Galaxy And Planets

We hear so many stories about the universe, of which some are so vague,  our “scientists” should be send to take a hike far away from the face of this poor humanity that for so long has been misled by them.

What we are saying here come from the Gods, the Masters, or anyone that is as well ready to go and see, or study the mysteries and wonders of the universe for himself or herself.

Our Milky Way or the macrocosm has a Central Sun which name is Sirius. We are going to say that Sirius is the capital of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The Milky Way is the only galaxy we know of. However, there are trillions and trillions of other galaxies in the universe, and peculiar as it may sound we are not allowed to go beyond our own Galaxy because there applies other types of universal laws that are not as the ones in our own Galaxy which is the Milky Way.

Sirius is millions and millions of times bigger than the sun of our own solar system. Sirius is a double star, or should we say instead that it has a brother. That brother is a moon that rotates around it incessantly.

Our galaxy is properly polarized, meaning that it provides radiation to the superior dimensional heavens, and worlds that form the galaxy. And from its moon comes all the negative forces that govern all the moons satellites that rotate around each world, there also exist a neutral force that keeps everything equilibrated between light and darkness, and positive and negative.

To give you an idea of how endlessly and unimaginable our Milky Way is, lets talk a bit about our own solar system which name is Ors. Ors is just one of the many solar system along with its thirteen planets or heavens as some will call it as well that is in the Milky Way. However, there it is an independent sun that name is Alcyone within the Milky Way that forms a group of solar systems. This sun, Alcyone is a star with seven suns that rotate around it with their respective worlds or planets. Our sun in particular, is the number seventh Sun that rotates around Alcyone.  Think, this is huge! One would think all along that this is the Milky Way, right? Wrong! There are millions of scenarios like this throughout the Milky Way.

Alcyone is also the name of a very powerful God in those Systems of worlds, but the star Alcyone has to do with the God Krishna. This is something for us to reflect on, this is good for the understanding of “Knowledge” and the road to enlighten.

The Pleiades had been cited by sages of all time, as well as in the Bible. Alcyone, the Star, is the Center Sun of the Pleiades, or better said, the Pleiades is a group of solar systems that rotate around a center sun, or a center star whose name is Alcyone.

Our sun has nine planets around it, which are called the heavens as well, by the sages of all time. These planets are: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto.

Pluto, as you may already have heard, is not counted as a planet because our scientists say so. As if that automatically will end the existence of Pluto. As we speak, Pluto is fine and dandy, and most certainly not upset with us that we counted him out of its own Solar System and named him to say the least a dwarf!

If we counted nine planets, with the sun that makes it ten. The sun, or our sun, is in the middle of our planets; they all rotate around it, or should we say follow the sun! Now, lets not forget that our moon, although it is called another heavenly body by the sages, is really a Satellite, meaning that the moon receives the light from the sun and then along with the atmosphere of the earth it breaks the sun’s lights down, it disarranged it so it can be send to earth in a way that the earth and its humanity can survive with the right heat, cold, and air. Earth and moon are considered one.

When one is talking about Astrology, one only mentions seven planets. When talking about the heavens of the Tree of Life we mention nine planets, or heavens. Seven, nine … they all follow the sun.

In truth there are thirteen planets, eight of which are major ones, like Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Earth, Sun and Mars. Uranus and poor Pluto are not important, the other three that the scientists do not know about are called: Vulcan, Persephone, and Clarion. Did you know that there are fourteen planets? Now, you may ask, what happened to the fourteenth one? Well, it so happened that the humanity of the lost planet perished, due to the fact that they dedicated themselves to building many atomic bombs, until one day the planet burst asunder.

That is why scientists, to this day, can see loose earth-asteroids rotating around our sun. The name of that lost planet was, “The Yellow Planet.” However, some of its inhabitants survived by going to another planet under the advisement of some wise gods that warned them of the catastrophe that was coming.  In another lecture we will discuss about this subject more in detail as well as about “our Sun” which our scientists have us believed is a ball of fire, or cloud of fire, or of helium, or whatever.  I will have you know that is absolutely wrong. Just to give you an idea, stop and think: how can it be that if the sun is a cloud of helium, huge planets as the ones that follow it would continue to do so?  And if the sun is a ball of fire, then the higher we go into space the hotter it would get! As you already know, the higher we go, the colder it gets! So something is very wrong here, right?

