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A Gift From AA Jophiel



GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, I’m Graham Dewyea. Our guest tonight is Archangel Jophiel. Hi, Linda.


LD: Hi, Graham. Hi, everybody. It’s great to be here tonight.

GD: So, I don’t know anything about, or very little about Archangel Jophiel. Maybe you could speak to who he is and I love how you’ve been describing the Archangels and a little bit about your personal relationship with them. I also know you want to do a meditation, so I’ll leave it up to you in terms of how you’d like to play that out before he comes on.


LD: Well, let’s start with a meditation and then we can talk a little, and then move into Archangel Jophiel. I’ve been sitting here meditating for about an hour and he certainly has a lot to share with us tonight, a lot of new information and a lot of new insights. So let’s get into that space together.



Let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and I want you to feel the colors, the rays of Archangel Jophiel, and it’s the violet, the amethyst, and the garnet, that deep red-plum color, for he travels on both rays. So feel that warm color, the ray that travels the universe and allow that to come into you as you relax and release the day, let go of anything that bars you from just being here, taking this time for you, for your sacred self because you deserve it.


Sometimes we forget how worthy we are, that we are a spark of the divine, each one of us. So bring that feeling and that knowingness in with your breathe and bring it down into your heart and in keeping with the universal theme of gratitude, a season of spring and rebirth, give gratitude for who you are, for all of you. For your courage and your stamina, for your light, take this moment to cherish yourself, to acknowledge yourself, to love yourself. Thank you.


GD: Thank you, Linda. Tthat was beautiful. Thank you so much.

LD: My pleasure.


GD: We don’t often take time to give ourselves that recognition, that love, that acknowledgement do we?

LD: Not enough. If we listen to the Council of Love, not nearly enough.


GD: And gratitude.

LD: And gratitude. There’s one thing that I hear the Council or peoples guides or guardian angels say repeatedly, it’s almost like a quote, it’s imbedded in me now, it like if we could see ourselves for one minute the way that they see us we would just be blown away. And of course that’s exactly what they want us to do. They want us to see ourselves and to cherish ourselves the way that they love and care for us. It’s huge.


GD: And I see how more people are coming into our power and they’re coming into their voices more, we’re seeing that all over the world; with spring, with Occupy as well, with Ascension, its building and building.


LD: You know, in the wee small hours of this morning I wrote an article about some upcoming classes and of course as soon as I sit down to the computer the Council takes over because they always have something to say. But you’re right, what they were talking about was all of us waking up and to look in our neighborhoods, they said ‘don’t look to the nightly news, don’t look to the newspapers, don’t look to the drama, look around your neighborhood and you’re going to see how things are changing, how people are lifting, how this heaviness we’ve experienced as normal is really dissipating.’ And I sure notice it in my neighborhood, you know I have a little dog, which I’m sure you all hear half the time, Eliza, and we walk the neighborhood and I just notice that people are lightening up. It’s so wonderful, it’s so delightful actually. So yeah it’s changing.


GD: Terrific, terrific. What can you tell us about Archangel Jophiel?

LD: Jophiel as you know is one of the five Mighty Archangels that I work with and channel; Mikiel (Michael), Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, and of course Jophiel and Jophiel is amazing. First I want to tell you, or share with you I guess, how I see him and he’s been hanging around here in my sacred space for a couple of hours and there’s no ignoring this Archangel, let me tell you that, or any Archangel for that matter. But when I look at the Archangels, even Archangel Michael, they’re huge, they’re very big, but their live, they’re stately, they’re incredibly beautiful, and that’s just too mild a word. But when I look at Jophiel he appears to me, of course that’s what I’m sharing, completely different than the other Archangels; he is massive but I mean massive not only in the terms of tall and big, but he looks like he could be from the World Wrestling Association.

He’s muscular, he looks like he could take on, well, he has probably, the universe. He has beautiful, shiny black hair, but it’s unruly black hair, he looks like a pirate, in fact now and then when he’s joking around with me he’ll even put a patch over his eye to humor me. But he’s got this black hair that’s unruly and sort of curly and it comes down to his shoulders almost, and he looks like he’s been windblown and he has these black eyes as well. You know when someone has really black eyes and you don’t even see the pupil, so he has these wonderful, laughing, sparkling black eyes and again, like all the Archangels, this amazing smile and the whitest teeth and it’s like you see the mischief and you see the wisdom, and you see when he looks at you, you see this feeling of ‘yes I know everything about you and about the cosmos’, he is the Archangel of the Cosmos by the way ‘and don’t take it so seriously, find the joy in it’. So he is phenomenal, he doesn’t wear angelic garb, it’s more like a Roman toga to his knees not to the ground, and his sword is like pewter and it’s like a Viking sword, it’s a massive, massive sword.

The unique thing, the incredible thing, well one of the incredible things, about Archangel Jophiel is that he is the only Archangel that has ever incarnated. And he incarnated as Joseph, the father of Jesus or Jeshua and a lot of people believe that Jospeh, the father of Jesus, was St. Germaine. But that is not so, it was Archangel Jophiel. St. Germaine in fact was one of the Magi, the Magi Melchoir, so he was certainly present at that time but when it was decided that the energy of the Divine Mother would come and an aspect of her assume a form it was a great debate about who would accompany her. And it’s this powerful Archangel Jophiel who had the strength and the wisdom and the ability, and I know he is going to talk about this, but he has been part of this unfoldment of the Mother’s plan forever, for eons.


And we don’t really know him, many of us myself included, haven’t worked that much with him. One of the reasons being, is that his area is not only creative process, creative thought, creative inspiration, bringing things into form, helping us bring things into form, but he also has been very future oriented. So many of the things that Archangel Jophiel has been concerned with are things that are now coming to fruition, things that we are now dealing with. So now, a lot like Lord Maitreya, and Lord Maitreya, as must of you know, is the future Buddha of unconditional love. And as that future Buddha, there have been many emanations, him taking form for short periods of time, brief periods of time in the last couple of decades. But again, Lord Maitreya describes himself as the Buddha of the Future, the bringer of the future. And that’s the way, not only Archangel Uriel but Archangel Jophiel describes themselves. And that’s why now we are hearing more from these two mighty Archangels because now is the time, where their stepping forward into their role with humanity.

GD: Archangel Uriel, last week when he was on the show, he said that he is the Archangel of the Future, so it sounds like they’re teaming up.


