The Creator and His Creation



The three-dimensional reality (3d-reality) on earth that builds the current plane of existence of mankind is a product of the creative imagination of the higher realms of All-That-Is, to which our souls also belong. The cosmic rule of Creation says that first there is an idea, an imagination of what might be, and only then its realization. In the higher realms, there is no time-lag between imagination and creation, as time does not exist as a dimension in these realms. Everything is created in the “Now”. This circumstance is defined in human language as “simultaneity” and “synchronicity”.

However, the sequentially operating human mind is limited by the biological brain and its slow propagation of neuronal signals due to their retardation at the neuronal synapses and cannot truly understand the concept of simultaneity of the higher realms and how they actually operate.

Most human beings believe that matter comes first, and all they can do is to adjust to it by manipulating it in various ways. Current technological society is entirely based on this notion. This is the reversal of the actual creative process of All-That-Is. Present-day empiric science and modern technologies are manifestations of this narrow human concept of Crea- tion. This is the principal cognitive flaw of all humans, most of whom do not bother about transcendental issues, but also of light workers, who, while deeply engaged in expanding the boundaries of their spiritual knowledge, fail to consider the cognitive and epistemological pre-requisitions for any true Creation from a philosophical and gnostic point of view.

It is, therefore, very important to clearly define this upper limit of cognition of all incarnated human entities in an a priori manner, in order to understand the necessity and inevitability of the upcoming events during this year that will prepare the ground for Ascension of earth and part of mankind at the end of 2012.

The author assumes that the reader is well informed about these events from the many chan- nelled messages in Internet. In particular, the messages of Cosmic Awareness in are an excellent introduction into these unique and key events in the history of earth and modern mankind, being the last of many civilisations that have evolved and completed their incarnation cycle on this planet since eons of time.

As already said, the realization of all imagined ideas occurs immediately in the higher fre- quency realms of existence, also defined as 5th, 6th, and higher dimensions, This affords a much higher level of responsibility from the Creator – be he an individual or collective entity – as any creation has repercussions on the Creator. If the Creator creates entities that also have the capacity to create, there are theoretically two alternatives how to manage Creation in a responsible manner.

The first one is the original creator gives the created entities the unlimited power to create, because he has created them perfect. This alternative is defined in religion and philosophy as the “free will of man” given to him by God or Nature. However, both religion and philo-

sophy, respectively, science, have so far failed to prove that God and Nature are different entities, while at the same time they vigorously sustain the notion of their separation, which is the only legitimacy for their existence as separate systems of knowledge.

If God and Nature were one and the same, as they actually are, religion must merge with science, and science must become transcendental by eliminating most of its empiric dogmas that narrow its scope of human cognition. However, all religions are so overloaded with wrong spiritual concepts and ideas that they cannot be reformed, but must be replaced and substituted by a new system of transcendental knowledge that also incorporates some of the valid concepts of empiric science. This task has been successfully accomplished by the author in the 90s by developing the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law. This huge theoretical topic has been covered by the author in many books and goes beyond the scope of this essay.

The other alternative is to restrict the creative potential of the created entity to some selected areas of experience. The latter alternative is that which has been actually explored on earth for the last 13 000 years under different sets of circumstances and preconditions. In this respect the free will of the incarnated entity is subjected to the pre-conceived plan of the soul. The latter takes into consideration myriad existential alternatives which the incarnated entity can explore throughout his life.

Therefore, the scope of the free will of the incarnated entity is already pre-determined by the soul prior to incarnation. At the same time, the space of existential alternatives is so vast that it practically can never be explored by the individual. Therefore, the free will of human beings does exist, but only within the pre-established conditions of the soul or the Higher Self, which is at the same time the co-creator of the plane of existence on earth.

Needless to say that most of the incarnated entities do not use this potential of the free will to its full extent to promote their spiritual growth, but instead succumb through the social habit of adaptation to the pre-existing material and other illusions of 3d-life. This is the source of all human malaise on earth.

By Georgi Stankov, Master and scientist




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