Society is the extension of the individual. If the individual is covetous, cruel, pitiless, egotistical, etc., then the society will be likewise. It is necessary to be  sincere with oneself.  Each one of us is a degenerate; therefore, our society has to be degenerated. This cannot be resolved by the terrible monster of materialism.  This can only be resolved on the basis of his integral Revolution.

The hour to reflect has arrived. Violence does not resolve anything. Violence can only bring us to failure. We need peace, serenity, reflection, comprehension.

It is urgent to terminate egotism, and cultivate Christ-centrist. Thus, only in this manner can we make a better world. It is indispensable to eliminate covetousness and the cruelty that each one of us carries within. Thus, only in this manner, by each individual changing, is how society will change, because society is the extension of the individual.

Pain, hunger, and confusion exist.  However, none of this can be eliminated through the absurd procedures of violence.  Those who want to transform the world based on bloody revolutions and drugs, or with coups-d’etats and executions by shootings are totally mistaken because violence engenders more violence and hatred engenders more hatred.  We need peace if what we want is to resolve the problems of humanity.

Darkness is not dissolved with blows or with atheism, but rather by bringing about the light. Neither is error dissolved by fighting it face to face, but rather by disseminating the truth without having  to attack the error.  How ever far the truth advances, in that same measure error will have to retreat. One does not have to resist what is negative, but instead one has to unconditionally practice the positive and teach its advantages by practicing it.  By attacking the error, we will provoke the hatred of those who err.

If we want to overcome the darkness let us make Light.  Let us not spill the blood. The time of being comprehensive has arrived.

Society is the individual.  The world is the individual. Therefore, if the individual fundamentally changes, the world will inevitably change. ~Samuel W

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