LD: They are very much a team, very much a team. The way that Archangel Jophiel describes himself is Archangel of the Cosmos. Now when we tend to think of ‘our’ Archangels, even though we know they are way out there, we also tend to think of them as ‘ours’. Like if you think of how we feel about Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle and the role that she has, or he has, well, it’s a she, let’s face it (laughter), in human history speaking to Mary, speaking to Mohammad there’s a presence the same with Archangel Michael and his presence, not only within our Bible, but in our traditions as our protector, as our defender, as our warrior. So we don’t tend to think of, even though we intellectually know that Michael is out there in the Cosmos, we also tend to think of him as our earth Archangel. But Archangel Jophiel, the span of which he works with is massive and even tonight as I prepared for this, I came to understand, on a whole new level, just the magnitude of his role and what he’s been doing and it’s phenomenal.


GD: Well shall we bring him on?

LD: Yes, and I’m anxious to hear because I’ve asked him to talk to us about who he is before we move into the gifts, so let’s go…



AAJ: Greetings, I AM Jophiel.

GD: Welcome.


AAJ: Welcome, welcome, welcome. And I do not come from afar, I am in the very airwaves, I am in your heart, and, beloved one, I have your back. Yes, I am Archangel of the Cosmos, yes, and I work very closely with Archangel Uriel in the anchoring of the Mother’s plan. And it is not just the plan of Gaia, but I wish to speak to that as well, but the plan of the omniverse, of the cosmos, it is the plan of the One. I am honored that you have asked me to tend to each of you tonight. It is something that I have waited a long time to do. Linda has asked me to share with you, to explain in my own words who I am. Yes, I have been Jospeh, beloved husband of who you know as Mother Mary, human father of Jesus, of Jeshua, of my Yeshi; an enormous honor, an undertaking that brought to the forefront and gave me deeper and unique understanding, empathy, and yes dear hearts sometimes even sympathy for the human journey, for what that means, for all your beauty and all your might, to be held in a human body. And particularly defined by what you have thought of as the human condition.


The reason I bring this up is not because I wish to have a discussion about that life, it is so that you will understand how far back in your human ways, your human understanding, how long we have been planning this unfoldment. For when we say eons, what meaning does that truly have for you? None. And even when we say 2000, 2000 and 20, 30, 40, 50 years, it is difficult to comprehend. But I do not simply want you to know about that singular time. For when I have said to you “I am Archangel of the Cosmos”, what have I been up to? With Michael, yes with Gabriel, with Uriel, we were present during the time long ago of the intergalactic wars and that devastation and the bringing of Michael’s mighty peace to that situation, of course with cooperation of all the beings involved.


But at that time the Mother turned to me and she said “Jophiel I wish you to go and to inspire and to place creative thought in the minds and hearts of your star brothers and sisters. I want you to let them know that after such a time of such terrible devastation that there is a journey to a planet of peace, to a place where the plan of love and of unity, sharing, will be reborn; where war will not result in devastation and where peace will reign. Speak to their minds and their hearts. Inspire them with technology so that they may travel to Earth during the time of Gaia’s Ascension, during the time of the Awakening, the awakening of the human race.”


This has been but one of my undertakings. Much of what you have on earth is modeled, implanted if you choose to use that word, from your star brothers and sisters. One of the areas that I have worked on during that time of transition into peace with Michael was the development of what you would think of as the Universal Internet that has been in place for thousands and thousands of years. When it was time, before earth and for humans to come to this level of understanding and connection, to create a closer sense of community, these ideas, this creative inspiration was infused, gifted, from my mind, from my creative source connected to the heart of One into the human collective. So there are things that I have been working on that are related to the future, the bringing of higher dimensions, different dimensions, for these are all interwoven anyway, but to bring you, each of you, yes the collective but each of you into this place of full participation in creation.


I want you to know how I see you, each of you. You are like a blazing comet racing across the midnight sky, bright, beautiful, filled with energy. None of you are dying stars; none of you are caught or trapped in a vortex, a black hole. Those of you who have chosen, absolutely chosen to be with Gaia during this time are not only the most courageous but the most adventurous, the ones who understand the meaning of grace and how that translates into everything; into actions and words, institutions, behaviors, into community, for grace is the culmination of all virtues, all blessings. And that is part of who you are. So if I was to do anything tonight it would be to help you remember who you are.


You have moved full circle. You tend to think of the creator race as either beings from distant stars, and in some cases they were, or those with no names, or energies that were simply sent from the heart of One. But what you don’t realize is that each of you carry that lineage, carry that heritage. It is why you’ve come back. Yes you would always say ‘yes’ to the Mother-Father-One as we all do, but you also came back to create and to bring forward into the conscious reality of all dimensions and realities with your star brothers and sisters, with the entire galaxies and the outer galaxies, the memory of bringing forth creation not only in your own lives, but that is the perfect place to start.


And I wish to help you, but from there we branch out into magnificent ways. You, my brothers and sisters, you are the future. There is a lot of talk, oh and yes I’m always listening in, there is a great deal of discussion on your planet about the new children and it goes without saying that they are phenomenal as well. For it has never happened prior to this generation of whom I am speaking, that the seraphs took form. It is unheard of. But there are magenta children, that is the current wave you know, the children who come in wide awake, there are the pinks, there are the rainbows, there are the crystals, there are the indigos and you look at these children with amazement because they are, they are the promise and they are the fulfillment of the promise.


But you, dear heart, you are also phenomenal, you are also the rainbow, you come from every ray, every conceivable hybrid lineage mix. You are star being, you are earth keeper, you are healer, you are teacher, you are channelers, you are communicators. You are builders, yes what Raphael calls ‘light builders’, the builders of the future. We are in awe of you. I have had one short incarnation as human. I particularly am in awe of what you accomplish every hour of every day, of what you hold true in your hearts. So many of you say, “Will I make the shift? Will I make it? Will I ascend?” How can you doubt yourself? Collectively that is what we wish to completely eradicate. My energy can be very electric, and that is what I do with inspiring and placing thought or feelings, sometimes into the emotional body as well. It is how I work with you, it is how you allow me, it is how you bless me. Do not doubt.


If your heart desires to enter into the new realm of Gaia, of Nova Earth, then you will do so. Yes, preparation, particularly for you who are listening, is highly desirable. You my dear ones are very akin to your star brothers and sisters that I spoke to 10,000 years ago on behalf of the Mother when I said, “What do you think of traveling to Earth?” So I say to you, “What do you think of traveling, of Ascending, of Shifting to new earth?” It is an open invitation and there is not one of us on this side that is not prepared to bring all we have, and you have no idea how much we have, we are prepared to bring all we have in terms of our energy, our powers, our ability to influence and create, never to interfere.


