaining experiences lasts more than a lifetime. If you accept it, this knowledge will stay with you not only in this life but in all future lives. This energy is telling you to see through the hurdles of your current life and see yourself as the ever-growing soul travelling through dimensions.

If you wish to grasp a more in-depth meaning of the event in your life, you should feel the urge to learn more about it.

Your date of birth can become your daily guide, by introducing you to your personal energies that define your opportunities every single day. As long as you’re unaware of these energies, you can’t make confident decisions about our life.

Without having a detailed knowledge about energies, you won’t be able to understand what happens around you and why.
~ Peter Schilling

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