The Final Breakthrough







My Final Breakthrough

: For I arrived at this small town that deep inside I know I’ve known before…, actually it is my childhood town that I haven’t seen for many, many years…, I am even remembering that hill by the  river, “Rio Verde, = Green River as it is its actual name” where with my childhood friends I used sliding down…, just having fun even when it was muddy with the rain!

And still look the same…?

So much fun…, so many memories…

~ – = For I see in front of me a crystal stone on the ground by the hill…, I went and picked it up…, funny but for a fact I happen to own a crystal stone just like this one at home! Only though this one is smaller, but the shape is identical…?

~ – = For my amusement, right in front of me and like magic, a long, long row of crystal clear stones appear in front of me…, countless crystal stones I am seeing… They each seems having a shinning white light within- like a unique white candle light.

~ – = For the message I get is that my body cells are crystalized now, and they are happy…?

~ – = For this great new I must know…

~ – = For then I find myself in the same area bathing myself with tiny crystal dust that for a fact are crystal stones!

~ – = For I am having fun, for I am a crystal too, for I am crystalized…

~ – = For  this is my final breakthrough!

~ LM: 09/04/17


~the people

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ALL ON! ~ “The New”…Original Universe Your awareness and patience is completely appreciated as all current Original Coordination being done now regarding the Original Universe, are made visible ….Original…. With love and gratitude for Heather Tucci = HATJ


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