But we bring it all to do this with you, to help you because you are the promise. Can Gaia ascend alone? Yes. Would that be the fulfillment of the plan? Not even close. And let me also share with you, it would break her heart to ascend alone. That is why she has waited so patiently; it is why she has taught you so gently. Yes there have been times when she has shrugged and when there has been violent movement upon the planet, but even that has been within the plan. Even that brought the awakening to so many of you to realize the sacred nature of your partnership with her. So you have given and received healing with Gaia.


My work with you is not restricted to the future because as beloved Uriel would say “The future is now.” We understand human time, we do not know how many times we will say this, but we will say it until it anchors within you; we understand. And you are coming to understand divine timing and they are lined up, they are in synchronicity right now. That is why I beckon to you.


Of course I have brought gifts. What kind of a guest would I be if I did not bring gifts? You have a saying, a spiritual, religious saying on earth, “dust to dust, ashes to ashes.” It is to remember from whence you came. But so often it is within the framework of grief and sorrow, not a true understanding particularly in this time of spring, of the resurrection, of the rebirth, of the continuation. I want to change that saying; I want to complete it for it has never been completed in human language. It is “dust to dust, ashes to ashes, love to love.” It is out and then it would be back to dust. Love is simply particles, specks of energy, what you often see as light. You all love the orbs; you love auras because you love light. All dust is is specks of light, the ashes are to remind you that you rise again from the ashes, it is the beginning not the end.


So the gift that I bring you humbly and for you to use is my dust, my cosmic dust. It is not my essence, that will be for another visit. It is the cosmic dust and the particles of love. I am handing you a sack, it is a burlap sack and it is large because I want you to have adequate supplies for what lies ahead. Open it my friends. Are you expecting a pile of dirt, of what you call dust bunnies or ashes? Open it and see. As it floats into the air in front of your eyes, that your air is filled with particles of rainbows, of gold, of my amethyst and garnet, of Uriel’s silver, of pink, of magenta, the Mother’s blue, of Michael’s blue, every ray siroun, grayelsha, and colors you have never even witnessed on earth.


I give this to you. These are the particles of creation and when you gather the creation codes as you are being encouraged to do, you are gathering these particles of my cosmic dust. Play with it, play with it. Do not take yourselves so seriously. Inspiration, brilliant ideas, breakthroughs, emotional, mental, spiritual do not come from struggle, from striving. Yes they come from consistency, but that is something entirely different. And they come with collective compassion; collective compassion is a quality of the cosmos that you are learning and anchoring at this time.

But let me get back to my dust. I am very fond of it and I think you will be too. You can use this and this sack, it is never going to be empty. It will replenish itself, I promise you. And so I want you to use this liberally, sprinkle it on your lawns, on your city streets, sprinkle it on your family, on your bed for sweet dreams, sprinkle it on your cereal so that you are eating creative inspiration, that you are inhaling creative inspiration. And inside the dust is my mighty strength. I work throughout the cosmos, of course I am strong, and I share this, there is no shortage.

So I share it with you. Put this dust everywhere because it is the dust of love and it is that simple; you can be your ‘Johnny Appleseed’. Spread it liberally, there will always be more. And when you are tired, and yes there will be times when you are tired, when you need to replenish, it is very important you not allow your wellspring to run dry. Gather this sack and see it as a mighty anchor, as a rock that you can lean upon, that will cradle you and anchor you and connect you to Gaia and help you stay in your body as you expand your field to be that bright comet streaking across the sky, streaking into the 5th, 6th, 7th and onward.


The future is not just our design, it is yours as well. I will give you whatever you need; this dust can take infinite number of forms. It is time for you to become the fullness of your creator self like never before. Do not say to me “Jophiel, I am not a creator”. Look at yourself, you create every day. With every breathe you are creating your reality. It would be absurd to say you are not a mighty creator. Do you need help in remembering? Yes, and I am offering my services. No I am not the only one, but I wish you to know me, I wish you to know me actively.


I am not an Archangel that stands still, if anything I am an impatient Archangel even when a project takes millions of years I am always streaking ahead trying to urge Uriel to bring the future into the now. That is the miracle, it is the now. This golden opportunity is yours and ours and it is not just for Gaia, for earth, it is for this universe and far beyond. You do not fully understand the ramifications of what is taking place here, nor do you need to, you have enough on your plate. But let us say, the beauty, the wonder, the love, that is why all are in attendance. It is not because of the drama or the chaos. Yes we help with that and it will be eliminated, it has no place where we are going.


But why we are here is because of the love that we witness in each and every one of you. Yes, so as the channel has begun, love yourself or let us love you so much that finally that knowledge, that wisdom, that knowing will anchor within you, that it will be beyond denial. Because denial is of the old, there’s no place for it. So use my dust, use my particles of the rainbow and create with ease, with joy, with laughter. And if you think you are lacking in inspiration ask me for an idea, I will give you one. And if you don’t know the middle step and you need the inspiration or idea, the roadmap, I will give it to you, I will help. And if you need to anchor, I will be your rock of Gibraltar, I will be your Viking boat, I will defend you when you sleep, I have your back.


I have gone on, Graham, I welcome your questions.

GD: Well, thank you. It’s such a pleasure to meet you and hear your words and receive your gift. I share the feelings of many just to extend that appreciation. You have been talking about the cosmos, am I correct in my understanding that there are many planets, most of them have ascended like Gaia is in the process of doing now. Some of them, like Gaia, have yet to ascend that have been under the control of the dark. Is that right?


AAJ: Yes, that is not the way we would put it in terms of ‘under the control of the dark’, we would say ‘under false illusions and paradigms’ and people who have really embraced those, whether they are humans or otherwise, but yes, that is correct. There are many planets in many solar systems, many galaxies, many universes that have ascended. Understand, that is why we tell you eventually dust to dust, ashes to ashes, love back to love, and then we begin again.


GD: Many of us on Gaia will be helping other planets ascend. Is that right?

AAJ: Yes, if you so choose. Now when the time comes for most of you will stay for a Golden Age, for you know that death and dis-ease is an old 3rd paradigm. So when the time comes that you relinquish your physical form you may choose to go and assist in other ways with other processes of evolution and Ascension. Or you may choose to do something else, that will be your choice the same way it was your choice to come here, because you believed in love, because you are love. But most of you are always up for another adventure, as am I.


GD: You’ve spoken of your cosmic dust and the particles of love and creative inspiration and that you want to give us adequate supplies for what might lie ahead. Please tell us what lies ahead, what you feel would be most important for us to hear about that?


