Surrender~ AA Uriel


Surrender.  This could possibly be the singlemost challenging thing you are asked to do, dear friends.  The act of surrender requires that you place your trust wholly in another, and this goes powerfully against the grain of  all of the previous conditioning you’ve received while playing the role of the third-dimensional human.  From the moment you drew your first breath and the troublesome veil of forgetfulness descended, so you have been taught;  to be the captain of your own ship, the master of your destiny, to take responsibility for everyone and everything around you.  But, alas, by no fault of your own, you lost sight of the fact that there is actually a bigger plan and an abundance of help available to you along the way.  So, I ask you; what of surrender to The Father?  Do you trust enough in Him to allow Him to take the helm and steer you safely through the storm?

Let go and let God.  Feel the power and comfort in those words.  There is such tremendous relief that comes from sharing your burden with another, most especially one who’s wisdom and compassion are unmatched.  Chart your course for the reality you seek for yourself.  Envision it.  Feel it.  Create it. Then give it over to God.  Gather all your worries and fears together into one large bundle.  Examine them.  Process them.  Then give over those, too, to God.  Surrender them all, so that He in His highest knowing may decide how best to make manifest your dreams, and bring joy to your weary heart.  It is He who knows what is in His precious child’s greatest good.  He shall decide which way is best, then hand it over to our Beloved Mother.  Hers is the artist’s hand, which adds the color, beauty and finer details.  It is She who gives it life.

“I surrender to you, oh Lord, fully and completely.  Let your wisdom guide me and align me with my truth and highest purpose.”

Say this mantra often, as you go about your tasks.  Say it and mean it with all you possess, and eventually you will feel the last of the fear and uncertainty fall away.  Anxiety, depression, control… these are negative conditions which feed and nourish the ego.  You cannot take them with you into the new paradigm.  Surrender to God and He will lift these from your tired shoulders, thus allowing you to hold a steady and enjoyable path towards Ascension.

Feel free to also release to God the many concerns you have regarding the cleanliness of the air you breathe, and the food and water you consume.  These are the days when the powers of old are making their last grasps at control, and one of the most prevalent means we see is the defilement of Gaia’s sacred resources.  Chemtrails, flouridation, the gross manipulation of your food supplies.  No, these atrocities will not continue for much longer, but they still must be addressed today.  We see how diligent you are in selecting only the finest foods for your families, and the care you take in avoiding these contaminants.  Yet, it is impossible for anyone to completely avoid them all.  This is where the Lord will assist you.  By allowing Him to bless and purify all you eat and drink, he shall cleanse and keep wholesome what you eat.  Pray sincerely and know that it is done.

My friends, ask and you shall receive.  The result may not come in the precise form you were expecting,  but have faith that it will be the right choice for you.  Or rather, in my opinion, it is likely to be a thousand times better!  As this is the way of the Lord.



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