The Cure


All external fighting and discordance are within you. It is always yourself you are fighting with. You have been your own opponent. No matter what the apparent cause of the disagreement, you fight with yourself. This may not be obvious because someone that you perceive as across from you seems to have offended you or argued with you. Nevertheless, it is truly something within yourself you argue with.

There is something you’re not letting go of. That something is within you. You are the arguer. You are arguing. You are the argument. It all lies within you. You are the holder of the argument, and you won’t let it go. The circumstances, the people involved, may all be quite different, and yet the argument is a revival of an argument within you.

If I were to choose the words for the argument you pursue, if I were to choose the question you put before yourself and find it wanting, if We were to get down to the quest of every bit of anger you have ever had, it would be this: “Am I loved enough? Have I been loved enough? I have to be loved enough. I demand to be loved enough.”

Is this not true? Is this not true for you?

What is the cure, beloveds? The cure is to know that you are loved and loved enough. There is nothing for you to demand. Simply, whoever you are upset with hasn’t shown you the deference you crave and deserve.

The good thing here is that you know you deserve. Yes, you deserve. Yes, of course, you deserve. Now, take yourself in hand, and accept that you have all the love in Heaven. It is all yours. Get away from the idea that others are to give you the deference you seek. Truly, when you give yourself the deference you seek and deserve, what would you take offense about? Think a moment. Understand that you do have all the love that exists. You have My love and all the love in Heaven. You have eternal and infinite love, and you are that. Now, be that.

As you rise in your awareness, so will all the ones who argue with you. They are crying out for same proof of love you have cried for. Love those who oppose you. Love them silently, and there will be nothing to argue. The price of not feeling loved or loved enough is too high. Give in. Concede, and get on with life. Find it in your heart to remove less than love from your heart. Do not hold on to the latent idea that you are not loved enough.

In terms of the world, need for love is ego’s need for love. Ego has a small circumference. You who art My beautiful child on Earth, right this minute, become as you are in Heaven where you have all the love in Heaven and know you do. There is not a question.

The great Spiritual Beings on Earth, named and unnamed, did not spend their hearts and souls on riff-raff thoughts. They ennobled themselves by their thoughts. They were human beings. They were not loftier that you, except, in their thoughts they were. They did not demand love. They loved. They did not need to be attended to, and yet they were attended to. They spoke, and they were listened to. Their thoughts were not the common thoughts of the world. Nor must your thoughts be the common thoughts of the world.

The common thought of common men on Earth is “Me, me, me.” Because many do not yet love themselves, they must protest that they are not given recognition and so they demand proof of love, and, so, they stamp their foot and raise their voices, demanding that the person across from them give them their required dose of love.

Offer your love first. Silently offer it, and no longer will there be the concept of opponent. It will not exist.  




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