AAJ: I will tell you what doesn’t lie ahead as well because in some ways that is equally important. Of course there will be some dislocation, we talk of dislocation, not devastation, and the only reason there is dislocation is simply because there are many human beings who will go running for the portal during the Shift at the last moment. So that will be a bit of a flurry but it’s nothing that you and we cannot manage. But what does not lie ahead is some of the more dramatic or scare devastation scenarios. And you need to understand, I wish you to understand, that this process of transformation for Gaia and for the humans is already well under way. I say that you will need your sack of dust because there will be so much to create. Yes the Cities of Light are emerging, but you are part of that anchoring and the recreation of earth. So sometimes you will use your dust to replenish Gaia, to clean the fields, the waters, to grow things. Sometimes you will use it taking a dust shower to raise your vibration during this time because there will be moments when uncertainly arises because no matter how much we tell you, you are moving into the unknown. You might as well be on a space shuttle and in many ways you are because you are traveling at the speed of light and the speed of love into the unknown. Into a dimension where you, the quality of the 5th dimension is the management of change and it is you that will be creating and participating in the changes. The old paradigms of earth were anchored by repeated beliefs in things that were not true; guilt, blame, shame, fault, control, lack, limitation.


Now you are creating with your beautiful Blue Flame what is of truth; compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, prudence, justice. You will need fortification the same way right now you need food. There will be times when your body, which is going through transformation in terms of your very DNA, your cellular structure, you will think “I need a pinch of cosmic dust, of love dust.” What lies ahead is more than you can imagine, but it is a rediscovery of joy. The human race has become far to content with feeling happy; to feel happy you feel grateful that you’re having a good day, or that you have a good relationship, or that you have a good job or money to pay your bills. What I say to you my friends, that is not enough. Happy is reaction, it is not creation. Each of you and us, we are taking it up a notch, well we are actually taking it up several notches are we not? to the place of joy where it lives like the flame in your heart where it is ever present. So that flame as you go, if you choose to stay in form but enlist yourself into the star services that go to the next planet, you will carry that flame of joy within you and you will carry it throughout the cosmos with me. There’s no room for small thinking. I know, because I have been human, how difficult it can be when you think but today I’m in a body that hurts and I do not know how to pay my mortgage or my bills, and I do not know if I am loved. I understand this, so for me to say we are transmuting into joy, but trust me, that is the future. Farewell.


GD: Farewell. Thank you



Understand and share to everyone our Galactic Codex

Galactic Codex: Planet Earth is now part of the Galactic Federation and all ruling parties and individuals must abide by this code of conduct.

The legal basis for all actions of the Galactic Federation in this and other galaxies.  Planet Earth is now part of the Galactic Federation and all ruling parties and individuals must abide by this code of conduct.As the Galaxy was being liberated form the grip of the Dark Forces, the Forces of Light have been evolving from a military force created in the urgent need to defend basic liberties of sentient beings towards a harmonious galactic and cosmic society. As beings within the Galactic Confederation have evolved spiritually and made their alignment and union with the Ascended Masters, they have discovered an inner codex that regulates all inter-relationships between beings of Light and their relation towards the Dark Forces and occupied planets. This codex is called the Galactic Codex and represents the legal basis for all actions of the Confederation in this and other galaxies. This Codex is not a rigid set of external laws but a systematized code of inner ethics of all souls of Light that all beings of Light accept with their free will because it reflects their inner truth.We will now state the Galactic Codex in a form that is understandable to an average awakened being in a human society.Section I: The Law of Divine Grace
Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to positive life experience

To explain Section I we need to understand that suffering and pain have no value in enlightened Galactic society liberated from the influence of Dark Forces and other aspects of cosmic anomaly. To value pain, suffering and sacrifice as a part of the growth experience was a part of the programming from the Dark Forces in order to enslave the population of the occupied planets more easily.

Unconditional positive life experience of every sentient being in the liberated universe is guaranteed from the inner connection of every living being with the Source and strengthened by the power of Ascended Masters over matter which allows them to assist all living beings in their aspirations towards the Source and provide them with necessities of life.  Life was never meant to be hard work and struggle but rather a journey of joy and creativity.   Different subsections of Section I regulate all life in a liberated universe and all relationships between beings of Light so that conflicts never need to occur.  Let us explain the subsections:

Section I/1: Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to physical and spiritual abundance

This subsection guarantees a positive life experience for every being in the liberated universe. The Ascended Masters provide for all necessities of living and for physical and spiritual richness and beauty using the power they have over redeemed matter of the liberated universe.

Section I/2: Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to Ascension

This subsection explains how the Ascended Masters use their advanced understanding of spiritual technology of Ascension and by utilizing the Electric Fire of redemption assist all beings that free-willingly choose Ascension.

Section I/3: Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to merge with other beings in proportion with his/her position in the Soul Family Mandala

This subsection is an instrument of regulation of all relationships inside a Soul Family. It guarantees the merging of beings of opposite polarity (twin souls, soulmates) and alignment of all other beings regardless of their state of development and outer conditions.

Section I/4: Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to all information

This subsection is a guarantee that all beings receive all pieces of information they need to understand their role in the universe, greater perspective of evolution and all other pieces they need for their decisions, growth and well being. All this data is provided by Ascended Masters or other beings that supervise the evolutions of various races and civilizations.

Section I/5: Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to freedom

This subsection provides that every being has an unlimited potential of growth and life experience. Since all beings in the liberated universe create only positivism, their freedom never opposes the freedom of other beings.

Section II: The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties
Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings

This section regulates the conditions in those sections of the universe that have just been liberated from the influence of the Dark Forces but that have not yet been accepted in the Confederation. It requires that the Forces of Light always divide the parties in conflict to protect them from producing mutual harm to each other. Then the Light Forces mediate the conflict until it is resolved. This section is often used to end wars and other armed conflicts.

Section III: The Law of Balance
Each sentient being that has chosen to live and act against the principles of Galactic Codex and refuses to, or is not able to, accept them now and balance the consequences of the past actions will be taken to the Central Sun, restructured into the basic elemental essence and begin a new cycle of evolution afresh

This section regulates the relations between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. When defeated, beings that belong to the Forces of Darkness are given the opportunity to accept the Galactic Codex, do the best they can to correct the mistakes they made and to live positively afterwards. If they accept, they are forgiven and join the Confederation. If they are unable or unwilling to accept, they are taken to the Central Sun, their personalities and soul essences are restructured with the Electric Fire and their divine spark begin a new cycle of evolution.

