The Enlightened Master’s Gift In Honour Of Your Divinity




We come now to simply share the simplest of messages, yet this message is of great importance and has the power to change your life within an instant if received and focused upon with your light, beloved. The nature of your life experience is so brief in our eyes, and yet so tangible to each one of you and at times, it is not a happiness we witness within you. Your happiness is your gift to others and to the Earth, and Gaia, the earth mother shines her light upon you to produce this special experience. Our message to you is to support you to create your happiness, beloved.

There are so many reasons, beliefs, thoughts, feelings that you may feel are the cause of your personal experience in life beloved, but we are here to share that your feelings and thoughts do not hold the power to control you and keep you bound in limiting circumstances. It only your lack of awareness and your lack of will that promote your unhappiness, beloved.

Every instant in your life, you have dreamed, in some way. You may not have been conscious of this beloveds, or aware that your life and every experience is formed simply through the power of your light transmission and how you emanate your energy. Your light is your essence, and as a soul you are already aware that you are more than your body, beloved. You are this light, yet many of you are not aware that it is the focus of your light that forms your life experience.

Take a moment to consider with us, how spectacular your life can be, and to truly accept your heart dreaming. So many of you have rejected this due to the education you have received, which has guided you to believe that your life is formed by your circumstances, what you own, and what you have and how difficult it may be to change. This is an illusion, for what you experience in your life now is not formed from what you have, own or by your circumstances. It is formed by your light and the way you transmit your light into the universe.

You are a powerful being as a soul, and in truth, have an infinite light connection that extends through many dimensions. You are able to pull in anything from the universal field, this great sea of energy you live within, through simply focusing your light on this. In fact, you cannot stop yourself from doing this. You are always transmitting light, but where you focus it determines your experience. Everything you have in your life, all your circumstances and your life experience can all be as your heart wishes if you learn to simply focus your light clearly.

Imagine with us now that within your body is a crystalline light core, running through your spine and brain, and as you become aware of it, see and think of it as glowing, emanating your pure light, to activate it to raise your vibration, beloved. Know this is your special light technology for creation, empowerment and for the power of attracting all you focus your light on. Whatever you think as you activate this light core, will begin to be created, attracted and illuminated… and this will begin to form it in your life, beloved. It will form firstly in an energy form. The more you think of it while activating the light in your brain and spine, the quicker it will manifest. The more you think of what you will love, and focus only your light on what you love, the happier you will be. It is this easy.

Your light streams from this crystalline core in every moment of your life. This is something that you cannot turn off, block or disempower beloveds. You are a light being and always will be, but the question is, what will you do with your light beloved. Will you focus it on that which is your truth or what you believe is your truth? We speak of truth now… Your soul’s truth is not based on your experience, your circumstances, or even what has occurred in your life. This is the truth of your personality and if you wish to be happy you cannot let this be the guide of your life, to guide your choices, or you will create more of what you do not like that you have already experienced.

Your soul’s truth has no connection to your life events, circumstances or experiences, unless you have experienced knowing yourself as a divine being during these events. If you have experienced happiness from events in your life, this is because you focused your light on what you love beloved. All of your life can be this way. It is the easiest way to live without the struggle of creating what closes your heart. As we witness humanity, many struggle for they do not remember that they are light beings and that all they create is created from their light transmissions.

Your soul’s truth is your heart dreaming beloved, in every moment. It is the truth that your soul holds for you to have divine experience in each moment. To change your life so you can be happy every day beloved, it is very simple. You must be prepared to give up focusing on personal truths that are based on what has happened previously in your life. You must be prepared to focus on your soul’s truth, what your dreaming is for your future experience, and emanate this from the now moment, honouring you are a creator being of light.

You need to be prepared to choose to place your will into becoming aware of your brain and spine, and your light glowing stronger from your core so your light transmissions can be very powerful as you emanate your soul’s truth, and make it your focus daily. As you accept you are a light being and that the laws of the universe do create your life experience through your light transmissions, you may accept you are as equally as powerful as all others in this, for you have a brain and a spine and the same light technology as all others, beloved. You carry the same potential to create a magnificent life for yourself and this is a true blessing for all beings. Creating your happiness will bless all beings with a shower of your love and light.

What is the difference between one who is happy or unhappy? The happy one is transmitting their light towards something they love. It is as simple as this. Find what you love, and focus on it. Your light will create the rest. This is all you need to be happy, beloved.

We bless you and thank you for your light.
We hold the vision of each one of you, amplifying your light,
Activating the happiness of your soul
Giving this light back to Gaia
Contributing your special energy towards the co-creation of a lighter society.

This is happening on Earth.
Many are presently living in amplified empowered lightbodies…
This year calls you to consider switching the light on fully, inside of your body.
This will be all you need as the light is more than enough to create a peaceful mind, enlightened spirit and healthy body.
This is your power as a soul.
You are one with your brain and spine — this crystalline light circuitry, which when activated to glow with light, emanates powerful transmissions through the universe, to create your reality.

Send this blessed message onto your friends and family. It is a small teaching that will activate the soul remembrance within, of the truth that we are not limited by any circumstance, event or experience. We are light beings and we can create anything.

We are a voice of wisdom in the realms of spirit, presently tapped into the amplified empowered lightbody of Sri’ama Qala…
This message comes to you through her, from our hearts, in group consciousness.

Buddha, Maitreya, Kuthumi, Christ, Mary, Quan Yin, St Germaine, Nada
Guides for humanity’s ascension into the light

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