So the thirteen planets are the thirteen Katuns the Mayan and Nahuas from Ancient Mexico are talking about. Katuns are periods of time within which each humanity has to developed and finally destroyed or come to an end. We are nearly to entering the last katun. The teachings of the Mayans are as ancient as the universe, because what they are talking about is what it always has been, what it is, and what will always be. And that is that the universe has laws, or Celestial Laws that the cosmos must abide to. The universe has traffic jams among galaxies, suns, and worlds that from time to time bring major catastrophes to many planets across the sky. Everything that has been created sooner or later will cease to exist.

The Mayans worked with the law of nature and of the universe, they respected that law. When one is awaken “within” like the Mayan civilization was, one can read the book of nature, therefore one can see what’s coming whether is good or bad for any civilization of the earth, or for that matter our own solar system and beyond.

Do you know that the reason we are not like the Mayans is because we broke the law of nature!

We hear lots of talk about the year 2012. Well, let us clear some things here. The world is not going to end in 2012. However, in the interior of the earth, its atmosphere, and in the celestial worlds, especially within our own solar system, there are occurring some changes. Those changes are in motion as we speak; the Mayan are letting us know of those changes by pointing out certain dates. Now, those changes are going to cause some tremendous catastrophes across our planet, and within us as well. We have already seen them everywhere with floods, and earthquakes, etc., etc. We are entering a new era, a new beginning, many will die and many will survive.  We will have a lecture about this later on.

Like the Mayans, the Hebrews (were survivors from the humanity before us, that was called Atlantis.) But only a élite group among them were like the Mayans when comes to know the laws and mysteries of the universe. They have nothing to do with the Hebrews of today (except for a few that I can count in one hand), that are all across the world. Most Jews are degenerated ones from an enlightened tribe in the City of Judea. The facts are fact. The same goes for any other sects, although the essence of loving a universal God is in all of them.

They called the thirteen Katuns, Sephiroth, or the ten emanation of that Seity that is unknown. Which is like saying “the soul, or ray of light that is coming down from the Sacred Absolute do not know what is getting into.” For as it comes down the more difficult it gets for the poor soul, due to the fact that for each heaven that goes through, there are different laws that are more and more difficult to cope with. Once the soul enters into this earth dimension for example, it has to pass through the experienced of the four kingdoms, which are: mineral, plant, animal, and human. Now you’ll know that everything that exists under the sun does have a soul, and that once upon a time we all were tiny pebbles in the inferior world, which is also called Hell. It is called Hell because it is in the inferior part of this earth and there it is very, very hot to live. That region is also call a sphere; the earth has many spheres, we for example live on the exterior sphere.

The soul, although it was very happy where it was, did not have a clue of why it was happy! In another way it was not cognizant of its own happiness, therefore in order for it to find that out, it went, or it was sent out to find its own cognizant of happiness. The soul is just a part, or a spark of light that emanated from the Being of the Sacred Absolute. The soul is a specific intelligent atom, you may say, that it carries within all the mysteries, beauty, and intelligence of the entire Universe. Our Samuel Aun Weor said. “Happiness without cognizant of happiness is not real happiness.” So all the souls that are on this earth-bound planet, some day will find real happiness even if it will take them thousands of years going through evolution and devolution until they each reach again and again the human stage, where they have the chance to get enlighten, meaning coming to know who they are, so they can go back to where they came from.

The other three heavens, or great regions of the Absolute (according to the Hebrews) are called: Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. In our lectures at our website we spoke extensible about these regions of the Absolute. Thank God we did not mention how the Orientals, Egyptians and Hindus, to name a few named them! Each time in history has its own “lay out” of how they explained this. What is important is that it is all the same, and it will always be the same. They say that the Being of the Absolute is what it is, what it always has been, and what it always be. The only reason for the Being being the Being is be the Being itself.  There are as many Beings in the Sacred Absolute as there are humans throughout the cosmos.

So when you feel like taking an out of this dimension experience, think on visiting the capital of our own galaxy, Sirius. Its citizens will welcome you with open arms, and while you are there stop and say hello as well to Alcyone, in the Pleiades.

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