Section IV: The Law of Intervention
The Galactic Confederation has an inalienable and unconditional right to the intervention in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of the local laws

This section describes the policy of the Light Forces regarding occupied planets. The Confederation reserves the right to intervene in all areas, civilizations, planets or solar systems where the Galactic Codex is violated. It has the right to do so regardless of the position of the local civilizations about this intervention. It always has the right to use all peaceful means of education and regulation. If the critical mass of the Galactic Codex principles is violated, it has the right to use military force. Special cases are planets under direct occupation of the Dark Forces.  The Dark Forces usually take the local population hostage to hinder the progress of the Forces of Light.  On Earth they threaten with nuclear war if the Light Forces would intervene.  This is the main reason why the Light Forces have not yet liberated this planet (and not the so called we-will-not-intervene-because-we-respect-free-will, we-will-just-watch-as-the-suffering-goes-on nonsense). As in any hostage situation, this requires a lot of skillful negotiation and tactical approach. This situation is slowly being resolved and planet Earth will be liberated during the course of our lives.

Section IV/1: Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right of calling upon the Galactic Confederation in need and the Galactic Confederation has the right to assist, regardless of local laws

This subsection gives a legal basis for intervention and assistance to all hostages of the Dark Forces.  The Forces of Light always do the best they can to assist and improve the living conditions of all sentient beings, even on Earth.  The situation on planet Earth just indicates how much more power has the darkness over the Light on this planet. Fortunately, this will change soon.

Section IV/2: The Galactic Confederation has an inalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary

This subsection gives a legal basis for the liberation of the occupied planets with military force.  The military forces of the Confederation remove the representatives of the Dark Forces and set the hostages free.  Then other Confederation forces guide the process of acceptance of the planet into the Confederation by instructing the local population.

Perhaps some humans feel that the Confederation has no right to intervene and that humanity has the right to solve its problems by itself. This is simply not true. Many wars all over the planet and constant abuse of basic human rights have proven that humanity is not capable of handling its own situation.  So it is much better that it receives wise guardians to guide it. The Confederation will also replace the current masters of the puppets (Dark Forces) that humanity has invited long ago in Atlantis. Then the Galactic Codex will finally become the universal code of ethics throughout the universe and darkness will be no more.


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Dear Lord, I Abide By the Galactic Codex

“God of my Heart and my Comprehension, I lay upon Thy Holy Altar my commitment and vows to, from now on, abide by the Galactic Codex in every decision, will and action I undertake and to be a vessel of Light, Life, Love, Oneness and Harmony among my fellow beings.  I humbly petition to please receive on myself all protection from all Ascended Beings of Light working for the Plan the Masters Know and Serve who are helping us to bring to reality the New Atlantis on this beautiful Planet Terra.  This protection I consider I am entitled to as long as I abide by my vows and keep working, directly or indirectly, to fulfill Thy Divine Plan in myself, others and the planet.  The protection I request is in the form of removal of implants from my four lower bodies, be them physical or etheric, and the complete protection of myself, my family, friends and neighbors in all interactions related to my divine mission from any attempt of intrusion, be it physical or psychic, of the Dark Forces and their Dark Agenda in my personal life, my family, friends and neighbors, my computer systems, Internet, email, work environment and any other unforeseen nefarious and related schemes.  This I pray in the Name of Lord Jesus Sananda.  Amen.”







All about the Sun

In our previous lecture we spoke about our galaxy, the Milky Way which has a central sun named Sirius. Sirius is millions and millions of times bigger than the sun of our solar system. Sirius is also a gigantic world rich with minerals, animals, and human life.

Its inhabitants do not reach one meter in height, they have a thin body composition, and are of extreme, divine beauty. They live in humble houses in the woodlands where they cultivate their garden, and their goods. There are no cities since they do not have the harmful idea of building cities. Building cities belong to the unintelligent people.

Sirius is also the name of the great God of the Siriuns that along with its inhabitants worship and celebrate the drama of the Christ. The drama of the Christ is universal, as the Christ itself is a universal Force. That force is what unites everyone to the infinite worlds, to the supreme worlds of the Gods.

Our solar system is the number seventh sun that rotates around a center star, or center sun which name is Alcyone. This group of seven suns with their respective worlds forms what sages had been cited for millions of years as “The Pleiades.” The Pleiades is within the Milky Way, and scenario like these are by the millions in our galaxy. The Pleiades are known for their divine solar humanity that throughout time has been kept in touch with certain people of earth, whether be telepathically or them coming in their spaceship to earth. They are exceptionally humanitarian, and wish to always help these earthlings.

Let us also tell you a bit more about our galaxy. So far you know that within our galaxy there are millions of worlds with their respective suns, now just as all those suns and worlds are within our Milky Way, how about if we tell you that the Milky Way rotates around a sun as well! This sun that we are talking about now is named “the Polar Sun.” Around this sun rotate only galaxies! Can you fathom this? And our neighboring galaxy is called the  “Blue Galaxy” of which we are not allowed to go to because beyond the Milky Way there exist other kinds of universal laws.

Now you can figure out when our scientists get too excited celebrating among each other the idea that they discovered “another planet, or another star.”  What they are seeing are the worlds of the solar systems of the Pleiades, especially the worlds from the next solar system to ours which is the “Tyler solar system”, that’s all.

The name of our solar system is Ors. Our sun, which our scientists say is a ball of incessant cloud of Helium, is to your amazement a planet millions of times bigger than the planet Earth and the supper giant, Jupiter. The sun is rich in minerals, plants, animals, enormous mountains, cold and beautiful tropical weather, human life, and oceans so huge that the oceans of our earth all together will look like a few drops of water!

Now you can come to the conclusion why the planets of our solar system rotate around our sun, obviously!  The sun has to be millions of times bigger than the weight of its own thirteen planets that rotate around it! The force of attraction, or magnetic force of the sun keeps them from running loose across space!  There it is no way that the opposite is true, that the sun is a cloud of helium; the planets never be able to stay rotating around it, in which case would have been a disaster for the Milky Way, as other worlds would had been in danger of colliding with each other.

Our sun is a star with beautiful elements of nature making life there flowing beautifully. Their inhabitants (like the people from the sun Sirius) never live in cities, building cities is absurd, they do not like cities, and they are all true human being, true masters of the universe. They have a stature much like ours, yet their body is harmoniously perfect, very beautiful men and women. They live in small houses, and they love traveling across the universe in their space ships. Their laboratories are in small woodland villages. They are very wise, in fact they are so wise they can point directly with their little instrument that we might say is a telescope but it is not, into the home of anyone here on Earth and check you out thoroughly. Meaning they can see your aura and see if you are dead or alive. Dead to them means someone who does not have “the secret enemy” within. The secret enemies are the egos.

