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Posted on The title is very clear. Stop worshipping celebrities. This also includes all the “businessmen” that make it on television, every politician, and the “sports players” of your favorite teams. Gladiators of the so called “modern era”, who’s purpose is to simply keep the masses entertained. All too familiar, is it not?

99% of the celebrities from every country on this planet in reality are part of the 99% of the rich and greedy who do not give a damn about you or humanity as a whole. Especially the Hollywood celebrities. Very few, if any of them actually choose to “make a difference” in honesty, simply for the sake of good.

You made them what they are, you helped them reach the position they are in. And yet, they are blinded by materialism. Their ‘caring’ attitude is FAKE. They couldn’t care less about the poor people around the world, even the ones dying of hunger. They couldn’t care less about the animals, or the environment. They pretend to care about children with cancer, in truth they do not. They play this caring game just so YOU give them more.

These celebrities set up “charities” and “foundations”, and ask the “poor” to make donations. Than they(celebrities) use most of the donated money for themselves. And by the time it is all set and done, somehow not a single dime actually makes it to those in need, or who the charity was intended for. But of course that does not make it on the main stream media.

Celebrities are known all over the world, if they make a single “true” statement, for the benefit of humanity, it would impact millions if not billions world wide and it would cause many to “wake up”. But it is understandable why they keep quiet, the ones that do care.

But YOU, why must you focus on stupid stuff like the whole entertainment industry? Go ahead and say that it is just my opinion, and that Hollywood is not garbage. It’s soul purpose was/is distraction, to keep the masses from realizing their own power.

Stop giving your energy to the vampire that is the entertainment industry. THAT is why “life makes no sense” to YOU. Because you give your life to “hollywood”, sitting in front of that TV for hours every day. Perhaps all the zombies you see on TV are simply a “reflection” of yourself. Unaware and constantly seeking to “feed” on something. Maybe we all ready are experiencing the “zombie apocalypse”.

Find something more meaningful to do. Your life is too precious. Earth is too magnificent for YOU to waste your life in front of the television.

And if you must worship anything or anyone, worship YOURSELF.
Let love be your intention.


~From Heart to Heart, KejRaj(KayRy).

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