The Cosmic Christ

The Adorable God Kristos (Christ) comes from archaic cults of the Fire-God. The letters  P (Pyre) and  X (Cross) are hieroglyphs which represent the generation of the Sacred Fire. Christ was worship in the mysteries of Mithra, Apollo, Aphrodite, Jupiter, Janus, Vesta, Bacchus, Astarte, Demeter, Quetzalcoatl, etc.

The Christic principle has never been absent from any religion.  All religion are one. Religion is as inherent to life as humidity is to water. The Cosmic Universal religion becomes modified into thousands of religions forms. Thus, the priests from all religions forms are completely identical with one another through the fundamental principles of the Great Cosmic Universal religion.

Therefore, a basic difference between the Mohammedan priest and the Jewish priest, or between the Pagan priest and the legitimate Christian one, does not exist. Religion is One. Religion is unique and absolutely universal.

The ceremonies of the Shinto priest of Japan or the Mongol Lamas are similar to those ceremonies the Shamans and  Sorcerers from Africa and Oceania. When a religious form degenerates it disappears; yet, the universal life creates new forms in order to replace it.

Authentic  primeval Gnostic Christianity come from Paganism. Prior to Paganism, the Cosmic Christ was worship by all Cults. In Egypt, Christ was Osiris and whosoever incarnated him was an Osirified one. In all Ages there have been masters who have assimilated the Infinite Universal Christic Principal.  In Egypt Hermes was the Christ.

In Mexico, the Christ was Quetzalcoatl. In sacred India, Khrisna is Christ. In the Holy Land, the great Gnostic Jesus, (who  was educated in the land of Egypt) was the one who had the bliss of assimilating  the Universal Christic Principal, and because of this, he  was worthy of being rebatized with the Seity of the Fire and of the Cross, Kristos.

The Nazarene, Jesus-Iesus-Zeus, is the modern man who totally incarnated the Universal Christic Principal. Prior to Jesus many masters incarnated this Christic Principal of Fire. It is necessary to worship the Gods; they help their devotees, “Ask, and it shall be given you… Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” The Rabbi of Galilee is a God, because he totally incarnated the Cosmic Christ.  Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Krishna are Gods because they incarnated the Cosmic Christ.

When a religion form has fulfill its mission, it disintegrates. Jesus the Christ was in fact the initiator of the New Era. Jesus was a religion necessity of that epoch.

At the end of the Roman Empire, the Pagan priestly caste had fallen into the most complete disrepute.   The multitude no longer respected the priests and the artists satirized the divine rituals in comedies, sarcastically nicknaming the Divinities of Olympus and Avernus.

It is painful to see how these people depicted the God Bacchus as a drunken woman, and at other caricatured him as a pot-bellied drunkard mounted upon a donkey. They represented the ineffable and blessed Goddess Venus as an adulterous woman who went in search of orgiastic pleasure, followed by Nymphs who were chased by Satyrs in front of Pan and Bacchus.

During that epoch of religions decadence, the people of Greece and Rome did not even respect Mars, the God of war. They sarcastically represented him trapped by Vulcan’s invisible net, in the moment of committing adultery with his wife, the beautiful Venus. The way that they ridiculed the offended one, along with sarcasm, the irony, etc., clearly shows the decadence of Paganism.

Not even Jupiter-Olympus, the Father of the Gods, escaped profanation for he was sarcastically represented in many satires busily seducing Goddesses, Nymphs, and mortals. During that epoch, many priests became vagrants, comedians, puppeteer, beggars.

The common people mocked them and ran after them throwing stones. This is how the religious from the Roman Paganism ended. That form had already completed its mission and at that point all that remained was for it to die.

The world needed something new. The universal religion need it to manifest in a new form. Jesus was the initiator of that New Era. Indeed, Jesus the Christ was the Divine Hero of the New Age.

~Samuel Anweor

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