Egos are in true essence atoms of the inferior worlds, or evil ones that control the conscious mind of these Earthlings. If you are dead, then you know “knowledge” and that is worth checking.  Alive means that you are full of the secret enemy, therefore you are a walking dead human machine, meaning you are ignorant of what you are, and most certainly do not know anything about yourself and the universe.  Which brings to mind something even Jesus mentioned in the Bible: let the dead bury their dead, meaning, the ones we think are alive are just as dead as the dead. What he is saying is that we are ignorant.

The citizens of the sun consider the people of earth vicious and malicious people who emit sinister, evil vibrations wherever they go, and that brings disharmony.

The sun is just like this planet with four kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal, and human.

Their minerals kingdom within the sun is so big that one vein of, let’s say gold is as big as the planet earth. As we all know, the mineral kingdom is in the infra-dimension of each planet. Imagine with the size of these metals the electricity and magnetism that will shoot from them, from uranium, cobalt, radium, from its lodes!  And that is why we see the sun as a big ball of fire!

Let us give you an example now, and with one special camera we take a picture, lets say of a leaf. That leaf will radiate a light, same goes for the human body, a pebble, a diamond, etc., etc., or anything you can think of.  Do you know why? Because matter has light and light has matter, or any matter has magnetism, electricity, or aura as some mystics call it.  Scientists call this “Bio-Plastic” but this is actually the ethereal body of everything. Which comes to mind the idea of what came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is the egg, because the seed of everything is within the light (the seed) in the ethereal world.

Anything radiates this aura, but what radiates the majority of this aura are metals, so when you see the beautiful colours of the planets, we have to think that this is the magnetism and electricity coming from the metals of that planet.

Do you know that the veins of metals that run in the infra-dimensions of planets are comparable with our own nervous system?  This is something to reflect on.

So all these metals in the sun bring about a total of immense, strong, powerful radiation. The lodes produce tremendous irradiation, the radiation of its lodes, the atomic energy that these have traversed interplanetary space and arrives at the terrestrial atmosphere. It is precisely the superior cap of the terrestrial atmosphere that is in charge of disarranging the solar rays into light, heat, color, and sound.

The radiation of the sun reaches not only the planet Earth but all other planets in its solar system, thus each atmosphere of each planet arrange the sun rays just like the earth does. And to entertain our scientists, let us tell them that the corolla of the sun is a kind of aurora borealis formed by the electricity and magnetism of such a star, that’s all.

Do you know that sexually speaking, metals are united through magnetism and electricity? And do you know that Copper goes beyond bringing us electricity to our home? Copper is the father of all the metals as it works with the three forces, positive, negative, and neutral, and it is because of copper that the other metals depend to survive! Scientists do not know this, nor are we going to say more.

So let us summarized this: what we see from the sun is the radiation of the metals; the metallic immense radiation of the vein of gold, silver, iron, copper, and all the metals that exist in the mineral kingdom.  Everything in the sun is in perfect balance, nothing is degenerated, and that is why the radiation is so immense!

Let us tell you this another way: when we see inside the atmosphere of this Earth, or when we look toward the sun what we see is the radiation of the mineral, plant, animal, and human of that planet, that is all.

Let us puzzle you more; lets say that you went beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, right? If you were to look towards the sun you will see no light, no fire! Do you know why? Because when the radiation of those kingdoms comes in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere they are transformed into light, heat, cold, color, and sound! Now, look around you, you are in the dark!  But of course, after the Earth’s atmosphere everything is dark. That is why you see our astronauts with little lights whenever they go to outer space, and of course wearing very protective suits against the cold weather that is up there.  The higher we go, the colder it gets, we can see this when we climb mountains, it is cold up there isn’t it?

So as we said earlier, our sun is a star. Its four kingdoms are in perfect balance, and that is why it is the supplier of all the forces that sustains its planets. It equilibrates all the forces by giving and receiving. Now you might ask, why does the sun want its energy back?  First of all the sun sends its elements from the four of its kingdoms to all the planets at wholesale, you might say. This wholesale price is called quanta or solar wind, which is what the scientists are seeing as a ball of fire. These are the elements or intelligent atoms, or divine creatures, or gods, that go to work on each planet. Each one of them has a specific duty to work on, such as here on the crust of the earth we have the compounds and simple elements, like oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc., etc. These are bombarded with solar energy forcing them to multiply and convert that solar energy into light, heat, cold, and sound.

By the way quanta moves at the speed of light but when they enter matter they slow down depending on the atom that they are subjected to. It is that atom’s responsibility to transform that energy, and return it back to the sun.

The magnetism and electricity of the quantum phenomena of the solar light in the different elements of nature is the law that sustains the different planets, because in the center of the earth and on every planet there it is a center of gravity that transform these forces sending it back to the sun, so the earth receives and gives, and so are all the other planets. The name of this Cosmic Law is: Trogo-Auto-Ego-Cratic law. This is a reciprocal law that nourishes and balances all the forces within the king star and its planets.

So every single mineral or atom of every metal carry out a certain mission, which is to transform certain vibrations, which are coming from that king star which is the sun. There are different vibrations and radiations that are sent out in tremendous flames, but they are not physical flames, they are flames of energy that are coming from certain parts of the sun. As there are different radiation so there are different kinds of bodies to trap those forces, which is why we have all kind of minerals, metals, plants, animals, and us so-called human. They all come in different sizes and they are all necessary for the entire solar system to stand, even the tiniest of insect is making a difference. Now you will understand why we are also called energy transmitters, so sorry to disappoint you all. Now if we were with solar bodies that would had been different.

These forces are even measured with the scale of justice, such as water, something that is sacred, and if the force that is coming from the sun to nourish it finds water that is all polluted, then those forces are going to resist and cause harm somewhere on earth as well as in the entire solar system. If the elements when they try to enter to equilibrate the force, the law, cannot do it, then it returns mad everywhere. This applies to the forests, rivers, oceans, animals, the atmosphere, etc., etc. Petroleum for example, is not meant for anything else than to nourish the earth, instead we use it for our own vicious accumulations of material things. That is why nature, as we call it, punishes everything that is not in equilibrium with the law.  What you’ll give, you’ll receive, and this applies to everything that there is. That is why we get all these catastrophes of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc., etc. The force is not equilibrated so it is resisting its own balance, causing disasters everywhere.

