The Awakening times

The shores of consciousness sit eloquently within your mind

Of crystal rays that shine beacons of light

How you ebb and flow within this space

In moments of peace and reflection you see what you are, a divine being brought to light upon the planet to share learn and adapt these coming energetic rays. Shall you be of the calling to embody what grace has fallen upon your souls, the contracts that you have chosen to initiate at this time. Does your aura resonate in hues and greens and blues? Does your mind and heart quiver with anticipation of the coming times. In this feeling of awakening souls your messages will now begin to filter through. Place not a human thought up on these words that are given and give it not a name, you are being contacted by the beings of light that have no form but exist as conscious entities on all dimensional realms. In the coming days there will be feelings of fragility, voices heard angelic light tones filtered through. Each one of you shall be visited by a connected entity that has been charged with your awakening at this time. They will come in your waking moments just before your conscious mind returns to awaken your body. Listen well and fear them not for they are divine beings. Where your ears will need to be balanced you shall hear tones. Where you heart needs balancing you will feel as though it is fluttering. Your diet must change at this time so be guided and trust that you will receive the nourishment you need. Prepare well for the 111111 for this is the day that you must sit quietly in a sacred space, feel the shift of the earth as she raises you up into the very vibration she has chosen to initiate at this time. We watch we wait as you all move through this silent space that is your humanness, trust that we are there to guide you. As each harmonic alignment point within your body is activated much in your life will change, some will feel great sadness with the changes that occur but know that these changes are part of the evolution of yourself. They are gridding your strength your heart into your cosmic mind. There will be situations people will change around you and towards you . Be not saddened if they leave for it is their time to return to their cosmic source. But those of you that remain know that you will be guided to where you need to be and in what time frame, trust all that is around you .  Remain in tune with the earth for it is she that will tell you at the precise moment the shifting happens around you. Watch the birds listen and feel the ground beneath you!

The gateway of the crystalline matrix will be opened and through this you will be clear channels of light, for those who are only beginning to awaken now you will be accelerated.

Trust in the process and be well.


~Turukai 2011~

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