Do you know that the outer layer of the atmosphere of the earth is very dangerous as we speak? Rockets sent to outer space, and nuclear explosions did that. You are not going to believe this but the citizens of our neighboring planets are not that very happy with us, some of them want to help us, and others do not even want to get close. Throughout the entire Milky Way, we are the most perverse humanity, and because of us their planets could be in danger as well. They are watching us very carefully because they know what to expect from people like us, and worse yet now when our earth is going through some massive changes. So they want to help us if we let them.  We’ll talk about this later on.

So now you know that our Star, the Sun is a king Star of perfection with all its kingdoms in perfect balance, in perfect harmony. That is why the Native American Indians pay reverence to our Sun. Why? They knew the secret and importance of it. They knew that without the sun life would not be possible, and that the beings of the sun were always watching over them.

Peace to all humanity

~ Gnosis/LFabre

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Galaxy And Planets

We hear so many stories about the universe, of which some are so vague,  our “scientists” should be send to take a hike far away from the face of this poor humanity that for so long has been misled by them.

What we are saying here come from the Gods, the Masters, or anyone that is as well ready to go and see, or study the mysteries and wonders of the universe for himself or herself.

Our Milky Way or the macrocosm has a Central Sun which name is Sirius. We are going to say that Sirius is the capital of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The Milky Way is the only galaxy we know of. However, there are trillions and trillions of other galaxies in the universe, and peculiar as it may sound we are not allowed to go beyond our own Galaxy because there applies other types of universal laws that are not as the ones in our own Galaxy which is the Milky Way.

Sirius is millions and millions of times bigger than the sun of our own solar system. Sirius is a double star, or should we say instead that it has a brother. That brother is a moon that rotates around it incessantly.

Our galaxy is properly polarized, meaning that it provides radiation to the superior dimensional heavens, and worlds that form the galaxy. And from its moon comes all the negative forces that govern all the moons satellites that rotate around each world, there also exist a neutral force that keeps everything equilibrated between light and darkness, and positive and negative.

To give you an idea of how endlessly and unimaginable our Milky Way is, lets talk a bit about our own solar system which name is Ors. Ors is just one of the many solar system along with its thirteen planets or heavens as some will call it as well that is in the Milky Way. However, there it is an independent sun that name is Alcyone within the Milky Way that forms a group of solar systems. This sun, Alcyone is a star with seven suns that rotate around it with their respective worlds or planets. Our sun in particular, is the number seventh Sun that rotates around Alcyone.  Think, this is huge! One would think all along that this is the Milky Way, right? Wrong! There are millions of scenarios like this throughout the Milky Way.

Alcyone is also the name of a very powerful God in those Systems of worlds, but the star Alcyone has to do with the God Krishna. This is something for us to reflect on, this is good for the understanding of “Knowledge” and the road to enlighten.

The Pleiades had been cited by sages of all time, as well as in the Bible. Alcyone, the Star, is the Center Sun of the Pleiades, or better said, the Pleiades is a group of solar systems that rotate around a center sun, or a center star whose name is Alcyone.

Our sun has nine planets around it, which are called the heavens as well, by the sages of all time. These planets are: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto.

Pluto, as you may already have heard, is not counted as a planet because our scientists say so. As if that automatically will end the existence of Pluto. As we speak, Pluto is fine and dandy, and most certainly not upset with us that we counted him out of its own Solar System and named him to say the least a dwarf!

If we counted nine planets, with the sun that makes it ten. The sun, or our sun, is in the middle of our planets; they all rotate around it, or should we say follow the sun! Now, lets not forget that our moon, although it is called another heavenly body by the sages, is really a Satellite, meaning that the moon receives the light from the sun and then along with the atmosphere of the earth it breaks the sun’s lights down, it disarranged it so it can be send to earth in a way that the earth and its humanity can survive with the right heat, cold, and air. Earth and moon are considered one.

When one is talking about Astrology, one only mentions seven planets. When talking about the heavens of the Tree of Life we mention nine planets, or heavens. Seven, nine … they all follow the sun.

In truth there are thirteen planets, eight of which are major ones, like Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Earth, Sun and Mars. Uranus and poor Pluto are not important, the other three that the scientists do not know about are called: Vulcan, Persephone, and Clarion. Did you know that there are fourteen planets? Now, you may ask, what happened to the fourteenth one? Well, it so happened that the humanity of the lost planet perished, due to the fact that they dedicated themselves to building many atomic bombs, until one day the planet burst asunder.

That is why scientists, to this day, can see loose earth-asteroids rotating around our sun. The name of that lost planet was, “The Yellow Planet.” However, some of its inhabitants survived by going to another planet under the advisement of some wise gods that warned them of the catastrophe that was coming.  In another lecture we will discuss about this subject more in detail as well as about “our Sun” which our scientists have us believed is a ball of fire, or cloud of fire, or of helium, or whatever.  I will have you know that is absolutely wrong. Just to give you an idea, stop and think: how can it be that if the sun is a cloud of helium, huge planets as the ones that follow it would continue to do so?  And if the sun is a ball of fire, then the higher we go into space the hotter it would get! As you already know, the higher we go, the colder it gets! So something is very wrong here, right?

So the thirteen planets are the thirteen Katuns the Mayan and Nahuas from Ancient Mexico are talking about. Katuns are periods of time within which each humanity has to developed and finally destroyed or come to an end. We are nearly to entering the last katun. The teachings of the Mayans are as ancient as the universe, because what they are talking about is what it always has been, what it is, and what will always be. And that is that the universe has laws, or Celestial Laws that the cosmos must abide to. The universe has traffic jams among galaxies, suns, and worlds that from time to time bring major catastrophes to many planets across the sky. Everything that has been created sooner or later will cease to exist.

The Mayans worked with the law of nature and of the universe, they respected that law. When one is awaken “within” like the Mayan civilization was, one can read the book of nature, therefore one can see what’s coming whether is good or bad for any civilization of the earth, or for that matter our own solar system and beyond.

Do you know that the reason we are not like the Mayans is because we broke the law of nature!

We hear lots of talk about the year 2012. Well, let us clear some things here. The world is not going to end in 2012. However, in the interior of the earth, its atmosphere, and in the celestial worlds, especially within our own solar system, there are occurring some changes. Those changes are in motion as we speak; the Mayan are letting us know of those changes by pointing out certain dates. Now, those changes are going to cause some tremendous catastrophes across our planet, and within us as well. We have already seen them everywhere with floods, and earthquakes, etc., etc. We are entering a new era, a new beginning, many will die and many will survive.  We will have a lecture about this later on.

Like the Mayans, the Hebrews (were survivors from the humanity before us, that was called Atlantis.) But only a élite group among them were like the Mayans when comes to know the laws and mysteries of the universe. They have nothing to do with the Hebrews of today (except for a few that I can count in one hand), that are all across the world. Most Jews are degenerated ones from an enlightened tribe in the City of Judea. The facts are fact. The same goes for any other sects, although the essence of loving a universal God is in all of them.

They called the thirteen Katuns, Sephiroth, or the ten emanation of that Seity that is unknown. Which is like saying “the soul, or ray of light that is coming down from the Sacred Absolute do not know what is getting into.” For as it comes down the more difficult it gets for the poor soul, due to the fact that for each heaven that goes through, there are different laws that are more and more difficult to cope with. Once the soul enters into this earth dimension for example, it has to pass through the experienced of the four kingdoms, which are: mineral, plant, animal, and human. Now you’ll know that everything that exists under the sun does have a soul, and that once upon a time we all were tiny pebbles in the inferior world, which is also called Hell. It is called Hell because it is in the inferior part of this earth and there it is very, very hot to live. That region is also call a sphere; the earth has many spheres, we for example live on the exterior sphere.

The soul, although it was very happy where it was, did not have a clue of why it was happy! In another way it was not cognizant of its own happiness, therefore in order for it to find that out, it went, or it was sent out to find its own cognizant of happiness. The soul is just a part, or a spark of light that emanated from the Being of the Sacred Absolute. The soul is a specific intelligent atom, you may say, that it carries within all the mysteries, beauty, and intelligence of the entire Universe. Our Samuel Aun Weor said. “Happiness without cognizant of happiness is not real happiness.” So all the souls that are on this earth-bound planet, some day will find real happiness even if it will take them thousands of years going through evolution and devolution until they each reach again and again the human stage, where they have the chance to get enlighten, meaning coming to know who they are, so they can go back to where they came from.

The other three heavens, or great regions of the Absolute (according to the Hebrews) are called: Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. In our lectures at our website we spoke extensible about these regions of the Absolute. Thank God we did not mention how the Orientals, Egyptians and Hindus, to name a few named them! Each time in history has its own “lay out” of how they explained this. What is important is that it is all the same, and it will always be the same. They say that the Being of the Absolute is what it is, what it always has been, and what it always be. The only reason for the Being being the Being is be the Being itself.  There are as many Beings in the Sacred Absolute as there are humans throughout the cosmos.

So when you feel like taking an out of this dimension experience, think on visiting the capital of our own galaxy, Sirius. Its citizens will welcome you with open arms, and while you are there stop and say hello as well to Alcyone, in the Pleiades.

Keep tune for more

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The Absolute, Part 3

We are now going to continue with our lecture about the Absolute. This time we are going to talk about the third part of the Absolute which is the AIN SOPH AUR.

The Ain Soph Aur

Each Universe in infinite space possesses its own central Sun and the addition of all those Spiritual Suns constitute the AIN SOPH AUR= the Protocosmos, the Solar Absolute.

The Solar Absolute is formed by multiple, transcendental, and divine Spiritual Suns. The emanation of our “Omnimerciful and Sacred Solar Absolute” is the “Great Breath, profoundly unknowable to itself.”

A great deal has been spoken of the Sacred Solar Absolute, and it is obvious that each Solar System is governed by one of these Spiritual Suns. Indeed, these are extraordinary Spiritual Suns that sparkle with infinite splendor in space. These are radiant Spheres that astronomers will never perceive through their telescopes.

This means that our organization of worlds possess its own sacred Absolute Sun, as well as the other solar systems of the unalterable Infinite. The Protocosmos, or first cosmos, is infinitely divine, ineffable; no mechanical principle exist within it. It is governed by one unique Law. If you profoundly reflect on the solar Absolute, you will see that beyond it exists the most complete liberty, the most absolute happiness, because everything is governed by that singular Law.

Unquestionably, within the sacred solar Absolute, in the central spiritual sun of this solar system in which we live, move and have our Being, there does not exist any type of mechanization. Therefore, it is obvious that the most complete blessing reigns there.

It is indubitable that in the Central Spiritual Sun, governed by the unique Law, exists the unutterable happiness of the eternal living God. Unfortunately, while we get further and further from the Sacred Absolute Sun, we penetrate each time into more and more complicated worlds, where automatism, mechanization and pain are introduced.

Obviously, in the Second Cosmos of Three Laws, the Ayocosmos (planets, suns and firmament), joy is incomparable because there is less materialism. In that region, every atom possesses only three atoms of the Absolute within its interior nature.

How distinct is the Third Cosmos, the Macrocosmos (our Galaxy, the Milky Way) which is governed by six Laws. There materiality increases because any of its atoms possess six atoms of the Absolute within its interior.

By penetrating into the Forth Cosmos, the Deuterocosmos (our Solar System) which is governed by twelve Laws, we find more dense matter due to the concrete fact that any of its atoms possesses twelve atoms of the absolute.

If we carefully examine the Fifth Cosmos, the Mesocosmos (the Planet Earth) governed by Twenty-Four Laws, we will see that any of its atoms possesses twenty-four atoms of the Absolute within its interior nature.

Let us study in detail the sixth Cosmos, the Microcosmos (the human being), which is governed by Forty- Eight Laws. We will see by means of divine clairvoyance that any atom of the human organism possessed forty- eight atoms of the Absolute.

Let descend a little more and enter into the kingdom of the most cruel materialism, the Seventh Cosmos, the Tritocosmos (the Infernal Worlds); we will discover that under the crust of the planet where we live, the first infra dimensional zone governed by Ninety-six Laws exist. The density of this region has increased frightfully, because any atom processes ninety-six atoms of the Absolute within its intimate nature.

In the second infernal zone, every atom possesses one hundred and ninety-two atoms of the Absolute. In the third zone, every atom possesses three hundred and eighty- four atoms of the Absolute, etc., etc., etc., and the materialism increases in a very frightful and horrific way.

Obviously, we become independent in a progressive way from the will of the Absolute when we fall into the complicated mechanics of this great Nature, when we become submerged within more and more complicated laws, if we want to reconquer freedom, we must liberate ourselves from too much mechanization, and too many laws, and return unto the Father.

Ostensibly, we must Fight in a vigorous way in order to liberate ourselves from the 48, 24, 12, 6, 3, Laws in order to really return into the Sacred Absolute Sun of our Solar System.

By LFabre/Samuel Aur Weor

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~ LFabre/SAW